List of Shatta Wale albums and top rated Shatta Wale songs ever

List of Shatta Wale albums and top rated Shatta Wale songs ever

Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr. is a well-known producer and reggae and dancehall musician. He is well known by his stage name Shatta Wale, thanks to his personality and passion that has led to many viewers and followers. Shatta Wale albums have come out, with a couple of them becoming instant hits.

Shatta Wale was born in Ghana on Oct 17th 1984 as Charles Nii Armah Mensah. After he got into the music industry, he got another name which he uses as his stage name Shatta Wale. He is known for his great talent as a producer, reggae and dancehall artist and also hip-hop music. He became a hit through his one song which got him winning the 2014 edition of the Ghana Music Award. The song was titled Dance Hall King track. Shatta Wale is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Shatta Movement Records. In addition to this, Shatta is also a talented actor. In spite of his music being known by the public, there is so much more single tracks and full albums that isn’t known by many. This is about to change as this article provides a list of Shatta Wale albums.

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Shatta Wale full album

Being the top artist in reggae and dancehall music, Shatta Wale has got a couple of albums each with different tracks. He released one of his songs “Dancehall King” that got him hit. Here are Shatta Wale album list;

Up a Road Mixtape

This album was released on 23rd of Jan 2015. It was recorded under the label of SM 4 LYF Records with a total length of 53:31, the album has the following songs lists:

  1. Gwan So.
  2. Country Boss.
  3. Abi Bad Co.
  4. Bad Like Me.
  5. Eraser.
  6. Free Me.
  7. Nu Sell Out.
  8. Psalm 121 (Go Nowhere)
  9. Real Gyalist.
  10. Shatta City.
  11. Thru Mi.
  12. Tribute to My Last President.
  13. Wha Gwan (ft Deprtee).


This album was released on March 14th 2014 and it was produced on SM For Lyf label. And it has the following tracks:

  1. Baddy Bang.
  2. Crazy girl.
  3. Dancehall King.
  4. Don’t Hate Mi.
  5. Enter The Net.
  6. Free Up.
  7. Funny Man.
  8. Gal Wuk It.
  9. G3.
  10. It’s Alright.
  11. Letter To Charterhouse.
  12. Letter To Iwan.
  13. Long Talking.
  14. Lotto Money.
  15. Mr. No Nonsense.
  16. My Corner.
  17. New Year.
  18. Nuh Fear Dem.
  19. One Thing.
  20. Party Man.
  21. Pu**y Go Gaga.
  22. Pu**y Go Gaga.
  23. Real Hustler.
  24. System.
  25. Tonite.
  26. Wi Nuh Rate Di Hater.
  27. Mi A Evil.
  28. Mi Dawg.
  29. Answers.
  30. No.1 Hit song.


This is digital release reggae, and it was released on March 3rd 2015 by SM 4 Lyf Records. Some of the tracks found include:

  1. Intro.
  2. What’s Going On.
  3. Test Drive.
  4. Tell Somebody.
  5. Take Me Out.
  6. Streetz.
  7. Start To Be Great.
  8. Shatta Movement.
  9. Realise.
  10. Pon Dem Face.
  11. Police Chase.
  12. One Girl.
  13. No More.
  14. Skirt.
  15. Havanna.
  16. Everyday.
  17. Dem She.
  18. Dem A Pree ft. Mavado.
  19. Chase.
  20. Be My Girl.
  21. Bad Fe A Reason.
  22. Back Again.
  23. Am Da One.
  24. Another Ghetto Youth.
  25. Ukwu.

USA Tour Mixtape

It was released in March 2015. Done and directed by SM 4 LYf Records, here are the very great tracks to keep you entertained:

  1. Fans Dem Loyal.
  2. Sunshine Girl.
  3. Fire Burning.
  4. Mi Name( radio version).
  5. Shatta Story.
  6. Best.
  7. Ma Te He (I will Touch) ft. Duke.

Cloud 9 (hip pop mix) - wow we got it now

The album was released during shatta wale birthday. It’s a hip pop mix with 6 tracks. This is his first music hip pop take and this what he had to say about his new flow in music (hip-hop) “THIS IS MY FIRST HIP-HOP MIXTAPE,I WANT EVERY MUSIC LOVER TO PAY ATTENTION AND FEEL THE GROOVE, RHYTHM, MELODIES, AND VERSATILITY ON THIS ONE.I KNOW I CAN REALLY DO GOOD WHEN I FEEL OUT OF THIS WORLD.THIS MIXTAPE WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.. #MAJIKAL #CHAMPIOOOOON #CLOUD9 #SM.” Here are the hip-hop album list that was mixed my Damaker

  1. Just Make Da Money
  2. Grow Bad
  3. Sh*t Is Lit
  4. Feel So Stupid
  5. My Frenz in
  6. Never Plan For This

Times and Season

It was released on March 31st 2015. It’s a reggae album and its compatible with all mp3 player including iTunes, iPad, iPod and windows media player. The album goes for $6.93. Here are the songs:

  1. Nuh Fear Dem.
  2. My Army.
  3. False Ripe.
  4. Draw Wi Out.
  5. Bad Mouthing.
  6. Working Harder.
  7. Wi Nuh Rate Di Hater.

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After The Storm

Released by Shatta Movement Music Production on April 29, 2016. In the lead on its release, it was made available for digital download. It was made for purchase on iTunes on 6th May 2016; it’s a mix of reggae and dancehall songs. He did the tour for the album and performed in London on 26th Aug and the tour kicked on 1st July 2017. Here is the tracklist:

  1. Intro.
  2. For the money.
  3. What you want.
  4. Mahama paper.
  5. Chairman.
  6. Champion.
  7. Dancehall King.
  8. Lock the City.
  9. Hol'It.
  10. Baby Chop Kiss.
  11. Kakai.
  12. Bie Gya (Open Fire).
  13. If I Collect.
  14. Am OK.
  15. Money and Dancehall.
  16. Like a King.
  17. Kill Dem Wit Prayers.
  18. Tell Me a Lie.
  19. Ayele.
  20. Too Much Chemikal.
  21. Afta Di Storm.

Millions Miles Mixtape

It’s the reggae music released in March 2015 under SM 4 Lyf Records. Here are the track lists:

  1. Bail.
  2. Caan Hon wi Down.
  3. Dema a Talk.
  4. Ebanor.
  5. Guidance.
  6. God is my witness.
  7. Top off.
  8. Pool party.
  9. Mia Evil.
  10. Million miles.

Magical year mixtape

This album was released on 21st of Aug 2015. It has been categorized in reggae genre. Here are the tracks:

  1. Too All Ma Frenemies.
  2. Krom Ay3 Shi (Town Mek Hot).
  3. Talking Days Done (Nuff Manni Riddim).
  4. Growing.
  5. Lips service.
  6. Warning.
  7. No faking.
  8. Scam Dem.
  9. Friends Fans.
  10. Hear we out.
  11. Mi Neva change.
  12. Old boy.
  13. Onipa biaa y3 ( everybody is bad).
  14. Zainabu.
  15. Fe Di paypa.
  16. Yuh Dey kll.
  17. Story to tell
  18. The phone call ft Rudebowy.
  19. Too known.
  20. Anaconda.
  21. Stinky mouth.
  22. Get that from.
  23. Because of you.
  24. Hero.
  25. Still reign ft Cika.
  26. Chop something.
  27. Wha Ppun.

Green times mixtape

It was release on March 9th 2014, it has 22 tracks:

  1. No sitting.
  2. My maseratti.
  3. Halleluyah.
  4. Im blessed.
  5. Feeling for the city.
  6. Too good.
  7. Do tingz right.
  8. Cheat pon dem.
  9. Rich game.
  10. She need a lawyer.
  11. Casket bwoy.
  12. Buss a blank.
  13. New year 2014.
  14. Mamobi.
  15. Your culture.
  16. My homeland.
  17. My arrow.
  18. Miss Ghana.
  19. Mi have a gun.
  20. Mi nuh in a hype.
  21. Where mi Deh.
  22. Sm Empire.

Shatta Wale 2015 album was a hit for him, he released 6 albums which are; up a Road mixtape, magical year mixtape, million miles mixtape, USA tour mixtape, foundation and times and season. In all the albums he released almost 100 tracks, making up a full list of Shatta Wale album tracklist.

Shatta wale album 2018

Reigns is shatta Wale new album. This is the latest album after him having a great and controversial 2017. These are 3 singles that he has released with Zylofon Media as he was officially signing in with the Zyfolon Media.

In seeing the new album out, many are so eagerly waiting to listen to the songs. I will list Shatta Wale songs 2018 right here and you will enjoy the track.

  1. Money Matters (Dammy Krane and Shatta Wale).
  2. 419.
  3. All eyes on me.
  4. Dukui produced by Willy F Beat.
  5. No mercy for the cripple produced by Shawers Ebiem.
  6. Matter ft Militants.
  7. Performer produced by M.O.G Beatz.
  8. Body fi body Shatta Wale,Feli NUNa, Qwabena King, Patapaa, Riddim Boss and Bobo Pee.
  9. Economy.
  10. Power by Eazzy ft Shatta Wale.
  11. Sh*to produced by Da Maker.
  12. Storm.
  13. Ego Taya Dem produced by Willisbeatz.
  14. Pray for me.
  15. End long time beef Shatta Walle and Bulldog.
  16. Zylofon produced by Willis beatz.
  17. Bullet proof.
  18. True believers (fake pastors) ft Addi Self X Natty Lee.
  19. Nobody Go Talk.

Shatta Wale album 2014

He hit through his one song, which got him winning the 2014 edition of the Ghana Music Award the song’s name is “Dance Hall King” track. This was among other songs that were in Shatta Wale first album. He even did one of his songs with different talented artists like;"Wine Ya Waist" featuring Davido, he even did one song against racism that same year. The song was so widely used, "You Can't Touch Me." In the same year, he ranked number 38 on ETV’s top 100 most talented and influential artists in Ghana Award Chart. In the same year, he released two albums Green Times Mixtape and Answers

Top 10 Shatta Wale Songs

Here are Shatta wale hit songs that have got so many viewers on social media like YouTube. The downloads, subscribers are just increasing every day.

1. Hosanna ft Burna Boy- Shatta is the producer of this song, and he did it with the Nigerian artist Burna Boy in Feb, it has over 2.3 million viewers on YouTube.

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2. Umbrella- it is the song that talks about being under the umbrella, and it’s loved by Ghanaians.

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3. Ayoo - Shatta uses this music to shut and fade off both the political battles and the music industry

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4. Taking Over ft Joint 77, Addi Self, Caption - this song was produced by Willis Beat, and it talks more of patriotism which Ghanaian will go around talking all time.

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5. Low Tempo ft Shatta Michy- being a woman in the industry many tend to think that they can’t deliver, but here Shatta has given it all in her verse. The song was written by Shatta.

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6. Forgetti ft Joint 77, Pope Skinny, Addi Self, Natty Lee and Captan- it’s a lit song joined by these talented artists

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8. Allo -finally we don’t have to wonder if Shatta sings only dancehall and reggae here is a hip-hop song and it’s lit.

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9. Don’t Go There- the song downloads and viewers are on top with the addition of the great producer whom he makes it so perfect to be listened to; producer Willis Beatz

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10. Strongman- the song explodes each and every part of the world, its produced by its own writer Shatta.

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Bumper- the song got to that number which the artist and the producer Willie Beatz gave it best.

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Shatta Wale’s albums and top-rated tracks have really made his funs enjoy the reggae, dancehall, and even hip-hop. With him as the producer, he has done a great job in producing some of his songs, which have ranked him as the best artist in Ghana. He has won lots of awards and also best nominee artist. There are a couple of Shatta Wale love songs in his albums.

If you would love to listen to a major artist who is ranking in the music industry, then Shatta Wale is here with the most admirable personalities, passion and he does what it takes just to make his fun base satisfied with entertaining music. That’s why he decided to venture into doing something different not only doing dance hall and reggae but also hip-hop songs. He got your back with all his albums that contain any genre of a song that you would love to listen to. Any Shatta Wale hit song you choose will entertain you.

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