Most popular Davido songs ever

Most popular Davido songs ever

David Asdedeji Adekele better known as Davido is a Nigerian super star that is highly acclaimed across Africa. You will not hear Davido songs or hear a Davido feature without immediately wanting to stand up and get grooving. He is one of those artists that you just fall in love with. He is now in his late twenties and oozes money and all things lavish. Most artistes may say that they had humble beginnings but not Davido. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth to a wealthy chief deji and mother Vero adeleke. He went to school in the prestigious British international school in Lagos Nigeria and later to study business administration in Oakwood University. However, Davido did not complete his education and left for London after getting bad grades. He then left London for Nigeria after which his career in music had to be sidelined for a while. He then had to join Babcock University to study music so as to honor his father’s wishes. It is said that his father paid the university to erect a music department specifically to ensure his son would enroll there.

Most popular Davido songs ever

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His career in music naturally sky rocketed the moment he completed schooling. Davido not only showed deep interest in music he also had a great work ethic besides a very sophisticated party life. His work on his debut album started in 2011 and Davido popular songs are well represented in the hit album. Davido became an instant favorite because he had a modern flair and captivating vocals. When he dropped his first work back during the recording of his album he was able to capture a lot of hearts his hit song back when was a hit across Nigeria and got frequent air play. He escalated from that kid starting out to the mega start worth millions of dollars.

Davido popular songs list

In his career, Davido has a lot of songs and even more features. Davido popular songs are many and in spite of having a loyal fan base, his fans increase even more across Africa whenever he drops a new single. So what songs are all time favorites of fans? I can tell you for a fact that Davido songs 2017 were at an all-time high. This was one great year for the star. So getting down to it

Davido songs - Fall

Of all davido hot songs, this might just fall on the top three. Fall hit the waves and stole many hearts with it. You just can’t get enough of this hit. It was produced in Lagos in the year 2017 and was widely well received by his fans across Africa and the world. Some have even gone ahead to claim that this is the song of davidos career at least until he outdoes himself. We love this Davido songs banana fall on you and we are sure that must be the case for all his love interests.

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The song goes ahead to show a situation of conflict. The first verse clearly shows of a man fed up and done with his ranting girlfriend. He is heard asking if she is done talking and to save her drama. As you continue to pay attention to the video you soon realize that as the song escalates there is another woman. The man is the second part is a man in love. This is a man who watches is wild amusement as his said muse dances away gracefully in a studio. Here there is no more conflict just wild chemistry. We are then taken to a whole new setting. Posh and over the top in good Davido fashion. The dancer and the lover are seen taking away the ballroom setting by storm.

I believe this was meant to be a Cinderella ballroom scenario where davido, the lover, would get to dance with the beautiful woman he loved until midnight. It was shot very well and led for an entertaining story line. Spoiler alert, this dream girl just happened to be a dream and he had to go back to miss nagging back in the car from the first scene. Ultimately, we love this song, can’t stop listening to it and it’s no wonder its hit a whooping sixty three million views on YouTube.

Davido songs - If

Yes another one of his hits is yet another love song. As ever, the release of this song had everyone rewind after hearing it for the first time. This one again goes to make a lot of women very jealous of whoever his love interest is. In the chorus lyrics we see him say in his own lyrical way, his love interest will not only have his body but his money and well, 30 billion for the account. The video shows him in conflict with a beautiful young woman who seems not very willing to listen to him.

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With such lyrics the next escalation in the video was inevitable. As the young handsome artiste sang and serenaded his love interest, we see her loosening up and begin dancing. She then goes ahead and bursts some moves that make you realize why they chose her to be main. Did I mention they choose a lovely woman, yes she is absolutely gorgeous and I must say it’s just one more reason to fall in love with this song with a whooping, yes 63 million views on YouTube? This is definitely a contender as well on our all-time top three best.

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Davido songs - Fia

Another one of davidos very popular sons is fall. This one was also very well received by the ever growing number of davido fans. The pretty Nigerian boy stole women’s hearts with his dimpled face as he sang his heart out on this hit. Davido songs fire was released in 2017 making it a more recent production. This has not stopped this song from performing very well and it has already received two award nominations. It has been nominated for the headies awards for song of the year as well as the best pop song for the year 2018. So far it has thirty eight million views on YouTube and that number is growing by the day.

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The Davido wedding song video shows a sad story. A beautiful bride runs through some fields in tears and Davido sings his heart out. With his powerful vocals he tells of a love story of a wonderful woman who was there for him. The bride scene is a vintage feel and even the car they use continue this vintage theme and we love the general moos it brings.

The next scene shows Davido on a studio setting. This scene is a balanced mix of calm and busy. Davido sits and sings on his microphone as dancers keep things interesting minimally on the background. The subtle hints of an old school vintage theme are also seen playing out on this scene. There is the use of the older model TV sets in this studio scene that turn the otherwise regular scene into an over the top well thought out piece of art. I must say we always appreciate thoughtfulness in content creation.

Davido songs - Skelewu

At the onset of his career, davido dropped this once of a kind hit that everyone can admit to getting down to. Skelewu is a single from davidos second album and was released on 13th august of 2013. It was a huge one and dropped at a very profound time on the West African music scene. It so happened that by the year 2013, the music scene in West Africa was blowing up and Africa was watching. This song was absolutely adored by fans across the globe. Heck, it was the top club banger for the year 2013.

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So down to the details of the video. The ever interesting and westernized man Davido is, his Skelewu video takes the direction of an apocalypse. He wakes up in a hospital that is seemingly deserted and in chaos. He then ups and leaves and we are shown several Skelewu goes viral posters. He goes outside and finds a young man who has covered his ears with lug and tries to explain the Skelewu take over. The video then continues to a part where Davido is taken by the Skelewu viral and he goes ahead to join them in a energy filled Skelewu dance. The final scene is a grand exit involving dancing and fire and we could see everyone was having a great time. Again, this was a definite contender for most popular Davido songs list.

Davido Coolest Kid in Africa featuring Nasty C

This one deserves to grace this list because of what it represents for Davido as an artiste as well as for the African music scene. This hit the airwaves and it took people both by surprise and pleasantly so. A feature with South African rapper, this song embodies the beautiful balance of African rap music. It is a hip hop track that exposed Davido to an even wider audience and we can’t help but marvel at the vocal perfection. Nasty c also brought in his a game serving us with lyrical trap and sick flow.

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The video is what kids today refer to as litt. It involved beautiful women, high fashion and of course dangerous drifting of race cars. Nothing short of what we expected but we must say the song might just get you up and dancing. Did we mention the dancers? This song has it all, the litt beat, amazing girls, badass cars and of course the coming together of two nations. This song represented the music scene in Africa. The growth of the music scene across the continent will bring about increased opportunities, more hits and cultural integration that will lead to a lot of interesting new hits. That is what we the fans would love to see more of.

Davido songs 2018

Davido fans must be sitting giddy wondering what this Nigerian super star is up to this year of 2018. First things first, he has just dropped a new single. Yes this is very recent, the new single dubbed assurance was dropped on first of May. The fans are not asleep and it already has two million views on YouTube already at only three days after release. I think people are excited and frankly I’m curious to see the overall reception of this one in say a month.

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Spoiler alert, the video is great and is on a beach coastal vibe and setting. It starts off with him singing in a coconut palm setting with lush greenery. He sings for his love interest as they explore the setting. The next scene is seen at a beach party. This scene embraces the party at the beach ambiance and we totally enjoyed, if not envied them a little. An obvious mention, we love the overall video quality and the plot is amusing to say the least. We are enjoying the groovy vibe as well. So to speak, there’s a murmur on more work being under way thus 2018 and we are anxious to see what Davido has in store for us.

Parting shot

Starting from the year 2011, we have watched Nigeria’s Davido work hard and keep his fans wanting more. One thing we can all agree on is that in spite of being born rich, dropping out of school and having an ease to access opportunities generally, Davido is still a self-made man. His music has taken him from being a spoilt son to a mega super star with several hits and a way with the ladies, yes, this Nigerian pretty boy is one with a flair for the ladies. He is known to have spent 30 million naira on buying his girlfriend a Porsche. Why would he not, considered his many milestones in the music world? He has signed several endorsement deal with big corporations such as MTN and Guinness. Davido is definitely sitting on some good million dollars’ worth. He is also one known to love the lavish life. We say with all that talent he definitely deserves it and we are awaiting his next big single.

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