Who is Selassie Ibrahim husband?

Who is Selassie Ibrahim husband?

Ibrahim Issaka Adam is a businessman and a former Ghanaian minister who is well known to a leading agricultural technocrat in Ghana. He was born in the Ashanti province in Ghana to a Muslim family. His government positions and his support for the ruling party projected him as one of the most recognizable supporters of Jerry Rawlings administration. His rise in political stature was clipped after a military government came to power. Just like the National Democratic Congress was whisked away by the military junta, the same regime put him in prison after getting embroidered in a corruption scandal. Read this piece to learn how Selassie Ibrahim husband found himself in unfamiliar territory and how he saw the light at the end of a tunnel.

Who is Selassie Ibrahim husband?

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Selassie Ibrahim husband profile

  • Born: Konongo Ashanti, Ghana. Date undisclosed.
  • Age: Undisclosed
  • Origin: Ghanaian
  • Marital status: Married
  • Occupation: Businessman and Politician
  • Famous for: former Minister for Food and Agriculture in Ghana
  • Net worth: No factual information in the public domain, but YEN.COM will alert you anytime information is available

Selassie Ibrahim husband biography

So, who is Selassie Ibrahim husband exactly? Let’s unravel the face of this longtime minister and successful businessman.

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Ibrahim Issaka Adam was born in Konongo. Mr. Ibrahim hails from the Northern region of Ghana in the hometown of Nanton region in Tamale. He lived most of his formative years in Nanton. In a 2011 interview with Smarttys, he insisted that he is very reserved and quiet. However, he defends his personality by saying he is not shy but down to earth.

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Selassie Ibrahim husband education

The once government minister attended his elementary education in Tamale and his secondary school in the upper east region in Ghana. Mr. Adam went to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology in Kumasi to purser Agricultural studies. Some of the fellow Alumni are Stephen Asare Akuffois, a formal minister for Works and Housing in the Provisional National Defense Council( P.N.D.C) regime and Paul Victor Obeng who at one time was the chairman of the Committee of Secretaries under the P.N.D.C.

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Selassie Ibrahim husband career in politics and business

One of his achievements came in June 2009 when the government appointed him as the chairman of the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB). His appointment received positive public acclaim. Adam's vast training and long tenure as a minister of Agriculture coupled with his first-hand farming experience would aid in making sound decisions to help in sourcing of finances and revitalizing the Ghanaian agricultural industry with new revolutionary ideas.

Ibrahim Adam is a former Minister of Agriculture under the President, Jerry Rawlings administration from 1993 to 1996 and Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) from 1992 to January 1993 in the same capacity. His vast experience spans years of experience in the in the field of agricultural production. Notably, he is an established large-scale farmer in his capacity.

He brought an enormous contribution to the agricultural sector in Ghana during the time he served as the Minister for Food and Agriculture and the chairman of Agricultural Development Bank (ADB). The former government technocrat waged a Champaign to urge farmers mostly in the rural setting to embrace modern and proven farming practices.

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Mr. Adam was installed as the Director of Real Tamale United (RTU) in 1993 to support soccer in the Northern region. The football club was founded in 1976.

The husband of Selassie Ibrahim stint in government was tainted when he was accused of participating the the Aveyime rice scandal while serving as a Minister. During his appointment, some corruption scandals got unearthed. In the end, the cases found their way to the court. The businessman and his colleague in government were found guilty of the charges including and quality grain scandal and subsequently sent to jail in 2003. The financial loss to the state was claimed to be to the tune of $20 million. The businessman got a reprieve two years later when he was released much to the chagrin of his jailers.

In August 2004 Ibrahim Adam together with his colleague George Sipa Yankey was released after serving their two years sentence. To welcome him was a massive crowd of supporters of the National Democratic Congress (NDC). Family, relatives, and sympathies welcomed him to his hometown, Tamale after cooling his heels in Kumasi Prisons. The reception and jubilation in the air on that day was in sharp contrast to the life that characterized his confinement.

From an entourage of motorcycle riders to horse riders, it seemed like a heroic welcome. It took roughly three hours of drive from the 13-kilometers distance from Kumasi Prison only for the once influential NDC supporter to receive cheers and fanfare. He got the two years after being guilty of causing financial loss to the Ghanaian state attributed to the Quality Grain Project at Aveyime in the Volta Region. The fraud case had been spearheaded by the People’s National Party' government against the former agriculture minister. The former Politician was found culpable of corruption by Justice D.K. Afreh who gave the judgment on April 28th April 2003 in Accra Ghana.

It was an emotional experience to the family and while relatives who were seen shedding tears. The embattled Adam mastered some courage to address a huge political rally at Savelugu, where he thanked the crowd for profound gratitude and support.

The local and international media highlighted the high-level graft that dogged the Aveyime rice project. Of interest to the western media was the involvement of US-based Company, Quality Grain tasked to the American businesswoman Ms. Juliet R. Cotton. The FBI soon stepped in and investigated the American on any crime involvement including offering the help to help in the prosecution of Ibrahim and his co-accused. The FBI, as a result, persecuted and jailed Ms. Cotton. The funds set aside to cultivate rice in Volta Region were found to have been misappropriated by Ms. Cotton.

During the homecoming of Adam, the Chairman of NDC Dr. Obed Asamoah said that Ibrahim and his co-accused were victims of political intrigue and vendetta aided by a compromised judiciary.

Selassie Ibrahim family

He hails from a family of farmers. Consequently, he spent most of his time when he was young attending to his parents’ farm. His father and mother were both Muslim. He was blessed to have eleven siblings. Adam’s loving father was a soldier during World War II and later was enlisted into Ghanaian police department after the end of the war.

In an interview posted on YouTube, he disclosed how he used to sell bread, sweets Kola nuts, and clothes as a side hustle to supplement his parent’s income who at that time struggled to educate a sizeable number of children. He intimates how growing up was full of challenges, but he managed to overcome such to become a prominent public figure.

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Selassie Ibrahim married

Ibrahim Adam is married to the gorgeous actress and television host Selassie Ibrahim and a father of two children. They got married fifteen years ago.

Selassie Ibrahim husband children

Although the man happens to be very reserved, we can pick a few of information from his much-outspoken wife. The businessman is, of course, a Muslim but interestingly the wife is a Christian. Modern Ghana quoted Selassie Ibrahim as suggesting that their parallel religious beliefs have no bearing in their relationship and marriage. She went ahead to say that her husband Ibrahim even drops them to church together with their children and then proceeds to head to the mosque.

She was hard-pressed to explain about Adam religion and the possibility that he can marry another woman. She responded that she has no issue with him marrying as many as four wives according to Islam. As a reply, she, however, said that she regards herself worthy to be edgy that Ibrahim was going to get attached to another woman.

On a fateful day in April 2014, Ibrahim Adam lost a beloved daughter in an accident. Aina Ibrahim Quaigraine passed soon after the crash that happened at Ejisu, nearby the Ashanti capital, Kumasi. The late daughter was accompanied by her husband when the accident occurred. The daughter passed on just as his father Ibrahim Adam tried effortlessly to airlift her to Accra for treatment.

Selassie Ibrahim and husband latest news

The couple has never been immune to controversy. In 2015, Ghanaian actress Selassie Ibrahim received a backlash from a section of Ghanaians following an expose involving a company she owns. Smarttys Management and Productions was awarded a contract worth GH¢3.6 million by the government to rebrand close to 116 buses with portraits of the then president John Mahama and past presidents of Ghana. Albeit that company won the tender through a legitimate process, the fact that the husband is an NDC supporter and her involvement with the close presidential aides raised eyebrows.

Ghanaian heightened opposition to the project arguing that some collusion with her politically connected husband led to her Company winning the contract. The 2015 masterplan was a state blueprint to introduce a rapid bus transit system (Metro Mass Transit). However, the back and shove that characterizes the noble project brought to light discrepancies in the estimated cost of the metro transit project that squarely put the aids close to John Mahama as the culprits.

Selassie Ibrahim was believed to have received a reward (contract) for her support for the presidential Champaign. The scandal led to the resignation of the Transport Minister, Dzifa Attivor and the issuance of an order by The Chief of Staff, Julius Debrah, to Smarrtys to refund a total of GH¢1.9 million to the state.

In the same year, Selassie Ibrahim was at the center of a contract worth $98m for an electrification project. She was said to be fronting for a Chinese engineering company.

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