All time best players in the history of football

All time best players in the history of football

Football or soccer as it is known in different parts of the world is the most played and watched sport in the whole world. It has seen the best athletes play the game. Over the many years and decades since it started being played it has been a somewhat symbol of unity in the world and has seen many people from different parts of the world come together to play the sport. It has seen many generations play the sport. Once a golden generation hangs their boots, a new breed of young ins come in to play. We are going to look at a list of the all-time best players in the world.

All time best players in the history of football

Different criteria are used to choose the best football players of all time. Most might think that the number of goals a player has scored is the ones that are going to make then become a top player. However, there are other determinants which are considered before such a decision is made.

Let’s have a look at the top ten players of all time:

1. Pelé

Pelé is first on the list for all time best players in the world. Pelé was the greatest footballer of the last century. He led Brazil in all the three times they won the world cu in 1958, 1962, and 1970. FIFA recognized Pele as the greatest footballer of the 20th century. His career as an international player was great, but his club career was not as good. He played for Santos which was his native club in Brazil which did not do that well and later went on to play for an American League where he did not perform as good.

The American League was not considered a very competitive league. Pele did not play for any European league which is supposed to be the most competitive. Pele tower won everything that was to be won when he played for Santos. He remains the top scorer of all time. He is said to have scored 1281 goals in all the 1363 games that he played. The only downside to his career is the fact that he did not play in any of the competitive European league b to his international career was great.He scored crucial goals that saw him be the top soccer player of all time. He is referred to as the god of football of all time.

2. Lionel Messi

Second on the all time best players in football is Lionel Messi. He is considered the best football player of all time by most of the football fans and the top scorer of all time. Many people still think that the 28-year-old player should not hang his boots. Currently Messy has 53 goals to his name during the current season. Leonel Messi joined Barcelona FC when he was 13 years old. He, however, debuts in the team when he was 17, and since then they have never looked back. He has seen his team be the most successful football club in Europe over the past ten years.

The club has won the Europa cup 3 times since they had Messi on the regular fixtures of the team. Currently, Messi has 585 goals to his name having played 727 matches professionally. He also holds the title of Barcelona lead scorer of all time as well as the La Liga best player of all time having scored 300 goals in the league. He also holds the title of top goals scorer in the Champions League history together with Ronaldo while having over a 100 strikes to their names. Messi is also a great team paler other than scoring many goals. Messi also played in the 2014 world cup where he led the Argentina team to the finals of the world cup, but unfortunately lost the cup to Germany. He still ended up with the Golden Ball as he was the best player in the 2014 world cup.

3. Diego Maradona

Maradona is best known for his great dribbling skills. Maradona a lead the Argentina team in 1986 during the world cup where he scored two goals. Argentina as not anticipated because the team was an average on if you allow me to say so. Maradona is mentioned with the like of Pele due to his scoring prowess. However, unlike Pele Maradona played in the Europe leagues where he played for Barcelona and after that he played for Napoli which was an Italian team. His time at Barcelona was however short lived as he was said to have underperformed. He, however, won the Copa del Rey trophy while playing for Barcelona.

When he transferred to Napoli however, he was a success. He led the team to win the Series A titles in both 1987 and 1990. Napoli was at the time going against Italian giants such as AC Milan, Juventus, Roma and Inter Milan. Napoli also won other trophies such as the Coppa Italian 1987 and also the UEFA cup which is currently known as the Europa League in 1989. He, however, left his career in bad taste with an allegation of drug abuse also struggling with being overweight. In his peak years however he remains to be probably the best football dribbler that ever lived.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo

Currently, at 32, Cristiano Ronaldo might go up a few places before he hangs his boots just like Messi. The player is still going strong even with his age. He is one of the best athletes that ever lived. He started his football career in a Portuguese team known as Sporting. At the time he was playing forward cause he had the strength to play against the defenders. He was then signed to Manchester United after they noticed his talent. He then debuted in 2013 where he showcased his talent.

But over time he was natured to become the best players of Manchester United. He later then saw Manchester United through very any wins even in the grand 2008 champions league against Chelsea. He also won FIFA best player of the year award. In 2009 he moved to Real Madrid where his career now really took off. He now seemed to be scoring goals for fun. His international career is however not the same as the one for the clubs.

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5. Zinedine Zidane

Zidane became known majorly due to his ability to control games when he was playing do Bordeaux which is a French Football team. He played for the club for a total of four years before later moving to Juventus in 1996 where his career picked greatly. In the 1998 Zidane scored two of the most beautiful goals in the games where he saw France win their first World cup against Brazil. Zidane then moved to Real Madrid where he won his first ever UEFA champions league. He then went on to dominate the Spanish football when playing for Real Madrid. In 2006 he was seen as the best footballer of all time.

6. Franz Beckenbauer

Beckenbauer is seen as the most graceful football player of all time. A German national who is said to have revolutionized soccer. He was known for his gift to play center back and the way he used to bring the ball out of the defense into the attacks. He was a great success in his national career and also when he was playing for Bayern Munich. His international career was at its peak in 1974 to 1976 where he lead the German team to the world cup and won. His goals were characterized by pure class and poise. After playing for Bayern, he played for the New York Cosmos and he is one of the reasons that the game became popular in America.

7. Alfredo Di Stéfano

All time best players in football

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Di Stefano is the greatest player that ever lived for Real Madrid. He is known for his impeccable five goals he scored during the European Cup finals when he was playing for Real Madrid. He saw the club dominate the football scene in the 1950s. Di Stefano was born in Argentina, and his international career saw him play for the national teams of Colombia, Argentina, and Spain. Alfredo scored a total of 35 goals in his football career while having played 43 matches in total.

8. Johan Cruyff

Johan Cruyff was a Dutch player who was a great attacking midfielder. He was the best in his generation, and he is also known to have revolutionized how the game is played. He went to Ajax academy, and for most of his career, he played for Ajax where he saw them win seven titles in the Dutch league and also three European cups. He has a total of 190 goals to his name out of the 240 matches he played in Ajax before later moving to Barcelona. He later then lead Holland to the finals of the world cup where they played against Germany but ended up losing to Germany in 1976.

9. Michel Platini

Michel Platini is one of the best French players that ever lived. His football career lasted for 25 years which he was playing as an attacking midfielder for Nancy, Juventus, and Sainte-Ettiene. Miche scored 224 goals in the 432 games that he played. The highlight of his career was when he played with Juventus and saw then win the Champions League. He was also the first player to win the Ballon awards three times consecutively from 1983-1985.

10. Xavi Hernandez

Xavi is the most successful player in Barcelona FC and also in Spain. This might come as a surprised by Xavi appears on all the lists top 10 football players in the world. He started his carer in Barcelona youth team and had his big break in 2002 when Barcelona was not able to buy new players. He started a midfielder and it was noticed that he has a special ability to control matches.he is also all time best premier league player. He together with Messi and Iniesta were instrumental in making the Barcelona tiki-taka playing style which was adopted by most the Spain national team.

Who Is The Best Soccer Player In The World Currently?

According to FIFA, Christiano Ronaldo is the best football player in the world 2018

What factors are considered when ranking best players of all time?

Here are the different factors that are used to make a list if the all-time football players in the world.

1. Ability or talent to play football

This is the first thing that is considered when choosing the best player. The talent the player possesses is very crucial. Great talent is what separates a mare footballer and a great one. It is also essential for the player to have been consistent in showing their talent, especially in the pitch. It is also essential for the player to have shown the talent with consistency over a long period.

2. Trophies received

This is also another critical factor for the best player to have. Having many trophies while playing Is to show that he contributed a lot to the games and also to the success of the team that he was playing for. There are those players who have no standing out but have made sure that they have a lot of trophies throughout their football careers. These are the players who participate and win in the world cup and also in the European leagues. They might not be known, but they have received a lot of trophies in the leagues that they play in.

3. How long a player plays

The longevity of a player is also very important. How long a player has played soccer at the highest level or the elite level is also very important. A good example of such a player is Ronaldinho who is probably the best more play ever to live, the problem with him is that he failed to keep his career while playing at the elite level like Paolo Maldini and Giggs who kept their elite career for about twenty years.

All time best premier league players

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4. Ability to dominate big games

This is another factor that is used to classify football players of all time. How was the player able to dominate big matches. This means that a player can dominate a game when it matters and standout. It is important to note that a team can win a game with average more paly. But you also need those players that are going to hit the headlines because of the way they handled the ball at a critical moment.

5. The brilliance of the individual player on the pitch

These are the more paly who carry the whole team. Their brilliance makes the team win over the opponent. They are general leaders in the field they play in.

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