6 kinds of men we have in Ghana today that most women don't know

6 kinds of men we have in Ghana today that most women don't know

Not all men are the same. Anyone who says all men are the same probably told you the lie of the century. Just ask yourself the reasons why most women are having issues in their marriage and relationships and you will understand that most of them think a solution working for their fellow woman must definitely work for them.

In this article, we explore the various types of men in Ghana today and we expect our lady friends to take note seriously if indeed they wish for their relationships to work and also want to know men better.

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1. Rich and single

These are the kind of Ghanaian men who are so accomplished in life and yet single. They are mostly young men doing great in their career but yet do not have a wedding ring on. Most of the time, these men are given all kinds of name tags. Others see them as players whereas some also see these kinds of guys as weird. To date such a person, a lady must try knowing the main reason why such a guy is not dating. The reasons could be very interesting and not what you expected.

2. Married but dating

Interestingly enough, we have some married men in Ghana who are also dating. This means he is very married - happily married - but yet decided to have a committed girlfriend to his side. Dating a married person in Ghana is highly unacceptable especially when the society frowns upon any such move. It is for this reason that ladies must run a quick check on their guys before moving in to date them.

3. Single and unavailable

We have men in Ghana who are single and yet unavailable. Call them ‘weirdos’ but these men are just not interested in dating women. Society often term such men as gay but on a more serious note, you must find out exactly what could be preventing the guy from dating. It could be some health issues that he is secretly battling. You never know.

4. Typically religious

Oh yes, we have those kinds of men in the country who are more religious than pastors. They are so holy they dare not touch a fly. They stick closely to the teachings of the Bible and are strictly conventional. These are the typical men of Ghana’s conservative society. To date such men you have to be very cultured and highly in the known of moral values in the Bible.

5. Free-willed

The opposite of ‘typically religious’ men are the free-willed men in Ghana who go out to live their dreams without thinking of what society thinks.They are mostly fearless and always busy chasing after their dreams. Such men never regret for things or actions taken in the past since they are all well-thought through processes aimed at reaching the goal.

6. Prim and proper

Most women think Ghanaian men are haphazard and untidy but this can never be the case. We have prim and proper Ghanaian men who hate disorder. They polish their shoes and iron out their shirt so carefully you won’t notice a hitch.These kind of men are mostly hard to impress especially when their girlfriends are the exact opposite of them.

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