5 strange monsters killing young folks in Ghana today

5 strange monsters killing young folks in Ghana today

You are a young man or woman in Ghana trying your best to remain relevant in your society. You just completed senior high school, about going tertiary, already at the university... no matter where you find yourself on the academic ladder - your life matter.

You sit back at home, watch all the troubling news on unemployment, job loss, high taxes and you get to ask yourself what exactly is going on. Many young persons in Ghana are losing their lives at a fast rate.

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The issue of premature deaths is really increasing as the days go by. We will be exploring some of the actual cause of these deaths in recent times.

1. Unprotected sex

This is one of the leading cause of death among young people in Ghana today. Many fail to use condoms while having sex and this, unfortunately, exposes them to sexually transmitted disease including HIV/AIDS. One thing about these diseases is that they slowly destroy your body so that by the time you know it, it's too late to correct things up.

2. Unsafe abortions

Two in every five young ladies in Ghana today has practiced unsafe abortions in their lifetime. Unsafe abortions are just as the name goes - unsafe. Sadly enough, because these girls are so eager to get rid of their babies for fear of rejection, they rather choose to seek the service of quack doctors who end up given them concoctions which lead to their sudden death.

3. Blood money

Times are hard and every young person would wish to find wealth in the shortest possible time. What happens is that these young people, mostly guys, subject themselves to so many dark rituals which require them to do things they do not wish to do. The effect of disrespecting these fetish priests will be death or terminal illness. Things of the spirit will always require strange things in return so that if you are not willing to give in, your life could be cut short.

4. Social vices

As young persons, our blood is hot and boiling. It is for this reason that most of us fall victim to moments of protests and hooliganism, Others also engage in armed robbery attacks which most often results in bloody clashes with the police.

5. Drug abuse

Ghana today is battling with a drug called Tramadol. Unfortunately, we have had so many young persons, especially those in the slums and crime-prone areas.

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