Is Sarkodie in Freemason?

Is Sarkodie in Freemason?

The family of one of the most loved hip-hop rappers in Ghana, Sarkodie have come to deny the rumors that Sarkodie a Freemason. This has come after sections of the media reported that the rappers are members of the Freemasons in Ghana. Freemasons are considered to be a secret group in Ghana and most people do not know what goes on in the group. Is it just a claim that Sarkodie is a member of the freemason? Find out here.

A lawyer Foh-Amoaning who is also a brother in law to the rapper Sarkodie said on Adom Fm on 28th January 2013 the success of Sarkodie on the music scene is largely due to the support that he got from his family members. Foh-Amoaning defends Sarkodie describing him as a hard working person who is very decent and committed to his work as a musician. Foh-Amoaning is married to Sarkodie's elder sister Maama Adwoa. Mr. Foh-Amoaning is also a sports analyst who believes that the rapper will achieve much more success in his career if he continues to put in the hard work and seriousness as he has been putting in his music career.

Why Sarkodie can not be a prominent Freemason in Ghana ?

In an interview, Monte Oz stated that the Ghana music industry is very fake and that is the reason he does not make any friends in the scene. He went on to say that if he would become friends with, then he would not have anything concrete to write about them if anything would go in with them. He would be tied by friendship ties not to write about the Ghanaian celebrities. When asked about Sarkodie ’s freemasonry allegation he went out and said that Sakordie is a common rapper as he is a common presenter and they do not know each other. He went on to say that Sarkodie feels his pain and heart out the same way he speaks facts on his show. He then stated that they were both doing their jobs diligently.

Monte Oz is known for presenting his views and writing about them bluntly. He is known not to mince his words when describing how he celebrates in Ghana live. So when asked about Sarkodie illuminati connection, he, of course, had also to say about it. During the interview he was asked about Freemason Illuminati, he said that there is no such thing as illuminati Freemason. Freemasonry in Ghana and Illuminati are different entities. Illuminati is an order of life that mainly operates secretly. It is also governed secretly by a small group of men who are not in the limelight. They operate behind the scenes. The illuminati were banned and destroyed many years ago, and it is even weird that people still talk about them. Monte went on to say that he does not even care about the society.

After that explanation, Monte Oz went on to state that Sarkodie is not a Freemason. Most people who are somewhat ignorant think that Freemason in Ghana is a satanic group. The Freemason group is one of the largest and oldest and also well-known unions in the world. The group was formed in 1717. It is also important to note that Freemasonry is not a religion. In Freemasonry, they do not worship anybody, but the Holy Bible is the center of all the lodge. Before anything else you have to believe in God before you join the Freemason. The main aim of Freemason is to make good men better but not to make good men bad. He stressed that Sarkodie could not be on the list of Freemason members in Ghana.

Monte then went on to say that Sarkodie is not a Masonic member because if he were, he would have come out and proudly said it to the public without having to hide it. He would have stated that he was a member with much joy. Member of the Masonic order are very proud of their membership, and they do not hide it. They are very proud and bold and never at any time do they hide their allegiance. He went on to say that he does not know which council Sarkodie belongs to because he has never been seen in any Masonic gathering where most the members come together as a family. He has also never been seen wearing the Masonic insignia even in his car.

Freemasons ensure that their light shines everywhere they go. It takes one to be very brave and also very enlightened to join the freemason. Sarkodie is seen to be not as brave, and that is the reason he cannot be part of the Freemasons in Ghana. He also went ahead to say that Sarkodie belonged to a different fraternity but not that of the freemason.

On Sarkodie dropping the ’Illuminati’ single

In 2014 Sarkodie dropped the track Illuminati. Many think that he did so to promote the sector society in Ghana. The song saw Sarkodie rap very fast in his native language Twi. The song was produced by Magnom. This is the same song that saw him nominated for the BET awards in the Best African Category. The award has previously been won by Davido. The hit "Illuminati" is what propelled Sarkodie in the international scene where he brought home the Best African Hip Hop artist of the year award. After that Sarkodie was nominated for the Channel O awards in the most gifted video category. This is a clear indication that the this particular song was very powerful and also very popular at the same time. It might be an indication that he he is part of Illuminati group in Ghana.

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The question about the reason why he wrote the song and decided to release it still holds. Sarkodie is known to be one of the most strategic Ghanaian artists currently. Every song that he releases has a story behind it. He does not release songs just for the sake. He is very strategic he does his work with purpose. He takes time to read through the music industry and also makes sure that he has a perfect plan for how he is going to do business. He makes sure that he releases a song that will be a hit song based on the study he does on the music scene. He makes sure that the songs he realizes relate to his audience. Therefore there is a reason why he wrote the song he wrote the song Illuminati. Sarkodie illuminati allegations might be true.

In his lyrics of the song, he denies the accusations of him be part of the Illuminati society. He also denies being a fan of the organization. He wrote the song to convince the Ghanaians that he is not a member of the society and also at the same time be in a position to relate to the international music scene. He got their attention clearly with his big nominations. It is also important to note that Sarkodie used the same strategy as Wale used in his mix tapes when he uses SM leader’s name as the title of his mix-tape. The thing is with the Illuminati song he raps in the Twi language very fast and what most people can hear in the song is the word illuminate, and this is why the song was seen as very controversial. Sarkodie also added some punch lines to his performances that also got a lot of attention .

According to Modern Ghana Sarkodie looks up to rappers like Drake, Jay Z, and Kanye West. All these rappers have the same thing in common. They are witty with their lyrics and also very controversial with their choice of words as well as performances. He even takes up their lyrics and translates them into the Twi language. He is ready to do anything to be able to collaborate with his icons. This is part of the rationale why the Illuminati song gained global attention.

There is the video of the song, leave alone the lyrics. Most of us just watched the video blindly without paying attention to the video. The main aim of the video was to promote and hype the concept of the Illuminati. The whole concept of showing flashy cars in the desert as well as the diamonds. Then there were the snakes and the scorpion which were very unnecessary in the video concept. They were way out of the whole idea of the video. The video just showed how rich a person could become if he were a member of the secret society. Then another thing is that Sarkodie keeps flashing out the Illuminati sign while still claiming that he is not part of the society.

The reason some still insist he was promoting the organization is that the Illuminati sign is on all the free downloads of the song. The logo is the thumbnail of the song. Some say that if he weren’t promoting the organization, then none of the sings would be part of the song. After that, he went on to make it cool for his fans to wear merchandise with the Illuminati logo, from t-shirts to caps. This is because he used it as his profile picture online.

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