Viral video of young boy running in opposite direction cracks ribs on the internet

Viral video of young boy running in opposite direction cracks ribs on the internet

A video of a young boy running in a relay race which has spread wide on social media has left many people laughing out loud due to the unexpected turn of events in the competition which saw the 'winning' team eventually losing.

The video which has gone viral on almost all social media sites saw two team of young boys in a hot 4X100 relay race.

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In what seemed like a sure win for the yellow team, the story changed when one of the teammates on the yellow team decided to run in the opposite direction.

After two teammates from the yellow team worked hard to ensure that their team enjoyed a flawless victory, the third runner to be handed the baton, took off in the opposite direction, totally annihilating his team’s efforts.

The video which appeared to have emerged from Jamaica has cracked many ribs on social media with many people not believing what they were watching.

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The third relay runner, who appeared faster than his teammates, instead of continuing in the same direction of his mates, took off in the direction he was facing.

Funny enough, even the sports instructor could not catch up with the young boy owing to how fast he ran.

Even though the video was so hilarious, it has taught many lessons about life and living it. A very profound lesson spotted on a social media site in response to the video stated that, "Direction is equally important as speed".

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