Women can also propose marriage to men – Akumaa

Women can also propose marriage to men – Akumaa

In Ghanaian society, it is uncommon to witness women proposing marriage to men even though they may have deep feelings for them.

Many are of opinion that the challenge in proposing love to someone of the opposite sex can be tricky and risky.

Women can also propose marriage to men – Akumaa


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However, a popular Ghanaian radio and television presenter, Akumaa Mama Zimbi has said proposing marriage to men should not be a difficult thing for women.

Speaking on Starr Chat show on Starr FM on Thursday, Akumaa disclosed that a women proposing to a man she claims to love isn’t primitive as society has made it to look so.

“Yes! Women can propose marriage to men as well… It’s very important. There’s absolutely nothing wrong if a woman propose to a man. When my husband met me, he proposed and I told him, I’ve heard but as time goes on, I told him I love you more. When a person tells you ‘I love you’ doesn’t mean he has married you,” she said.

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In the Ghanaian culture and tradition, it is the man who is expected to propose. The woman is expected to show initial resistance or ‘woman do’ before she gives in no matter how much she loves the man.

A woman who proposes to a man is seen as fast, pushy, cheap, desperate and worthy of love because she has given what many term as ‘scholarship’ to a man.

Akumaa in her interaction added that generally Ghanaian women are romantic but tradition has shut them down.

To her, the education needed before and during marriage are not given by many parents.

The mother of six also stated that sex plays a very essential part in a successful marriage and urged women not to shy away from such conversations with their husbands.

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