Best gym and home exercises for bigger hips and thighs

Best gym and home exercises for bigger hips and thighs

Tired of your look and in need of an upgrade? Well I don’t really need to tell you the adverse effects of the artificial body enhancing procedures. But what I can tell you there are way natural exercises for bigger hips that won’t cost you a dime. The exercises for bigger hips can be done at the comfort of your home or at the gym without the help of an instructor. Before we embark on your journey on exercises for bigger hips and smaller waist, the core principle remains, No pain no gain! You have to sweat it to achieve it.

Best gym and home exercises for bigger hips and thighs

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All the listed exercises to get bigger hips and smaller waist have been tested and approved by medical practitioners. Care should be taken for individuals with medical tendencies. Also, the exercises need to be done on a regular basis. It is easier to prepare a time schedule and stick to the timetable in order to achieve maximum results. A change of diet is also inevitable and lifestyle. You should cut down on your cholesterol intake and add more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Water and sleep are a major boost to your curricular.

Exercise machine for bigger hips

Gym exercises for bigger hip should be your first choice, to achieve that banging body to show off especially with summer around the corner. The natural way for the perfect body is going healthy through muscle building rather than gaining fat. The exercises will focus on giving you thick thighs and hips, in addition they well be well toned and firm. It involves burning down your daily intake of calories. For bigger hips, you need to focus on the exercise machines that zero in on the gluts, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves.

Leg press weight exercise for a bigger hips

The leg press is fitted with a padded seat and a backrest. The leg press exercises focuses on the hip flexion and extension. Hip flexion is when you decrease the angle between your thigh and stomach; it takes place when you move your thigh away from your stomach. The knee flexion takes place when your bend your knee and move your legs closer to your butt. When you straighten your leg, knee flexion occurs. These motions make your thigh and hip are thick and firm. Below are the leg press instructions for a good exercise for bigger hips:

  1. Sit down on the machine and place your legs on the platform directly in from of you in a medium foot distance.
  2. Lower the safety bars holding the weighted platform in place and press the platform all the way up until you feel your legs fully stretched and extended in front of you. Do not lock your knees. Ensure that your torso and legs make a 90 degree angle for your starting position.
  3. Take a deep breath and slowly lower the platform until the upper and lower legs make a 90 degree angle.
  4. Keep pushing with your heels of your feet while using the quadriceps to go back to the starting position as you breathe out.
  5. Repeat the procedure ensuring the safety pins are locked properly once you are done. Also, ensure the platform is securely locked when you re-rack the platform.
Best gym and home exercises for bigger hips and thighs

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Hack squat exercises for bigger hips fast

The hack squat is similar to the leg press since it tones down on the gluts, quads and hamstrings. The only difference is that the hack squat is performed on a standing position. Below are the instructions when using the hack squat:

  1. Place the back of your torso against the back pad of the machine as you hook your shoulders under the shoulder pads provided.
  2. Place your legs in the platform making use of the shoulder width medium stance with your toes slightly pointed out. Ensure to keep your head up all times as you maintain the back on the pad at all times.
  3. Put your arms on the side handles of the machine and remove the safety bars. Most hack squat machines are designed by moving the side handles from a facing front position to a diagonal position.
  4. Do not lock your knees when straightening your legs. Make this your starting position. The stance target the overall development of the torso and hips but you can choose any of the other stances in the foot positioning section.
  5. Slowly lower the unit through bending the knees while maintaining an upward posture with your head rose up on the back of the pad at all times.
  6. Continue down until the angle between the upper leg and the calves become slightly smaller than the 90 degree angle which will make the upper legs go below the parallel of the floor.
  7. Inhale as your perform the portion of the movement. While carrying out the exercise ensure that the front of the knees are making an imaginary straight line with the toes that is perpendicular to the front.
  8. An incorrect manner of performing the exercise is when your knees are past the imaginary line as this places stress and pressure on the knee.
  9. Raise the unit as you breathe out by pushing the floor with the heel of your foot as you straighten the legs again as you return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise several times.

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Barbell exercises for bigger hips and buttocks

Probably one of the most common gym tools which should be incorporated into your daily routine to get that big buttock. There are several ways to make use of the butt-building exercises using the barbell. Especially when carrying out the barbell squats, you recruit the muscle fibers into your gluts, and butt muscles. The more fibers you gain the better the quality of the workout and the higher the chances of having a bigger hip and buttocks. Below are the instructions for carrying out barbell full squat:

  1. For safety purposes, perform with inside a squat rack. First, place the bar on a rack just above the shoulder level. Once you have decided on the correct height and the bar has been loaded, step under the bar and place the back on the back of your shoulders which is slightly below your neck.
  2. Stretch both your arms to hold the bar at each side and using your leg strength lifts it off the rack at the same time straightening your torso.
  3. Move away from the rack while positioning your legs using a shoulder-width medium stance with your toes slightly pointed out. Remember to keep your head up at all time to avoid placing undue stress on your neck and maintain a straight back. Making this your starting position.
  4. Bend your knees slowly as your lower the bar and sitting back with your hips while maintaining an upward posture with your head rose. Proceed downwards until your hamstrings are on your calves. Breathe out while performing this portion of the movement.
  5. Breathe out as you begin to raise the bar by pushing the floor with the heel or the middle of your foot while straightening the legs as you extend the hips to return to the starting position. Repeat the position several times for maximum results. The squat allows a greater range of motion as your backside maintains a vertical position.

Calf raises hip exercises for bigger hips

This is a very simple exercise. You should make sure that your back is straight. Having a dumbbell beside your working leg, or a hip belt may straighten your back. Lean on a wall, and take an inclined position, and do the ankle extensions.

Best gym and home exercises for bigger hips and thighs

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Exercises for bigger hips at home

Not everyone has access to a well facilitated gym with state of the art equipment. In case, you want to embark on this journey, you can start at home with some of these exercises. They are effective, simple and do not require a lot of expenses. You can fit it into your daily schedule before you go to work or after work, whichever suites you. The exercises have been proven to bring the maximum results you are searching for.

The main goal is to get rid of the fat in the hip area and replace it with muscles. These exercises target the maximum gluteus, minimum gluteus and medium gluteus. It is impossible to change the bone structure but you can alter the sculpture of the muscles. It is a work out process that will combine different techniques in order to produce the best results with the shortest time possible. It includes the strength training and the bodyweight exercises for bigger hips.

Side lunge with dumbbell

A barbell or dumbbell are common home gym equipment that when used accordingly while result in the increasing of your hip. Most mistake first timers make with the barbell is doing the normal side lunge; this however does not challenge the muscles in the specific way we want. Here are the instructions for using the barbell:

  1. Stand tall with your feet close together while holding the pair of dumbbells in front of you.
  2. Maintain your posture while always facing forward ensuring that the erect posture is maintained all throughout. Take a big step to one side while descending into a deep squat position.
  3. Pull yourself up and bring the leg to the starting position and repeat the process several times.

Sumo squat exercises for bigger hips with dumbbell

Before performing the exercise ensure that you have paced yourself. Reduce the range of motion at a slower pace so that you can feel the strain and intensity in your muscles. Here is an instructional guide to perfectly perform the exercise:

  1. Spread your legs shoulder width apart with the legs turned out from the hips. Raise your back heel a bit to appear as if you are slightly standing on your toes.
  2. Grab the dumbbell with both the hands right in front of you with the arms straight and the shoulders drawn back.
  3. Ensure your knees are bending as you enter a deep squat making sure your thighs are parallel to the ground.
  4. Maintain the position for a second or two as you rise back into the original position while repeating the process.

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Best gym and home exercises for bigger hips and thighs

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Side leg lifts exercises for wider hips and bigger bum

Side lifts help to build up the muscles in your hips in order for them to look larger. The exercise also includes work out on the back; thighs and abdominal muscles with are the supporting frame for the hips. They tone down and increase the muscle size thus enlarging the appearance of the hips.

  1. Start by lying on your left side with the legs straight out and the feet stacked on top of each other. For head support, ensure to bend your left arm beneath the head. While keeping your raised leg straight, lift the left leg up towards the ceiling. Continue with the exercise until you feel tension building on your sides and the lower back. Lower your leg back to the starting position as you repeat the process. The number of times you have raised should be compatible with the other to ensure uniformity.
  2. Put your hip and thigh into the exercise as your lift the leg in the air. Raise your leg up to really work those hips. Remember not to strain the back while squeezing it before lowering your leg back down. Carry the exercise in variations such as lifting your lower leg instead of your top leg. Ground your top foot and keep it pressed against the floor as you pulse your leg even times before switching the sides. To make it more effective wrap an exercise band around both of your ankles as this increases the intensity.
  3. For safety purposes always maintain your leg in an aligned position with your spine. Ensure your body is straight throughout the exercise. Do not coil your body while carrying out the exercise as this places pressure and strain and can lead to serious back pains and discomfort in the future. Also, the knees and kneecaps should always face straight ahead. To support the spine, keep the body muscles tight and contracted throughout the exercise. For prevention of alterations of blood pressure inhale and exhale when carrying out the exercises.

Yoga exercises for bigger hips

Yoga exercises have been with us for a long time and it is the perfect way to help tone your body especially with focus on the hips without using any other equipment. It strengthens your muscles and gives your body flexibility. It has been scientifically proven to burn down calories and increase the metabolism of the body. It is also the perfect way to be in contact with your body and mind in a spiritually connected manner. Many claim the yoga exercises not only increase the hips but also a proper tool in reducing stress levels and tension from the body.

There are different postures of yoga moves used for butt enhancement discussed below:

Chair pose

The move is executed in seating pose with both of the hands raised upwards. It tones your bum as it strengthens the maximum, medium and minimum glute muscles. Here are the instructions for performing the perfect and effective chair pose:

  1. Stand erect with your feet touching each other as you slightly bend with your knees until you strike the same position similar to when you are sitting on a chair.
  2. Drop your hips as you bring your complete upper body weight into your heel while still bending.
  3. Lit your arms up with both of the palms touching each other as you look upwards to the sky or the roof.
  4. Relax in the same position for close to 10 seconds or more.

Combine this exercise for at least 2 minutes a day with other exercise that tone down your glute.

Triangle pose

The move is perfect especially if you are working on the upper part of your butt. The main idea behind the exercise is to stress the body and hips in a straight posture while breathing in using your back. The stretching helps build the muscles in the glute thus strengthening your buttocks. Here are the steps on how to execute the triangle pose;

  1. Stand in an upright position as set your feet wide apart.
  2. Slowly move your left feet out at a left angle while the right foot is at a 15 degree angle.
  3. Bring the les together at your heels as you press your feet on the ground firmly.
  4. Inhale and exhale deeply while making sure that you bend your body to the left, while the right hand faces straight upward as the left hand is placed on the floor right next to the right foot.
  5. Attempt to stretch the muscles as further apart as you can until a tension is created on your back, while still maintaining your balance.

Bridge pose

The pose is perfect for burning calories as well as strengthening the muscles in the glute. Here are the steps for carrying out the pose:

  1. Lie flat on the floor with your feet and hip wide apart.
  2. Use your feet as support as you steadily lift your hips in the air.
  3. Breathe in and out steadily while carrying out the exercise.
Best gym and home exercises for bigger hips and thighs

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Frog pose

Consider the pose of a frog as it spread its legs far apart. It is a good hip opening yoga exercise as it stresses the buttocks as it focuses on widening your hips thus giving them flexibility to widen up. Here is the step guide of performing the exercise.

  1. Lay straight on the floor with your stomach facing the floor.
  2. Put your hands under your chin as you stretch your legs to your side to resemble a frog.
  3. Raise your buttocks steadily up as it increases the intensity.

Camel pose

It is slightly the most challenging yoga move to pull off but once you master it, it has the most effective results. It strains the curves as well as the glute. Take extra care when performing the exercise as it causes undue pressure and strain on your back. Perform the exercise slowly and steadily. Here is a quick guide:

  1. Stand on your knees
  2. Keep your thighs straight with your hands on your buttocks. Slowly bend backwards as you touch your feet with the hands.
  3. Return to the starting position.

Squat good exercises for bigger hips

Squats have been used by many women around the world and the results are impressive. It strains the muscles in the glute in order for them to become firm and expand. Despite being popular, many people do the wrong squat exercises and end up with the results they did not expect. Here is a tutorial of how to perform the best squats for effective results:

  1. Stand in an upright position with your feet slightly wider than the shoulder width apart. Ensure your toes point out slightly.
  2. Bend your knees while pushing your hips and buttocks assuming the position of sitting in a chair.
  3. The chin should be tucked as the neck is neutral. Go down until your thighs are parallel to the ground.
  4. Ensure that your weight is kept on your heels and your knees are bowed slightly outward.
  5. Stretch your legs as you return to the upward position.
  6. Do the squats in 15 repeated steps for 3 sets.

Squat kicks

The kicks are for cardio move as it stretches your buttocks also. Here are the steps:

  1. Set your feet wider than the shoulder width with the arms bent out in front of you.
  2. Go down while pushing your hips and your buttocks back until your thighs are in a parallel position to the ground.
  3. While you are rising, kick your right foot out to the side as high as it will go.
  4. When you have thrown your right foot and it has returned to the ground, squat immediately.
  5. Repeat with the other foot and squat immediately you throw the kick.

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Best gym and home exercises for bigger hips and thighs

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The most important thing to remember is to reinforce the exercises for bigger a hip is diet. It is crucial to pay close attention to the food since the muscles require proper nutrition for them to grow. Your diet should contain enough protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. The right diet allows you to burn off excess fat from the waists and hips as it promotes muscle growth that makes the hips bigger. You also have to be willing to put in the time and effort in order to realize the results.

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