Trending Sonnie Badu songs list 2019

Trending Sonnie Badu songs list 2019

Sonnie Badu worship songs have been hailed for exquisite composition and genuine call for the glory of God. In fact, if you walked into any serious church that value worship for all it is worth, you won’t miss Sonnie Badu songs in their worship playlist. What has made Sonnie Badu latest songs popular among worship lovers is his trademark voice that sedate hearts in turmoil, but also his lyrical prowess leaves no topic of worship untouched. His are the type of songs that you run to the play stores to buy immediately they are released— you don’t need to wait for reviews for he had set a standard with his previous songs that he seems to surpass every time he releases a new track.

Trending Sonnie Badu songs list 2018

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And many lovers of gospel music will concur that though we have very many artists calling on the name of God in their songs, Sonnie Badu praise and worship songs are a testament to his commitment to the industry and to the service of God. His songs put him across as a harbor of a heart in constant pursuit of intimacy with God. Sonnie however, isn’t your ordinary gospel musician who depends on his musical revenues to make a living, no, Sonnie is a businessman, a motivational speaker and a philanthropist who is committed to using his every skill and possession to win souls for God the Almighty.

Sonnie, owing to his musical success and ingenuity of worship has since become one of the best gospel artists that Africa has produced. He is always in motion; cruising every corner of the world spreading a message of hope to the broken, derelicts, and hopeless citizens of the world. The music alone can only do so much, but coupled with a personality that mirrors the life of Christ, a list of all Sonnie Badu songs keep bringing lost souls back to God.

Here is a list of songs by Sonnie Badu

Deep Worship

The title of the song is just a promise of the experience you get when you listen to this song. This is not a song to nod your head to, but a song that calls you to pray.

The better stretch of this song is spent in prayers. Listen to this song during your ‘me time,’ and you will note the presence of God in your surroundings.

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Heavenly Worship

This song is done dominantly in a different language, but the message still hits as a call to worship. This song will make your favorite worship playlist, and you wouldn’t even mind the language barrier. As always, you will lose yourself to Sonnie’s deep voice.

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In Swahili, Baba means father. This song is a cry to God to let the rain fall on them (symbolically). The video of the song is well directed, and you can follow the story from the beginning to the end. Sonnie features the fantastic Annie Badu in this song.

The video depicts the problems couples go through and how help can only be sought through worship and prayers. During the whole video, the couple is seeking God, but still wows you with their vocal prowess and laid-back instrumentals.

And you know the best part? The lord heeds to their call and brings the rain, symbolically to wash away their inequities and make them worthy to be in his presence. The song is popular in Christian circles and has garnered more than 14 million YouTube views since its release in 2009.

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Still You Reign

If you have ever doubted the reign of Jesus in your life, then this song will make you believe again. Enriched with uplifting lyrics and a melodious voice this song is irreplaceable in a list of Sonnie Badu worship songs. Here is part of its lyrics:

“I’ve searched through all eternity
none but Jesus Christ has set me free
I’m walking now in victory
I am saved.”

Done mostly in Ghanaian language, you would expect only Ghanaians to be in love with this song as they understand everything in it, but no, it is a worship song that will get your spirits calm and ready for worship. This song is a necessity in prayer. It makes it to one of the Sonnie Badu lists of songs that break language barriers with its powerful message.

Sonnie starts this song by whistles from his guitarist, who continues to pluck his guitar strings in the same whistling rhythm. Sonnie’s stage presence is evident through the video and with the vocal back up from his band members, the song rises to a nerve-chilling crescendo— that state of spirits that hollows your hearts with yearnings for God’s unwavering love.

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The Worshipper’s cry

Every worshiper has a cry to God. It could be of gratitude, forgiveness, or quest for blessings. Sonnie too had a cry as a worshiper. Here is a snippet of the song:

“Daddy, I just want to take a little time out
and worship you
I want to join in with the angels
and do what they do in Heaven.”
The song continues to hail Jesus Christ as an invincible God;
“Almighty God, invincible
Father, invincible
My Saviour is invincible
Jesus, invincible
Majestic King, invincible
Father, invincible
The Lord of Lords, invincible
No one can conquer him.”

The video of this song sets you on airship ladder. The song features laid-back instrumentals that allow him to speak as the song continues. If you need a song to set you forth in an intimate prayer session, you’ve got this.

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Let it Rain

If you mention a Christian song with the title ‘Let it Rain,’ many lovers of the gospel music would think you are referring to Michael W. Smith’s song. But isn’t rain a universal blessing from God that any artist can use metaphorically in a song?

Sonnie Badu too has a song with the same title and its content doesn’t disappoint. Through this song, Sonnie pleads to God to show his glory, presence, and power in their midst. This song, enriched with deep vocals and meaningful lyrics is one of the best of Sonnie Badu all songs; any mega-church playlist has it at the top!

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Sonnie Badu does Most of the worship songs in English, but to connect with his African and most specifically, Ghanaian fans, he does some in local languages. Makabongwe is one of them.

Makabongwe is a Zulu word that loosely translates to ‘Thank You Lord’ in English. As the title suggests, this song is gratitude to God for all his blessing upon our lives.

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Covenant Keeping God

This song begins with a faith-building testimony from Sonnie Badu about a woman who had cancer but got healed while he sang this song. He says that God instructed him to give the woman a towel which she held on her breast as he sang this song. When she went to the hospital the next day, the doctor was surprised that the tumor had disappeared.

This song exalts the name of God as a keeper of promises but also strengthens Christians’ faith to always wait in the belief that God will do as he promised. Just like the woman who had cancer, a barren woman also got a child after Sonnie sang this song.

The song is just laden with healing power. This song might be trending as most Sonnie Badu new songs, but it is a faith rekindling song that will spur you into heights of belief in the will of God to fulfill his promises to us.

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Lost in your Glory

Lost in your glory is one of the best songs from Sonnie Badu. The song is set in a slow pace, but still, it is a tune that gets you lost in spiritual spheres. This song can form an excellent background to gospel movie, used as a theme song in a wedding and set you in a devotional atmosphere.

Its video is done in a green setting, treating your eyes to the unquestionable presence of the mighty God in his creation. The video features Sonnie Badu and a friend in the worship, probably, a spiritual father.

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In Swahili, the word Imani means faith or belief. The song is done in African rhythms, featuring drums and shakers. The song is rather fast-paced as compared to most of Sonnie Badu Twi songs in worship.

Among the songs that Sonnie Badu has done in Swahili is Imani. Imani means faith or belief. The song gets you up on your feet to dance to the African rhythm of drumbeats and shakers.

Though fast-paced, it inhibits Sonnie Badu’s trademark deep vocals and well-laid pauses and crescendos. It also features a famous Swahili hymn known as Unastahili Kuabudiwa, which translates to, ‘you deserve to be worshipped.’

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Your name is great

This song is a thanksgiving to God for all the good he shows to his children. The singer says that he got the inspiration the do this song when he received a glamorous treatment when he arrived in America for the first time.

He says that he couldn’t believe the respect his hosts advanced to him, and he could only imagine how great the name of the lord is that he could receive such fancy blessings just because he professed his love for God.

Israel Haughton has a song by the same title, but the inspiration behind them is different, and so is the message.

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My Soul Says Yes

This is one of the songs by Sonnie Badu that draw direct inspiration from Jesus’ words. In the Bible, the verse Mark 14:36 is about Jesus asking God to take away the cup of suffering away from him, but in the end, he accepts the will of God. Here it is Mark 14:36 He said, “Abba, Father, all things are possible for you. Remove this cup from me; yet not what I will, but what you will.”

Through this verse, the musician saw it that Jesus was saying ‘Yes’ to the will of God and by effect committing himself to serve him faithfully. Likewise, he (Sonnie) sends an assurance to God that he is ready to be used in his service. Partly, this song has been done in Swahili, and that has made it a popular hit in Africa’s Swahili-speaking nations

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Wonder God

This song earned Sonnie two award in 2014 Ghana Music Awards; Gospel Artiste of the Year and Best Male Vocal Performance of the Year.

Though a controversy ensued later about the ownership of the chorus, this song continues to rock airwaves and win souls for Christ. The controversy began when a Nigerian gospel singer Soji Israel stated that he owned the chorus of the song. This matter was handled well by Sonnie and his management who revealed that the chorus in dispute was a property of Mummy Go whose permission they had sought earlier before recording it.

The song is about the miracles that God showed him when he was stuck. When all seemed lost, God made a way and it ended well for him, hence the title Wonder God.

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Sonnie Badu songs 2018

I Hail You

Even the many songs he has created, Sonny Badu, isn’t ready to take a rest. In fact, the youthful singer is becoming better with every new song he releases. He is a living testament to the rejuvenating power of God. In 2018, he has given us ‘I Hail You,’ check it out. You will be impressed.

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The act of worship needs musical accompaniment. The problem has always been to find a dedicated servant of God— not just a talented musician! Sonnie Badu is a faithful servant committed to spreading the gospel to the world, but also to spread the love for humanity through his charities. He is a musician you can look up to for guidance in worship and leading a Christian life.


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