6 types of boyfriends we have in Ghana today

6 types of boyfriends we have in Ghana today

Majority of us ladies have boyfriends, no two ways about that. We all need love and it is this feeling of being loved that always makes us feel complete and special.

But it is the desperation to get a boyfriend that always gets us in trouble. Most of us are dating guys we regret dating and some of us are always having former boyfriends that broke our hearts so bad or even stole away our dignity and self-worth. It all ends here today!

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Let us read carefully the types of boyfriends we must run away from no matter how handsome or rich they are:

1. The takers.

These are the kinds of guys who are in just to take, nothing more. They can take everything from you including your self-worth and dignity. They leech you up leaving you so dry and exhausted. They will never add anything to your life. If you notice, most of these guys are very handsome and charming and often use this charm to get into your mind and drink you dry.

2. The abusers

Yes! these are the guys that always threaten you, treat you like they created you. They are so authoritative to the extent that they even force you to dress and behave to their choice. They often beat and maltreat you and make you feel like you are in a boot camp. Abusers are evil and dark men who can ruin you forever if care is not taken.

3. The fakers

There is no scary guy than a guy who fakes everything. He dresses in a fake manner, he fakes his accent and even his walks. These are the kind of men who are just not who they are. They often paint a rich picture to you just to make you happy and be done with you 'down there'. When they can no longer continue the fake life, they run.

4. The players

Players are the guys who have you as their third or fourth chick. These are the kind of guys who are going out with all the town girls at the same time. Every lady has seen this guy perform in bed. He is like an angel sent above by God to satisfy women and nothing else. You have to run away from these guys.

5. The mama's boys

They are the love of their mothers. Dating them could mean dating their mothers as well because they always bring their mothers first in everything they do. In fact, most of them even need the permission of their mum before taking you out on a date. This over-dependence on their mum could have a dire impact on your relationships. Run as fast as you could when you meet such a guy.

6. The 'armstrongs'

Ever dated a guy who never gave you a cedi? Yea! They are the 'armstrongs' who strongly hold on to what they have. They see no need helping you out with money or even spreading you with gifts. They could help you live a sweet love-life but don't expect them to open their wallets for you. Run away from them, They are self-centered.

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