Top trending Pappy Kojo songs of all time

Top trending Pappy Kojo songs of all time

You have not treaded the Ghanaian music scene until you stumble upon Pappy Kojo. The Takoradi born star named Jason Gaisie but more popularly known by his stage name Pappy Kojo is a rising star and continues to outdo himself with each new hit. Pappy Kojo songs are always awaited by his Ghanaian fans and he is very well conquering hearts across Africa with his hip hop and hip life type of music. Starting his career early in life, Pappy Kojo latest songs are his ascend to fame. His music career was however not an easy climb to the top.

Top trending Pappy Kojo songs 2019

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In recent years Pappy Kojo all songs have catapulted him to become one of Ghana’s most listened to artist. In the past however, like many starting artists, Pappy Kojo utilized YouTube to showcase his work. He got the opportunity to travel to Italy to stay with his mother and during his stay there, be managed to do some work collaborating with Italian music producers as well as some Ghana based producers.

His fame that was definitely inevitable considering his work ethic and passion for rap music came in the year 2014. He got his big break later that year when he collaborated on a track with the respected Ghanaian superstar Joey B. This was not only the push he needed for his career but also the budding of a wonderful working relationship with Joey B who appears in many other Pappy Kojo latest tracks.

Pappy Kojo songs 2019

Some of his latest songs include:

Until now, Pappy Kojo has released several tracks each unique but true to his style. So the following is a list of Pappy Kojo latest songs.

1. Pappy Kojo - Realer no

This song was release in the year 2014. Pappy Kojo realer no, was a big hit among the people of Ghana and in Africa as well. This song was a door opener for Pappy Kojo. In this new track that he collaborated with Joey B, he goes ahead to unleash his unique style of incorporating his local dialect in rap music. This track bagged him an array of awards.

He was nominated for three different awards at the 2015 Ghana music awards. These nominations included;

  • Hip hop song of the year 2015
  • Hip hop/ hip life artiste of the year 2015
  • Best new artiste of the year 2015

He was very proudly able to walk away with one of those awards, the hip hop song of the year 2015 for his hit song Realer me featuring Joey B. Speaking to a local Ghanaian news paper, Pappy Kojo said that he deserved his awards.

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2. Pappy Kojo - No way

This track also took Ghana by storm. Considering Pappy Kojo was a relatively ne w artiste, when he realease this song. The kids were already getting interested in him and the video also brought a buzz. The video to this song was shot in reverse motion and this concept led to an interesting story line. Pappy Kojo new song led was taken well by his growing number of fans. The video was recorded on Italy Pappy Kojo other home and it also features a seemingly Italian lady. It is a beautiful way to tell a love story. We must say we are with him on this one.

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3. Pappy Kojo - Makoma

This was another huge hit of Pappy Kojo. A unique factor with Pappy Kojo hip hop /hip life style of music is in the way he chooses to present his work. His video of Makoma is set in a vintage feel bar and the songs story line shows how he sees makoma a beautiful girl and wants to know her more. This release went on to increase his fan base and he continued to rise to fame.

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4. Pappy Kojo - Nana Ama

The newest face in town was not yet done dropping hits. Among the top trending pappy kojo song 2017 was this hit. It was like a reassurance to his fans that he had much more to give.This song was an up beat in a calm way kind of hit. It however had enough gist to get people of their seats and once again, Pappy Kojo hit the jackpot and reminded his fans that he was here to stay.

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5. Pappy Kojo featuring Akiti Wrowro - Van Damme

This hit came with a fire that said loud and clear. We are giving the people Ghanaian hip hop. It was all about the lines, rhymes and word play with this one. It will be fair to claim that a lot of Fante words rhyme with van Damme. Again the hit maker he was able to give his fans an entertaining piece. The video shows the artistic streak they were leaning on by using a minimal white stage in a deer scene. Each artistes stepped onto the platform at their time and I must say they gave their fans a hit track.

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5. Pappy Kojo featuring Mr Eazi - Bisa kdei

This collaboration between the three beloved Ghanaian artists was also highly anticipated. Pappy Kojo abena in conjunction with eazi and bisa tells a love story. It has soulful and relaxed vibe that highly appealed to their fans. It was well taken and showed a lot of promise for all the involved artists who by now had a lot of influence on the Ghanaian music scene.

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6. Pappy Kojo - Ay3 late

This was another huge one. He has featured the great star Sarkodie. This song tells the story of him trying to court this girl. Unfortunately this girl keeps giving him problems and makes it difficult to be together. He then goes ahead and meets someone new and this song is to tell the previous lady she is late. Pappy Kojo yet again uses his easily repeatable concept to come up with a piece that captured the hearts of his fans.

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7. Pappy Kojo - Nyame Bra

For Pappy Kojo all songs are a platform to assert his uniqueness and his difference in the music industry in Ghana. This piece was a unique one. Not only did Pappy Kojo new song apart his hip hop/ hip life style, he also showed what he could do with his rhyme. The video was very interesting with the whole video being black and white. The theme was maintained as the characters were all painted white paint. Once again he managed to keep his fans amused and equally satisfied and yearning for more.

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8. Pappy Kojo - Fuoco

Hip hop enthusiasts went absolutely nuts for this one among the Ghana youth. Featuring Cool Joe and Medikal, this song was all about the rap. The three artists merged together to create a song that anyone would pop off their chair to jive to. The video was as ‘lit’ as the song itself. It involved fire eating and incredible dancing. We must say the rappers outdid themselves.

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9.Pappy Kojo - Aoa

This song soon followed. This was a different more of the studio setting. It was yet another track that definitely kept fans guessing and yearning. The video kept a simple minimal look in comparison to the usually over the top nature of Pappy Kojo new song. Once again he kept his fans enthralled and his name remembered.

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10. Pappy Kojo featuring Mr eazi - Akwaaba

So the last year of 2018 has started strong for Pappy Kojo. Pappy Kojo Latest track has taken people by storm. Akwaaba featuring Mr Eazi, Guiltybeatz and Patapaa is the dance song 2018. The video is a high energy dance with everyone having a great time. You really need to see those dancers. If this is a projection of the work they are doing then we have a lot to expect this year.

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Pappy Kojo and Joey b

Joey b is not just a good friend to Pappy Kojo, but also a partner in their art. These two have a great working chemistry and every track they have worked on together has been a hit. If their working relationship on the song Realer no is anything to go by, I say we support this partnership. The fans are waiting for more. These two have survived fake news and other hurdles of popularity. It truly they have endured. We are definitely awaiting a new collaboration this year.

As a parting shot, it is safe to say that pappy Kojo is a raising legend. It takes a good mix of talent and hard work to succeed not just in the music industry but in any area. Needless to say, Pappy Kojo continues to show how having both can catapult a young boys dream into a reality.

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The Ghanaian music scene is full of many underground artistes. They need to borrow a leafy from Pappy Kojo in perseverance because it takes more than a cool track to truly make it to stardom. Respect for the previous generation of music and equally creativity and fearlessness is pursuit of your own original idea is always a good way to go. We have pappy Kojo to thank for this kind of insight.


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