Men's African wear for wedding

Men's African wear for wedding

Nowadays trendy and fashionable wears for ceremonial occasions are not only spotted with women but also with the men. A few years back most of the African designers used to concentrate more with creating beautiful and unique pieces for ladies. Thanks to the African designers for men’s pieces because they are modernizing the African men with trendy and modish wears. Men's African wear for wedding have become elegantly made that every man would want to have one in their wardrobe.

Men's african wear for wedding
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Men with a sharp look tend to have that masculinity, decency, as well as an expensive look. Are you an African man attending a wedding? Well, the western clothes are becoming a mainstream and it is time to go the African way. This article will present to you the African wear for wedding to give you inspirations to create you own unique piece.

1. Kente African wear for engagement

The Kente fabric is not about to go out fashion, but gives a promising future for trendy fashion for men. It is incredible to see an African man dressed with this rich fabric while jetting into that engagement occasion. Logically, ones you get dressed in a modish wear that fits well with the happy mood of the occasion, you will feel comfortable not to mention the few highlights you will receive from people especially the fashion geeks.

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Men's african wear for wedding
Source: Pinterest

The Ghanaians embrace this fabric as their African traditional wear for engagement and they come out awesome. Right? They know the value of the fabric, which can blend well with also most every tunic or fabric from the polished cotton to other African fabrics like Ankara, Kitenge, and Dashiki.

Kente African prints with Dashiki shirts for wedding

Kente with Dashiki incorporate well and the Ghana designs in precisely are the best. This is because the Ghanaians value this fabric making the convectional pieces give men that masculine, fascinating, and excellent look.

It is a big day for that friend or relative wedding and the blend mix and match of Kente Dashiki will not lead you wrong. You can purchase a ready-made piece if it is too late to start creating your own, but if the wedding is in week’s time, you can commence to create a unique piece today. You can use the various Kente fabrics available like the purple, blue, or green fabrics.

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Kente t-shirt with polished cotton for wedding

The interesting bit about Kente fabric is that it blends well with the smooth polished cotton to give a multi-occasion wear. It is not all about the suits any more because men have now made up their mind to up their dressing game. The African gurus have expressed their creativity by mix and matching the trendy western wears with the Kente African prints and they are not a disappoint.

You need to create a piece of the eye catching pieces of Kente with smooth polished cotton shirt or T-and blend your look with unique shoes. Furthermore, men don’t need much to stand out in the special wedding ceremony.

You can either complete your outfit with a pair of jeans will go well with your Kente African print for wedding or you can just dress on a polished cotton pant and you will have that look that you have always admired.

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Polished cotton Suits with Kente Detail

It is a fascinating season of going trendy and you can’t afford to be left out. If you in love with suits why not incorporate it with Kente fabric details and you will look more unique. What you need is to purchase a modish western suit and take it to your designer.

There so many designers both established and local in Africa and therefore making the prices to be favorable for everybody. This means that the prices should be a hindrance for your handsome look. It is not all about being modish, but also being unique in your own style and fashion way.

2. Ankara Men African Wear for Engagement

It is not about the white themes during weddings; let us all desire to embrace our beautiful Ankara African prints. This is because Ankara fabric usually create unique scenes that relate easily with people. Don’t underestimate the magic of the rich fabric in that you create a shirt, t-shirt, pant, an Ankara suit, shorts, and every wear that you can thing of including shoes.

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Men's african wear for wedding
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Don’t stress about where to get the inspirations, all you can to do is to continue reading on the pics in this article for men who killed it on such ceremonial occasions. Any design that you will feel it is appealing to you can either buy one from the many bridal shops in Ghana or create a unique one.

The Ghanaians mostly prefer a casual look during wedding occasions because it fits well both outdoor and indoor. Here are some outfits that you can create with an Ankara Africa print fabric.

Ankara African Print Shirts for Wedding

Before you create the unique Ankara prints shirt piece, you should pay attention when it comes to the choice of style. The first thing is that you should have an outfit that will boost your confidence and give you that man driving force that will always be a reminder of who you actually are.

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Finally, you should always try to be a guru of power posing any time you feel your confidence is low. Once you have done that you will be good to rock in that occasion and be ready for those good compliments of how excellent your look is.

Ankara Wear T-Shirt for Men with Jeans

The Ankara t-shirts are very beautiful when created with the African print alone, or the fabric having been detailed on a smooth polished cotton t-shirt. When you complete the outfit with a pair of jeans, a polished cotton pant/short, or you go for the whole Ankara outfit for wedding you will have that great look.

It is such an incredible feeling to see how the African men fashion is having an enormous growth year by year. This is because most fashion companies and designers have put all their efforts to make sure that the Ghana fashion industry has escalated with the sought-after today. Yes, the African menswear have not been spared from the tough market of the mainstream western clothing, but at least most men are trying their very best to go the African way.

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Ankara African Prints Blazers for Wedding

Blazer have always given men the masculinity look and it is time for you to go trendy yet unique this season. A plain modish western suit or blazer will give a formal look, yet it is a wedding occasion that most will prefer a casual look. Yes, you are addicted to decent suits looks and you still want to embrace them, which is very possible. This is because one you add Ankara details on that blazer; it will turn into a casual wear that will fit well in a wedding occasion. Some may call it a daily use, but it wont be perfect for a formal look.

The Ankara fabric have various bright colors that you can find an appealing fabric to create the details on it. It is very simple and you do not have to necessarily buy a new blazer, but you can choose one in your wardrobe. The good thing is that your Ankara detailed blazer will also be perfect in that birthday party, a fashion show, or even a dinner party. Try the Ankara detailed blazer and you will fall in love with this beautiful and magical fabric.

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Ankara African Menswear Pants

The Ankara pants are the best especially on a wedding occasion because they give you that fashionable casual look. This is because Ankara fabric is very rich with no color limits in that it will brighten your look and boost your inner confidence. Your Ankara pant for wedding can blend well with a polished cotton shirt, or an Ankara shirt with the same color of fabric making it an Ankara suit.

Just a reminder is that there are many Ankara fabrics like Ankara with stones and Ankara with sequins patterns; so you can try your very best to create a unique piece. Complete your wear with trendy sunglasses, a wristwatch, trendy shoes that match well with your outfit, and remember to adjust your masculine man pose to boost your personality.

Ankara African Prints Shorts for Wedding

Shorts are for those men that are in love with a simple stylish look especially on a hot day. Once you decide that you will rock with an Ankara short, you have to be wise and choose a pair of shoes or men’s sandals that are trendy and unique to make people not concentrate too much on your legs or knees.

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A polished cotton t-shirt either plain or detailed with Ankara will give you that cool modish look. You can also look awesome with a short suit of the Ankara fabric. If you predict it will be a very hot day, short-sleeves shirt will be best and they will make you feel comfortable in that occasion as you all know it is a day that you will dance and be happy for that relative or friend that is starting off a new life with his or her life partner of choice. Remember to carry with your sunglasses and a wristwatch will work magic with your fabulous look.

3. Dashiki Menswear for Weddings

Dashiki is a very colorful tunic embraced by men all over Africa. It is a big deal to even spotting men from other continents rocking with this beautiful African fabric. This is because it gives one a sense of belonging and a casual look for daily use. Back to the old days, people thought the rich fabric can only be designed into a half body shirt, but the African designers have worked miracles on it only to make us realize that we were underestimating it.

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Men's african wear for wedding
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Nowadays, men are creating shorts, pants, t-shirts, shirts, as well as putting dashiki details on their western wears like jackets, blazers, and their polished cotton shirts and t-shirts. This means that you can create a unique piece with the dashiki tunic and standout in that wedding accession.

If you go for a Dashiki shirt, it is not a big challenge in finding a suitable pant or short. This is because you can complete your African Dashiki attire with a Khaki trouser, a pair of jeans, or even a polished cotton pant in which most men prefer black or white. Casual shoes, sunglasses, and a wristwatch if desired are the fashion items that will make you standout in that occasion.

4. Kitenge Men’s Wear for Wedding

Kitenge rich fabric is not going out of fashion anytime soon and the more we enter into the trendy world the more the designers are making efforts to create unique pieces for men. This fabric is among the most embraced fabrics in Africa it may be because it is bright and one can design almost any wear with it from the blazers, casual shorts, pants, and shirts.

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Men's african wear for wedding
Source: Pinterest

The other major reason for the Kitenge fabric being utilized and popular is that it has the power to transform a boring cloth into an incorporated outstanding outfit. The pictures below are to give you inspirations to continue to embrace the kitenge wears. Have in most that don’t go too formal in the wedding occasion and try your very best to go casual so that you can fit in well in that wedding occasion.

5. African Tribal Outfits for Wedding

African Tribal wear for men are so beautiful and they consist of a long or a short-sleeved t-shirt and a matching pair of pant. The outfit is fully embraced by the Nigerian men and the interesting bit is that the unique styles of the African tribal pieces for men are spotted year by year making it a trendy outfit for a special social gathering such a wedding ceremony. All the credits are given to the African designers and companies that deals with modernizing the native style.

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You outfit will be complete if you choose a unique shoe having in mind that once a man said that ‘most people judge a man by the kind of shoes they put on.’ This saying will make sense to you if you expound it by saying people assumes your net worth, your community status, and your professional career using your shoes. All this is to tell that you should spend on buying nice pair of shoes for the occasion so that you can maintain an expensive appearance. it is a happy day and you will boost your confidence once your outfit is perfect for the day.

6. Agbada African Prints for Men

Are you among the type of men who admire an image that gives them dignity, decency, and expensive look in occasion? Well, here are pictures of men with Agbada African prints for men that will act as a big inspiration to you. What are Agbada consist of? That is a question that will ponder over most men that don’t originate from the West African parts. Well, hey consist of a large sized gown that in most cases overflows up from your shoulders to either your knees or ankles; other men prefer to reposition the gown on their shoulders.

Men's african wear for wedding
Source: Ebay

Most men have a mindset that the Agbada are for the old generation, but the modern designs of Agbada for men have proved them wrong. The African designers decided to make efforts to also impress the young generation so that they can embrace the beautiful and rich Agbada designs and styles of Africa.

7. Senator Menswear Style and Fashion

Senator styles and fashion for men are simple, elegant, and have proved to be appealing to men who are in love with rocking with trendy wears. The pieces are so beautiful in that no man can afford to deny such a dignity and decent look that it gives.

You need to rock in that wedding occasion and it will definitely boost your confidence. The interesting bit about the senator style is that you can create piece with different African fabrics and also choose an appealing color. All you have to do is to add a little bit of your creativity and when both you and your designer puts efforts together, we bet you will be among those who will be dressed in out-standing designs.

Men's african wear for wedding
Source: Ebay

Match the outfit with a ‘superpower pose’, accessories like a unique watch, sunglasses if it will be a sunny day if desired, and unique shoes that fits well with your African attire. With that look you will definitely have that best mood with compliments all over. Here are pics that will give you inspirations.

8. Aso-eke African Attire for Men for Wedding

Aso-eke menswear for going to ceremonial occasions such as weddings are no longer exotic as well as local. This is because they have undergone a great tremendous change therefore improving their style and fashion. The West African people especially in Nigeria mostly embrace Aso-eke African Menswear. If you have ever attended any of their wedding, we are sure you noted the fortune look; furthermore, a man who is in love with looking modish will be ready to spend on the indigenous Aso-Eke menswear with high quality African fabric.

The good bit about the Aso-eke styles for men is that they are a multi-occasion and therefore when you create a piece it will not only fit in that occasion, but you will also rock with it in that office for it gives you both a casual and an official look.

9. Aso-ebi African Menswear for Wedding

The Aso-Ebi menswear styles and fashion are appropriate for both social gathering like the wedding occasion that you are about to attend as well as work. This means that this African attire is a multi-occasion wear. You can complete your decent and trendy outfit with a headgear if desired and we bet you will fit in that occasion.

Ones a man said that ‘people judge books by their covers’. Right? This clearly states that you should value your outward appearance not only to preserve a good first impression, but to also make a great personality.

Logically, your image to your society makes you acceptable in a community and always try to dress well considering your age. This is because once you dress like a kid, people will definitely treat you like a kid you are. If your looking for that African maturity wear, then the Aso-ebi is the outfit for you and it will also update your modern wardrobe.

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10. Atiku styles and Fashion for Wedding

Atiku styles for men are the best for social gathering like wedding ceremonies because of their simplicity yet giving you a fashionable look. A few years back, the Atiku styles were traditional designed for occasions alone, but nowadays it is a daily wearable wear. This means that once the occasion is over, you will still rock in that unique piece of a shirt or Atiku suit.

The stylish style will be completed with sunglasses, a neckpiece, a hat, and you can even go a head to wear a wristwatch and you will look trendy with your desired soft cool look.

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11. Sokoto and Buba styles for Wedding

The Sokoto and Buba native styles that you used to see them suitable for the old traditional men, has undergone a tremendous change making it an impressive and amazing wear for men of all ages. All you have to do is to get inspirations from this article and then walk into a good designer that is well versed so that he/she can do a nice job that will not disappoint you.

You can go for a ready-made wear, but fact remains it will not be that unique. This means that if you want compliments to overflow your outstanding native look, then you have to be patient and you will definitely satisfy your great reputation.

What you should expect is a bit of stress when choosing a unique style. This article wants to give you some tips that we find useful for you to consider before choosing the styles. The first thing is that you should find a style that fits you well, it boost your confidence, and a style that makes you feel comfortable. Go for it and also look outstanding in that special occasion with your modish Sokoto and Buba outfit.


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