Pastor Chris teaching on love, marriage, partnership and giving

Pastor Chris teaching on love, marriage, partnership and giving

Chris Oyakhilome popularly known as Pastor Chris are born names given to an anointed man of God in Nigeria. The 54-year-old pastor Ministers with Christ Embassy also referred to as Loveworld Incorporated its headquarters being in Lagos, Nigeria. Pastor Chris teachings have been a great blessing to many people who listen to them on issues that commonly affect people like love, marriage, partnership, and thanksgiving. Since Pastor Chris has been in his ministry career for about 30 good years, it is a proof that he truly received a call from God.

Pastor Chris teaching on love, marriage, partnership and giving

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Pastor Chris teaching on love

Pastor Chris has a mission of aiding those who cannot afford to cater for their daily wants, the dispossessed either spiritually or materially, as well as the sick. We thought of presenting you his teachings so that it can also transform your life as well as to inspire you. Where will you get Pastor Chris teachings? Well, you can follow him in his social media accounts from YouTube to Twitter and get blessed with his teachings posted there.

Loving everybody

Pastor Chris once taught that we should always try to give everybody unconditional love of Christ including those you call your enemies. He even provided a Bible verse to prove his teachings that is in Matthew 5.44, which says that you should wish the best to those who wish you worst, you should do good those to those who hate you, and also pray for your persecutors.

Equality in love

Pastor Chris always teaches people that everyone is capable to receive and give love. This means that love makes us equal. What makes it a fact is that everyone wants to receive love, but not everyone who wants to give love or even respond to everyone’s love. According to pastor Chris teachings, everyone should try to train him or herself to love. The main reason being, love is strong and powerful in that it is capable of breaking the religious barriers, social stratifications, cultural differences/divides, as well as ethnic differences.

Love quotes by Pastor Chris

Pastor Chris quotes on love are a must read for that Christian who wants to grow his or her Godly love to everybody their enemies being inclusive. They are so inspiring and remind us of how important we are. The anointed man have many love quotes and we will share with you a few of them to make you want to more.

  • God’s blessings on you is too much for you to be rejected. This is because you are a Christ Joint-Heir and therefore you just look at those rejecting you with love; they don’t know your worth.
  • You need to always love everyone with unconditional love of God having in mind that if it lacks God then it is referred to as unloving.
  • Every child in this world is your child.
  • You will find success if you have not commenced to be a change to others permanent life.
Pastor Chris teaching on love, marriage, partnership and giving

Source: Christ Embassy Nungua

Pastor Chris teaching on marriage

Pastor Chris teaching about marriage have been a blessing to many people both couples and those who are about to get married. It is a dream for every person to start a family and live happily. This means that you should read on Pastor Chris teachings and we bet you will definitely learn something from the wise mentor.

You should keep off from a bad marriage

According to pastor Chris teachings, marriage is a big determinant of if you will enjoy your life or suffer. Once you are in a bad marriage it affects almost all areas in your life and this is the main reason why many couples wish to get their single life back again.

Are you single? Well, never be in a rush to get married. You should try your very best to prepare for marriage and get the right life partner. Marriage is a commitment that requires peace as well as harmony involving physically, spiritually, and mentally. The examples of bad marriages given by the anointed man are that an ant and an elephant never match as a couple. Another example is a goat having a desire to marry a fish; it is just impossible because they do not even meet. The key to success in marriage is to marry a woman or man who fears God. No devil can beat a marriage with two people who are Godly.

The devil targets your family

Once the devil destroys a family, the community and the nation is affected. So the devil makes sure that he joins 2 wrong people so that he can use them to destroy the rest. Set your priorities to be perfect so that you can succeed to get a husband or wife that God created to be your partner and try your efforts to put pressure and age aside.

  • Avoid going for a marriage partner with what you want and go for the one with what you need
  • Destiny is all that marriage is about. What you want will never last, but what you need is a necessity to know you right partner.
Pastor Chris teaching on love, marriage, partnership and giving

Source: Pastor Chris Live USA

Prayer is the key to a happy marriage

If you are still single, you should pray to seek God’s guidance to find the best partner for you. What you should keep in mind is that once you involve sex, you will definitely have challenges in knowing God’s will. Sex will blind making you to go for a partner with what you want.

‘No sex before marriage’ should not be broken

If you are already a victim, you should repent and seek for God’s forgiveness. Below are Pastor Chris Oyakhilome teachings on what you should not marry for.

  • Don’t get married or marry because you need a life partner to support you financially.
  • Age should not make you hurry to get married
  • Family pressures should not make you marry or get married.
  • If your friends are getting married or marrying, do not rush into it because you want to follow the same trend.
  • Make sure you get married because you have found your destiny, a person you will need to be helper to forever, and pray for God’s will to be done in your life.

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Pastor Chris teaching on partnership

Pastor Chris teachings 2017 about partnership will inspire you to never fail to give and bless your soul. Philippians 4:15, which tells of a church receiving and getting blessings for partnering Macedonia church; is a bible verse that was quoted by Pastor Chris before preceding to the teachings.

God’s opportunities are set ups to greater blessings

Pastor Chris teaching is that every time God requires something from you, it absolute that he is planning for greater things ahead. For instance, he relates this topic with the Zarephath widow who fed Elijah with the flour she was left with. We are sure you can remember that bible story that has a sweet ending of her bin of flour and oil of jar never used up/ run dry. If you want to read that wonderful bible story it is in 1 kings 17:15.

Pastor Chris teaching on love, marriage, partnership and giving

Source: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Be prayerful

According to Pastor Chris teaching on giving, prays is the main necessity to help you be a faithful giver. An example of such a prayer is:

Dear heavenly father I glorify your name for giving me life and a chance to partner with you via the resources and time that you have granted unto me. May it be useful to spread your word to all nations. Amen.

Pastor Chris teaching about giving

Giving should come from the heart and therefore you should give joyfully. Some people may laugh at you for giving yet your lives have not be improved, don’t give up but continue investing your resources as well as your time with God and in God’s time will render them speechless.

Pastor Chris Teaching on first fruit offering

First fruit offering is a way of showing God that he is your number 1 above everything else in your life. It is actually the first harvest of your labor that you benefit after your rendered that service or labor. Many people don’t know that they is a big difference between a tithe and first fruit. The first fruit is given all without taking a bit of it while tithe is giving the 10% of your income.

Pastor Chris teaching on love, marriage, partnership and giving

Source: Christ Embassy Nungua

Pastor Chris teaching on thanksgiving

There so many bible verses that Pastor Chris quotes to encourage them to be grateful and give praises to God for what He has granted unto them. Some of the bible verses like Romans 8:28 that says that everything works perfect for those who trust and obeys the Lord and they should always give God thanks.

Pastor Chris went a head and said that it does not mean that you will never face challenges because you give thanks, but still you should lift your hands and tell God thank you. This means that you should not grumble before God as everything happens for a reason having in mind that you are His child and he has good thoughts and plans for you.

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