Instant money rituals in Ghana

Instant money rituals in Ghana

Times have really changed, hard work and diligence are just a drop in the ocean when it comes to achieving success. This struggle has created mystic avenues that many Ghanaians are taking advantage of in order to accrue instant wealth. Money rituals in Ghana has become populous with even posters erected all around the city.

Instant Money Rituals In Ghana: 5 Common Rituals People Fall For

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Instant money rituals in Ghana are rampantly gaining fame with many Ghanaians turning it into a lucrative business. The craze does not stop here, we have heard of free money rituals in Ghana. Where it’s absolutely free, but once the ‘voodoo’ works you are required to return a hand of ‘gratitude’ to the maker.

Rituals for money in Ghana

Many Ghanaians have been duped and fallen for this money rituals in Ghana carried out by self-confessed ‘mallams’. Here is some of the common rituals that have been used to rob Ghanaians blindly of their fortunes unknowingly. Some of the rituals paint a graphic picture since it involves mystic and devious methods that are quite unheard of.

1. The abundance ritual technique

This is one of the most common ritual that was in use during the first phase of money making rituals in Ghana. It’s quite simple, all you have to do is find a private room exclusive of any disturbance. Put some cash notes in a small bag and tightly seal. Exhale and inhale for some time to clear your thoughts and get into the mood.

Instant Money Rituals In Ghana: 5 Common Rituals People Fall For

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‘Mallams’ then advice clients to recite some incitation that translated means ‘money is easy to come by, and if it grows on trees.’ Allow your subconscious mind to accept the false reality and imagine that you have cracked the spell. It is believed that when you open your eyes the money in the sack would have multiplied.

2. Vaginal fluids ritual

This is one of the most horrifying blood money rituals in Ghana referred locally as ‘sika aduro.’. The clients of the ‘mallam’ are advised to engage in promiscuous sexual encounters with women who are virgins. After the sexual encounter, the clients are supposed to collect the vaginal fluids of the women. The more women the clients sleep around with the more rewards they accrue.

The clients are then to hand in their offering in a jar to the ‘mallams. ’They then pay a certain collection fee. Then from this point, it is up to the ‘mallam’ to perform his magic tricks. After an unspecified period of time, the clients are called in to collect their rewards. Most of the clients have been duped after paying the fee as they never see the ‘mallams’ again.

3. Sacrifices

This ritual has been in use in most of the popular money ritual shrines in Ghana. Clients visiting the shrines are ordered to look to mysterious items that are hard to come by. Many have ordered to look for a black virgin goat without blemish, a headless hen and other creepy items. In case the clients don’t have the items, an alternative is offered to purchase the items that are at the shrine.

Instant Money Rituals In Ghana: 5 Common Rituals People Fall For

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The sacrifices are then offered to appease the money making ‘god.’ The blood is smeared on the clients and they are required to recite some incitation. They are then to return after a certain period of time to claim their rewards.

4. The magic of the candle

The candle is used in many religious functions and the ‘mallams’ have not been left behind when it comes to including it into their recipe. Most of the money rituals places in Ghana sell the candles that occur in different colors. Each color has a specific function. Gold is used for rituals for money in Ghana.

Instant Money Rituals In Ghana: 5 Common Rituals People Fall For

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The clients light the candle and give their wants to the ‘gods.’ Then the ‘mallams’ smear the candle wax on their bodies. After some time when the spell fails, the clients are required to carry out the procedure all over again. The clients recite positive affirmations as they visualize what they hope to accomplish. Once they have visualized, all the rest of the work is left to the ‘gods.’

5. Juju technique

This is quite infamous in the money ritual society in Ghana. It involves wearing certain artefacts such as necklaces and bracelets. They are believed to be blessed by the ‘gods’ in order to increase your money-making chances. It’s used for clients who are about a seal a money deal or when borrowing money from people.

Instant Money Rituals In Ghana: 5 Common Rituals People Fall For

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The charms are believed to attract more especially in businesses. It is used by politicians to secure tenders and deals. They come with different specifications and rules in order for them to work out. This money ritual in Ghana is also believed to make the clients stumble into money while carrying out their daily endeavors.

Ghanaians should remember that easy money isn't good. There is always a tough price to pay. Instead of going through all the trouble of killing animals and other rituals, just work hard and earn your money. You can look for employment or even start a business. Nothing tastes good as the fruit of your labor.

Please note, YEN does not support the above rituals but instead advocates for people to work hard and earn money.


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