Top trending Kwabena Kwabena songs of all time

Top trending Kwabena Kwabena songs of all time

Kwabena Kwabena has remained relevant in the Ghanaian music industry for such a long time. Kwabena Kwabena songs utill today are celebrated in the country by thousands of his fans in and out of his home country Ghana. His performances on many stages in the world have made his African music in general to be appreciated by other people from the other continents. We all remember the sensational ''Aso'' that gave him the breakthrough in the industry. The success of the artist cannot be overlooked because he does serve as a great example to upcoming artists. Here is a list of all Kwabena Kwabena songs released over the years he has been in the music scene.

How he made it in the industry

His major breakthrough was through his first album named ‘aso’ that even had three of the songs in it featured in a movie production that was going on at the time. This breakthrough led him to be sought after because he had a promising career in the industry and would also lift the country’s image higher. The songs in the album include ‘aso’ which is a five minute and fourty-five second song was very interesting to watch.

The song received major airplay from the radio and television stations and made him really famous. The album also had other songs like ‘andea waye me’, ‘fameko’ which had two remixes produced as well, there was also ‘trodom’ , my sweet baby, ‘meye Ac’, ‘meye’, ‘kaykere me’ , ‘ntobuasea’. Other than ‘Aso’ which other songs do you like and which one is more relatable to your situation in life?

Kwabena Kwabena is a versatile musician meaning that he’s content varies in his songs. He has written songs to all people from various walks of life hence being an inspiration. The award winning artist went on to record his second album which he named ‘Dabi’ which received a lot of applause from the fans as well as his colleagues in the music industry at the time. This great success was seen as a big achievement for the 39 year old at the time because of the acknowledgement he was receieving because of his hard work in the songs. His albums ‘dabi’, ‘Kofi Nti’ - 2010, ‘Daakye’ -2013 and his latest album ‘Ahyesi’ do show the growth of Kwabena from a beginner to the legendary and iconic musician he has become. Ghana must be proud to have him as one of their own.

Kwabena Kwabena songs over the past years

All songs of Kwabena Kwabena do have different twists which bring out the authenticity and uniqueness of his songs combined with great beats which are unpredictable. One particular time he talks about love in the song Kyere wu do and he emphasizes on the need to show love to the people his fans mostly associate with. In another song he talks about unity for the African people as a continent. This shows the strength and great vibes the musician brings to the audience real issues that the fans can always relate to. One of the latest Kwabena Kwabena songs 2019 is Tokro.

His collaboration with other key musicians within the industry has also helped bring out tastes to music he has recorded and can be seen as a way of uplifting each other. Great showing from him as a musician since all we know now days is of musicians applying mud on each other in order to attract more audience and succeed. He also uses ghanian women in his videos showcasing the beauty his country has.

His collaboration with the likes of phenomenon Daddy Lumba in “Nana Akuffo Addo’ during the campaign season which was a way of giving the citizens reasons why they were to choose the supposed flag bearer. He has also gone ahead to collaborate with Adonko in the song Okyeami Kwame, in this particular song the two artists brought out their own unique characteristics with Adonko showcasing his rapping prowess and Kwabena Kwabena brought out his silky tone. What combination! Just in case you have not listened to the song you really ought to and give your two cents on it!

Kwabena Kwabena songs 2018

He is yet to produce his solo song however he has featured in Sarkodie’s big tune ”end time” at the beginning of 2018 The big hit has been sensational and we us fans can never get enough of Kwabena’s amazing tone. The song has received major airplay and so much love from the fans due to its simple yet classy tune. We therefore expect more masterpieces coming from the artist this year. He rarely disappoints and we are waiting Kwabena, don’t keep us waiting for too long!

Some of Kwabena Kwabena’s latest songs are the ones he released in 2017. It was a successful year for him and he featured with other artists to produce great hits which not only gave entertainment to the audience but also gave them necessary knowledge on what they need to know. Some of the amazing work he did in 2017 was seventeen where he featured alongside Ofori Amponsah and was produced by the very best Kaywa which was spectacular as expected. He also released one of the songs (Adansie) in his latest album Ahyesi in which he featured M.anifest in it. For sure it reached the much hype surrounding it. Kwabena will for sure go down in Ghana and West Africa’s history as one of the greatest.

Can you believe that Kwabena Kwabena old songs still win him awards and give him so much recognition? His fan base and more generations view him as a great iconic musician who the upcoming musicians should look up to if they are serious about music. The songs also show how fashion industry has continued to evolve over the years which is a sign of great improvement. This songs gave him the platform he needed to become the star he is today in Ghana. All the songs of Kwabena Kwabena have created a huge impact to people hence the much respect he is given by people across the country.

Kwabena Kwabena best songs according to many include ''aso'' which gave him the major breakthrough he needed in the industry. Other songs that have been more outstanding were adult music which was in collaboration with the great Samini in 2013. The video itself was amazing and was highly rated by fans. The beautiful hot women were a plus to the song!

''Bue kwan'' is also one of his best songs alongside Steve Bedi, his passion for music can be seen through the creativity of his lyrics in the song. ''Tuamudaa'' also features among the best songs of Kwabena Kwabena released in 2015 produced by sensational Kaywa. “Dadie Anoma” and “Engya Mi Ho'' featuring Joojo were also Kwabena’s best songs.

Kwabena Kwabena hit songs which received major airplay included the save a life song that he released when he was hosting his concert that saw many musicians come together. He saw the concert as an opportunity to appreciate his incredible audience and followers over the years he had been in music. He has a foundation operating courtesy of save a life how incredible of the musician. When one listens to Kwabena Kwabena songs he is full of hope and becomes more optimistic about life. The amount of knowledge in his songs is overwhelming and very appealing.

Kwabena Kwabena songs list is very long such that this article will not cover all of them, the article highlights more of recent songs in this decade.

1. ‘End-time’ by Sarkodie featuring Kwabena Kwabena

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The two musicians brought out their own unique skills bringing out a great tune for their audience. 2018 for sure started out well for the great duo. This song is played on regular basis by radio and television station.

2. Kwabena Kwabena featuring M.anifest in ‘Adansie’

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This song was released first in his latest album to just give his fans more urge as they awaited the launch of that album later on in 2017. It was what the audience was looking for and made the anticipation of the rest of the songs in that album more.

3. ‘Siwagedem’ - Kwabena Kwabena

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This song was produced by Kaywa in 2016 which was after a long silence from him in music. The break seems to have been beneficial because this particular song was fantastic and lovable. The video really impressed the viewers and received great comments. He and the producer kept up with their good work.


4. Kwabena Kwabena featuring Daddy Lumba - ‘Nanna Akuffo Addo’

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This big tune was played mostly during the campaign season in order to help the candidate get as many voters on the flag bearer’side as possible. This is common in politics and most especially during campaigns season to see musicians take sides with politicians of their choice. In his song his must have included the flagbearer’s intentions and why it was important for the audience to vote in that line. This song received major airplay during the campaign tours and he must have gone home with a huge cheque.

5. Kwabena Kwabena- ‘Tuamudaa’

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The single produced by Kaywa in 2016 is among the amazing tunes from the singer in recent years. The lovely tune has been praised by fans with those not from Ghana wishing that either were or would get married by ghanaian men. The video is a masterpiece as well with close to a million views.

5. Kwabena Kwabena-‘Ensesa’

It’s similar to Aso which simply means that one should not change. The beautiful tune is full of life and energy which really interested the fans. The video is so entertaining you should have a look in case you had missed out on the video.

6. Kwabena Kwabena- ‘Kyere wo do’

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The beautiful love song that encourages people to show love. We all know that love is a beautiful thing makes the world go round! Featuring Joojo the song was well received by fans. Who does not need love?

7. Kwabena Kwabena- ‘Africa Unite’

The message from this song is divine and engaging not only to the people of Ghana but to its neighboring countries as well as the other countries in Africa. The importance of Africa’s unity is well highlighted and we are the ones to make this continent great and that can only be achieved by unity. Unity is strength folks.

8. Asem featuring Kwabena Kwabena in ‘Bye bye’

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This song as described by fans makes them feel sad especially when they miss their significant others. The issues addressed in this song are relatable to what the fans have gone through or are facing at the moment. The song has over a mindblowing 1 million views with many comments. Told y’ll Kwabena does a great job!

9. Kwabena Kwabena ft Steve Bedi –‘Bue Kwan’

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According to most fans they love the powerful song that has great musical instruments that project the voices much more. With close to a half million views on youtube the song has made a great impact on people to embrace their African culture. God bless Ghana!

10. Kwabena Kwabena - ‘Obaa’

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Which is a traditional educative song that digs deep to the culture he identifies with which made the fans happy as most of them had not even learnt most of that from school. He’s much wisdom makes him the prolific author that he is besides music.

Kwabena Kwabena love songs beside ‘Kwere wo do' also include ‘Enya Mi Ho’ which he features Joojo which means how true love can be hard to keep. The song has an interesting video which I would urge you to watch and has 2.5 million videos. Kwabena Kwabena is really out of this world! His voice! The instruments and the flow of words are amazing! In ‘Royal Lady’ he also defines meaning of real love. The track can be described as amazing and perfect. You’re my royal lady, royal lady *2 .

To conclude on Kwabena Kwabena we can say that he is talented, super and excellent as seen in the content and richness of his music. His beautiful voice makes his fans adore him even more. When one listen to Kwabena Kwabena songs you will not only fall in love with the musician but also Africa and its beautiful girls and scenes which makes Africa great place to be regardless of what others think of us. Kwabena Kwabena mp3 songs can be downloaded from a link provided below. We hope the songs will entertain you and help you get to know more of Kwabena Kwabena.

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