50 mothers day messages ideas 2019

50 mothers day messages ideas 2019

There are many gifts you could ask for, but none compares to that which was given freely to you; a mother. Therefore, any chance you get to make her feel loved and cared for should be treasured, celebrated and colored with all sorts of love and affection that a child can give a mother. Putting the right words together to form emotional and sincere mothers day message can be quite a task, and should not be treated lightly. It can sometimes prove difficult that is why the paragraphs below have nothing else other than the right message and message ideas that you can use to put a smile on your mothers face on her special day.

50 mothers day messages ideas 2019


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Happy mother’s day message

Wish your mother a happy mother’s day with a great message as a way to express your gratitude and show her you can’t repay her for what she has done in your life and the only way to repay her is to love her whole heartedly. Some mother’s day messages are;

  • I’m not sure where you get all the persistence and urgency you have in dealing with me, but for that and for many other reasons I want to say thank you mum. Happy mother’s day
  • When I was happy, you were always happy with me and when I was distress you always knew how to handle my stress, when I was sad you always knew how to bring a smile on my face. I take this moment to be thankful for my mum. Happy mother’s day
  • I’ll make sure that today you feel loved, cared for, and pampered just to begin to return the favor, for you are by far the greatest mom in the whole world. Happy mother’s day my sweet mum
  • I don’t have gold and diamond to repay your love showered on me and nothing can equal it. You have selflessly loved me from birth till now. I love you mummy. Happy mother’s day.
50 mothers day messages ideas 2019


  • A mother carries her child for nine months in womb and three years in arms and forever in her heart. Words are not enough to tell you all what you do but mum I love you and happy mother’s day
  • When I was hopeless you gave me hope, when I needed a hug you were there, when I needed advice you were there, you understood everything when I needed a friend. You the best mum and I would love to wish you a happy mother’s day
  • Your love for me can’t be bought by anything, and that love is what you have taught me, to just love everyone around me. For that mum my love for you can never fade out. I love you mum and have a wonderful mother’s day.

Mothers day message ideas

Getting unique and classic messages is not as easy as one may think but of course we can go an extra mile just to make our mum’s day sweet and beautiful by sending or doing something for her on the mother’s day . Here are the best mother’s day message ideas;

  • You’ve protected me, taught me, encouraged me, and accepted me just the way I am. You are more than just mother to me, you’re my best friend. Happy mother’s day.
  • Where would I be without you? You taught me to walk and read and write and sing and skip and ride a bike and a million other things besides. Thank you for everything, I love you and I hope you have a beautiful mother’s day.
  • Happy Mother’s Day. I don’t say it nearly enough but thank you for all you have done for me in my life and everything you still do.
50 mothers day messages ideas 2019


  • After long and hard day, you come home and always smile. It’s truly amazing to me. Thank you for being the sweetest mother ever. I love you dearly, happy mother’s day.
  • Right from the start, you were the one who nurtured me, prayed over me, worried about me, guided me and supported me in every pursuit. Thank you for being there every day with just the love I needed. Have a lovely mother’s day.
  • Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever, I love you mum. Happy mother’s day.
  • Mother is an undying love, a love beyond measure, and the one you take your troubles to, and she is the one who really cares. This describes you and many more. So glad you are my mum and no one can ever replace you. I love and enjoy this beautiful day. Happy mother’s day.

Mother's day message ideas Christian

According to the scripture, women are second to God and a wise woman keeps her home by ensuring her family is happy and she solves all the family issues with wisdom. Here are the ideas that you can use just to let your mum know that despite the difficulties at home she could handle them with pure wisdom. If she believes in this she will be happier if you drill your mother’s day messages from the bible teaching;

mother's day message ideas


  • Thanks mum for teaching me the right path and always taught me to walk in righteousness just as the scripture says Teach your children to choose the right path, and when they are older, they will remain upon it. ~ Proverbs 22:6. Happy mother’s day
  • You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb Psalm 139:13. Mum you carried me for 9 months and never got tired of me, I really appreciate you.
  • As the scripture says honor the older people, mum you taught me to respect and to honor those around me. Honor your father and mother. Then you will live a long, full life in the land the LORD your God will give you. Exodus 20:1. Wishing you a blessed mother’s day
  • Her children arise and call her blessed, her husband also, and he praises her: “Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.” Proverbs 31:28-31. Mum this word defines you. Happy mother’s day
  • Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. I give thanks to my God upon every remembrance of you. ~Philippians 1:2-3. Mum I pray for the grace of the Lord to be upon you during this mother’s day season. Happy mother’s day
  • Only God Himself fully appreciates the influence of a Christian mother in the molding of character in her children
  • I’m praying to God that He will bless your day and that you may find quietness. I love you dearly mum and a have a blessed mother’s day ahead.
  • Sometimes with bitters tears God has seen mother heart and answered you’re your heart’s pleas. And mum, because of your strong faith I also now believe. Have a fruitful mother’s day full of joy, peace and the sufficient grace.
  • I feel a great joy because I know that the Lord loves me and makes good people surround me, especially my mom with love and affection positively influenced my life, so I wish you all the best on this mother’s day.
  • I will never stop to thank you for the immense love I have. Her love has been and will be the greatest blessing of my life. God allowed me to reach the world through an exemplary woman. Happy mother’s day

Mother's day message ideas for a friend

That one friend who deserves some unique messages, whom seem to be a little complicated but you have no idea what to compose during this special time. Then here are the most beautiful ideas that you can use;

happy mother's day message


  • Mother is an undying love, a love beyond measure, and the one you take your troubles to, and she is the one who really cares. This describes you and many more. So glad to be called mums it’s one more sweet thing to share.
  • You are a gift from God, a friend that I can count on and a wonderful model of a mother to both your children and my children. I hope that you have a fantastic Mother’s Day. Happy mother’s day.
  • From the time we met you have been nothing but a true friend. Thank you for always being a mother to my own kids and giving me the right advice. I will always count on you. Happy Mother’s day. I love you.
  • I always knew you’d be a great mom someday and you have become the world to that one person, but to the world you might just be one person.
  • You know I love kidding you, but this is one thing I’ll never kid about. You’re a great mum as simple as that. The value of shaping little lives is no joke. No one could be better at it than you. Have a wonderful mother’s day.
  • My best friend and a mum I admire you so very much for the effort you have put in your child. Happy mother’s day.
  • We started as mum-friends, but now we’re just plain friends. I’m so glad we are. Happy mother’s day.
  • We started as mum-friends, but now we’re just plain friends. I’m so glad we are. Happy Mother’s day.
message ideas for mother's day cards


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Message ideas for mother's day cards

Instead of buying a normal card you can craft your own card using any of the colors you might like to use. You might have the message but all you need is to have a unique mother’s day card message ideas and check them here;

  • I can't begin to thank you for all the things you have done for me. You have supported and encouraged me throughout my entire life.
  • No influence is as powerful as that of the mother. You have positively impacted my life. Happy mother’s day.
  • Wishing you all the love, health and happiness that you so deserve. Happy Mother’s Day mum.
  • Every year at this time, you’ll get honored for all you do. Let me be the first to wish you a happy and healthy Mother’s Day.
  • You are the person to except me with all my flaws and differences. You don’t look me upon as who I am but as who I will become. Happy mother day.
  • I’m so glad I have you. You’ve always been the perfect Mom for me.
  • My world is happier because of the people that I have in it that I can love. That includes you. Happy mother’s day.
  • Thanks for all the storybooks you read, heartaches you soothed and happy times you celebrated when I was growing up. I appreciate you mum. Happy mother’s day.
  • You have so much to smile about, being one of the best moms ever is just one of those things that makes you special. And I would like you to smile on this day. Happy mother’s day.
  • Thanks for helping me achieve my dreams and for raising me right. Happy mother’s day.

Mother's day card message ideas for mother in law

Having to create that good relationship or that strong bond with your mother in law, you need to surprise her with some love mother’s day messages like;

mother's day message ideas for a friend


  • Happy Mother’s Day means more than flowers and gifts. And thank you means I love you, you are my mother, my friend and the mother to my handsome husband / beautiful wife. We all love you and enjoy this day mum. Happy mother’s day.
  • I have double having you as my mum and I have you also in my life. I love you and happy mother’s day
  • I don’t strain to think of the nice things to say about my mum. Unlike other people I’m truly blessed beyond measure to have you in my life. Have yourself an awesome mother’s day
  • To my Mother in Law, hoping that your Mother’s Day brings you joy, love, and happiness. We love you. Happy mother’s day
  • You have so much to smile about, being one of the best moms ever is just one of those things that makes you special. Have a splendid mother’s day
  • Spending most time with my mother in law really makes me appreciate my own mother. Thanks for the unconditional love. Have a blessed mother’s day.
  • Even though it is by marriage that we are connected, I feel like you are more than just an In Law. You are like a Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.
  • A marvelous mother-in-law like you deserves to have a marvelous Mother’s Day
  • I hope that you have a day that is comfortable as a favorite robe and slippers. Happy Mother’s Day.

We cannot deny the fact that they sacrifice a lot for their children so this mother’s day is dedicated to these personalities like they are the most selfless figures in our life and they are the role models for most of us. But every day we must love her and respect her and care for her, as a special day is assigned for mothers so let us not waste it and help them celebrate it in the most beautiful way.

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