Ghanaians need 'wee' for a good life - music producer

Ghanaians need 'wee' for a good life - music producer

- A music producer says it is only out of wickedness that politicians refuse to legalise weed

- Ghanaians on social media reacted with mixed feelings amidst debate on drugs

CEO of Pidgen Music, Panji Anoff has added his voice to the growing number of individuals calling for the legalisation of cannabis or marijuana.

In what seemed like an impromptu Q and A session on Twitter with his followers, the music producer made his feelings known.

Anoff, who is credited with the rise of music stars including Yaa Pono and King Ayisoba, has been a consistent supporter of the legalisation of marijuana. But it seems this is the first time he has offered arguments in public.

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"Worldwide, Cannabis is being administered to even little children because it is safer than the alternatives for epilepsy, Crohns, cancer etc... In Ghana we are fed with a stream of lies about cannabis by misinformed religious fanatics and politicians. This must end," he tweeted.

Music producer takes a controversial position on marijuana

Panji Anoff

Apart from explaining that marijuana is more useful than just for smoking, Anoff suggested it is only wickedness that is preventing Ghanaian politicians from decriminalising the drug, as he believes that they know it is not harmful.

The music producer then went on to make the case that marijuana could be legalised and grown as a cash crop, even predicting that it could rival cocoa as Ghana's biggest cash crop foreign exchange earner.

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A number of observers on Anoff's Twitter timeline expressed mixed reactions. While some supported a decriminalisation of marijuana, others thought he was making an excuse to get more "wee" to smoke without legal consequences.

According to an international study in 2016, marijuana or cannabis is the most popular illegal drug in Ghana. It has been illegal since the 1960s but Ghana is said to be the African country with the highest number of users.

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