Best of Majid Michel movies

Best of Majid Michel movies

The list Movies starring Majid Michel, a successful Ghanaian is long! The 37-year-old is talented and his originality as well as his passion in his career makes him a favorite to many, both locally and internationally. What are you planning to do this weekend or during your free time? Well, if you are in love with watching Nollywood and Ghallywood movies, here are Majid Michel movies that are considered to be among the best. Yes, almost all them are super-great, and honestly picking them was the most challenging thing. This clearly states that our disputed list here might have missed out your best one. Kindly nominate your best of the best Majid Michel latest movies on our comment section and we shall highly appreciate.

Best of Majid Michel movies

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Majid Michel ‘Getting Over Him’

‘Getting Over Him’ is one of the Majid Michel movies 2018 that are in a great sought-after all over the world. Are you undergoing a heartbreak? This is the best movie for you. It has a great storyline and talented cast including Deyemi Okanlawon, Matilda Obaseki, Abimbola Ademoye, and Olive Emodi crowning it. The writer of the movie is Bunmi Ajakaiye & Uduak Oguamanam. The producers are Chidi Oguamanan & Uduak Isong Oguamanan. The Directors are Desmond Elliot with his assistant Opeyemi Dada.

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The drama as well as a comedy movie is about a girl whose heart was broken by her lover and she wanted a solution to make her be able to love again. She decided to go through a blog and follow the guidelines given in it in a step-by-step way. Find out by purchasing a copy, if she succeeds to find love again.

Majid Michel ‘Just A Night’

Majid Michel new movies such as ‘Just A Night’ have amazing everything from the sound track, originality, to the overall flow. Apart from Majid Michel, it has other main cast talented as well as popular like Femi Jacobs, and Lizzy Onuwaje.

Best of Majid Michel movies

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The synopsis of the movie will give you inspirations to purchase a copy. It is fully-packed with interesting real life dramas. It is about an innocent, yet young girl who consummates with her past heartthrob mistakenly just for a night. That one mistake makes her life full of consequences and dramas with her main man that she loved deeply. She tries her very best to build her current relationship and watching it will answer your suspense; what happened? It is a nice movie worth your time and your attention.

Majid Michel ‘Somewhere In Africa’

Movies with Majid Michel such as ‘Somewhere in Africa’ has main cast from both Nigeria and Ghana; Majid being a Ghanaian. It has other main cast including Martha Ankomah, Kofi Adjorlolo, Eddie Nartey, and Roselyn Ngissah who crown the Nigerian movie with creativity and originality. It is a movie that will take you to a ride of emotions, freedom, and patriotism. We bet that it will carry all your attention. Its synopsis will give you the morale to purchase it.

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The storyline revolves around Africa, it tells us the true story of Africa to discourage those foreigners who come to mess with its facts. If you are interested in knowing the naked facts of Africa from the colonial exploitations, leadership, to oppressions the Africans underwent; this is the Nigerian movie for you.

Majid Michel ‘Bursting Out’

‘Bursting out’ is among the Majid Michel Nollywood movies released in 2010. The drama and romance film has other starring like Genevieve Nnaji, Desmond Elliot, Omoni Oboli, Ime Bishop Imoh, and Nse Ikpi Etim. It is one of the best with Bola Aduwo and Oduak Oguamanam as the screenplay. The producer of the amazing movie is Emem Isong and Desmond Eliot together with Daniel Ademinokan are the directors.

The review for this movie will definitely make you not to hesitate to purchase a copy. It is about a girl named Zara Williams (Genevieve Nnaji) single for being a workaholic; in simple words, Zara is a hardworking lady who is too busy to love and give attention to anyone.

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Zara Williams, being single, was not interesting her best of friends and they were extremely determined to help her find love. They went ahead to set Zara to have dinner with a guy (Desmond Elliot). Zara was arrogant and unfortunately their attempt failed making her swear not to try dating with those guys that her friends used to set up for her. After several amazing and well-flowing scenes, Zara goes with a guy (Majid Michel) at a valentine ball. You need to watch the movie and tell if she managed to find love. It is a nice movie worth your time.

Majid Michel ‘Agony of the Christ’

‘Agony of the Christ’ is one of the foreign, drama, as well as a spiritualism Majid Michel and Yvonne Okoro movies. It was released back in 2008 and 8, but retaining to be among the best movies for Majid Michel. He is so determined to entertain the world with talent and career; his success is beyond words. The director of the movie is Frank Rajah Arase and he deserves a thumb up. Apart from Majid Michel and Yvonne Okoro, other main cast include Kofi Adjorlolo, Naana Hayford, and the Nadine Buhari.

It is always wise to review a movie before purchasing a copy so that you can know what to expect and what the movie revolves about.’ Agony of Christ’ is packed with creativity as well as originality and watching it will make your free time be wisely spent.

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It is about a land known as Eju-Krom that many performed human sacrifices in the name of pleasing the gods. A man named Jamah had twin sisters (Niye and Najah) that were about to be sacrificed in that land. The goddess, Azazi, was interested with their blood. Jamah could not let such a thing to happen and he was ready to do anything to save his twin sisters lives. He was chased out of that village and when he came back he had a new religion to believe to, which was Christianity. The village people of the land made him to be nailed on the cross. Watch it and answer your suspense.

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Majid Michel ‘House of Gold’

‘House of Gold’ is one of Majid Michel Ghana movies that were released back in 2013. The movie is more like a comedy produced by Yvonne Nelson and directed by Pascal Amanfo. The main cast of this sweet movie include talented Yvonne Nelson, Mercy Chinwo, Francis Odega, Ice Prince Zamani, and Omawumi Megbele. The unique thing about this movie is that it has a good flow that is family based with an amazing storyline.

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The movie revolves around a business tycoon known as Dan Ansah Williams who is also a socialite. The Mogul has a deadly disease, Cancer, and according to doctors, he only have 6 weeks to live. Being in that hard situation, he decides to call both his attorney and his children back to his house; some of the kids had been born out of wedlock. This means that Dan Ansah had illicit affairs, which seemed to spice the great movie. Purchase a copy of the movie and find out the hilarious results that spinned out of the re-union.

Majid Michel ‘Heart of Men’

‘Heart of Men’ is among the popular movies by Majid Michel released back in 2009. The Nollywood movie has other casts such as the talented John Dumelo, Yvonne Nelson, Jackie Appiah, Nadia Buari, Martha Ankomah, Luckie Lawson, Gavivina Tamakloe, Prince David Osei, Martha Ankomah, and Kofi Adjorlolo. Frank Rajar Arase is both the director and the producer of this great movie.

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The music attained a high score and it has also received pretty compliments about its quality settings. The storyline has is so original though loads of nudity making it suitable for over 18 people. It is about the naked facts that face the new generation; full of greed, lust, as well as fortune hunting. It revolves around those who love with a reason like maybe a price, blackmail, cons, scams, betrayal, as well as engulf. It has 2 parts and this one of the Majid Michel romance movies will take you to a ride of heartbreaks and emotions. Don’t hesitate to purchase a copy and make your free-time as enjoyable as possible.

Majid Michel ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door’

‘Heaven’s Doors’ is one of the Majid Michel movies list that were released in 2014. The Drama as well as romance movie was directed by Desmond Elliot and produced by Ini Edo together with Emem Isong. Apart from Majid Michel, it has other cast like Blossom Chukwujekwu, Ini Edo, and Adesua Etomi.

The story is about a couple Debby, Adesua Etomi, and Moses, Blossom Chekwujekwu, who are talented gospel artists. Moses has a character of violence and he constantly hit Debby; to an extent of making her to 4 good miscarriage. Despite of all that, Debby is too secretive and decides to suffer by not letting things out so that her husband Moses cannot receive judgments from anybody.

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After several scenes, Debbi meets Thomas, Majid Michel, who is a secular producer though an addicted smoker. Debbi was greatly good in singing and Thomas was pressuring her to get signed with his label; though she constantly refuses because of the husband, Moses. Find out what happened and we bet it is worth your attention.

Majid Michel ‘Shakira’

‘Shakira’ is a Majid Michel movie that was released back in 2009. The director of this drama romantic movie is Pascal Amanfo. Other talented main cast are Mercy Johnson, Kofi Adjorlolo, and Eddie Nartey. It has 3 parts that are so fascinating and they will take to a journey of real life dramas.

Best of Majid Michel movies

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It is about a guy referred to as Richie, Majid Michel, who is deeply in love with her girlfriend Shakira, Mercy Johnson. Shakira is caught cheating on him by Richie, which affected him as he had big hopes for them. After several drama scenes, Richie finds Shakira his girlfriend cheating with the boss. He decided to live his life as a drunkard. Find out the core of the story to cheer your day.

Majid Michel ‘Could This Be Love’

Could This Be Love’ is the latest Twi movies Majid Michel that will definitely satisfy the Ghanaians who speak as well as understand Twi tribe. Apart from Majid Michel, other main cast include Nana Ama McBrown, and Kojo Nkansah. The 2014 released movie was directed by Eddie Nartey and written by Evelyn Walker.

The romantic comedy movie has a storyline that is too hilarious to make your boring day cheerful. It is about a couple Irene (Nana Ama McBrown) and Fred (Majid Michel) that are happily married, but marriage issues don’t spare them. Fred spent most of his time in the office, which made his wife to suspect of him having an affair outside their marriage. After several scenes, Irene decided to confront her husband, but he confidently denied. Irene was not satisfied and she decided to go heads up and appear to Fred unannounced. Unfortunately, she found a lady unto Fred, she made her own confronting, decided to go pack her things and go away.

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Irene use to workout and she accidentally met with Ahuofehene, Kojo Nkansah, who was luckily employed as a Janitor. They commenced on spending most of their time together; Irene seemed interested and happy with him to an extent of falling in love with him. Watch the Twi movie and find out what happened.

Majid Michel ‘Divine Love’

Majid Michel and Van Vicker movies will always have top ratings making them a sought-after all over the world ‘Divine Love’ not spared. This romantic movie has other cast such as Jackie Appiah, Rama Brew, and George Williams.

The review is about a family of Bertel that was in need of partaking a business that was new to Accra by Maxwell, Van Vicker, a business mogul. The family was eager to host Maxwell especially Mrs. Bertel who had plans in making him marry his daughter Kate, Jackie Appiah.

When Maxwell arrived, he commenced on spending most of his time with Kate, and finally they fell deeply in love. unfortunately, it was discovered that the company had 2 Maxwell an employer and the employee.

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Maxwell the employer arrived, but Kate and Maxwell (Majid Michel) bond could not be broken. Mrs. Bertel must be very disappointed. Right? Purchase the copy and watch the well-flowing scenes.

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Majid Michel ‘The Department’

‘The Department’ is one of the Majid Michel Movies on netflix that we can recommend you to watch. This is because it was released in 2015, but still made it to the top of the Majid Michel movies 2017 to 2018. Remi Vaughan-Richards direct the movie, producer is Uduak Oguamanam, and the writer of this amazing movie is Chinaza Onuzo. It is a nice movie that revolves around business conglomerate with gang members that blackmail the top executive. We bet that the drama and action movie will fully entertain you.

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