Davido house and cars collection (pictures)

Davido house and cars collection (pictures)

David Adedeji Adeleke are the birth names of the Nigerian artist popularly known as Omo Baba Olowo (O.B.O) or Davido. He is a songwriter as well as a singer of Afropop and Afrobeat. He has many collaborations with famous artists like Ice Prince, Mafikizolo, Meek Mill, Olamide, Simi, Rae Sremmurd, Young Thug, and Naeto C. His first hit song ‘Back When’ welcomed him into the world of fame by receiving massive acceptance worldwide.

The 25-year-old has had a successful ride into the world of fame and therefore we decided to get you deep into his luxurious life. Being a son of a wealthy man, he is very hardworking and his personal life, mansions, cars, and net worth is well-disclosed. As they say, only the unsuccessful people can hesitate to put their achievements in the dark.

Davido net worth

Davido is among the top Nigerian artists who have high net worth. The talented artist made it to the high status list in a period of about 5 years. He has an approximate net worth of $16 million. Yes, Davido comes from a wealthy family, but he has greatly put on efforts through patience and hardworking to achieve his current success.

His high net worth is well mounted by his success in his career and he has other means that contribute to his large check. He owns a YouTube channel that has over 10 million views; earning him an additional amount. Davido does many concerts and sings with record groups which contribute of his high status. What does he do with such a huge amount? Well, read on and get answers to that question.

Davido house and cars pictures

Davido cars and houses will convince anyone that he is living an extravagant life. He lives a life that is still a fairy tale to many. Most are aware of his private plane that was a gift from his wealthy father. Let us take a look at Davido house and cars pics and his success will remain unquestioned. However, Davido house in South Africa is still in the dark.

Davido house in USA

The Nigerian artist announcement of looking for a house in USA made his fans know that his success was just beyond words. Through his landlord screenshots in his snapchat account informed us that Davido bought the house N33 Million and it is located in Georgia, Atlanta.

Davido house and cars collection (pictures)

Source: 36NG

Davido house in Atlanta, USA is so beautiful and so spacious. Davido posted a video of his Atlanta house in YouTube and being a USA citizen as well, his purchase makes lots of sense to people. Davido mansion post quote was that his daughter’s room is the largest of all; clearly meaning she means a lot to him.

Davido house in Lekki

The Yoruba (Yoruba means a rich man son) Lekki posh house is so beautiful. Davido house interior is super furnished with 4 bedrooms and many argue that it is one of the best designed among the many successful artists in Nigeria.

Davido house and cars collection (pictures)

Source: GL Trends

Davido house worth was approximately N140 Million Naira. Davido house in Nigeria makes his life so adorable and it is close to another famous artist mansion Don Jazzy.

Davido exotic cars

Davido's huge check and his background makes his owning of exotic and luxurious life unquestioned. His long list of cars will leave you astonished. The Omo Baba Olowo garage has loads of cars. Back in 2015, he bought his 8th car, Audi R8 that was about N22million; it was his birthday present as he was turning 23 years. This tells that Davido knows how to spoil himself and he does not live a fairly tale life. Other exotic cars that he owns include:

  • Honda Accord - worth about N5 Million.
  • Porsche Turbo – worth around N20 Million.
  • Range Rover Sport – worth around N25 Million
  • Yellow Chevrolet Camaro GS – worth around N11 Million
  • Toyota Land Cruiser - worth around N17,500,000.
  • Audi R8 Coupe – worth about N20 Million.
  • Porsche Carrera – worth about N40 Million.
  • Mercedes Benz Sedan AMG - worth about N50 Million.
Davido house and cars collection (pictures)

Source: YouTube

  • Rolls Royce Phantom – worth around N100 Million.
  • Audi Flat back (GGX 2012) – worth around N9 Million.
  • White Bentley 2011 – worth around N18 Million.
  • Davido extravagant life is worth it, he has the cash, and there is not need of living a fairy tale life.

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Davido father house and cars

Davido’s dad is one of the richest men in Africa. The influential man might be the biggest inspiration to his son Davido and made him to work extra hard to achieve it in life. Davido calls himself ‘Omo Baba Olowo’ which literally means the son of a rich man. This has now been left unquestioned.

Davido’s father drives exotic and multi-million cars such as Legendary Roll Royce as well as Bently. These cars made Davido so proud of his dad in that he went ahead to post them in his Instagram page. He also owns a jet!

Davido house and cars collection (pictures)


As for the cars, he owns a spacious mansion in Atlanta; he bought it as his birthday present while turning 60 years-old. Dr. Adeleke net worth is more than $700 Million and this means he lives a luxurious life. his success is unexplainable.

Davido’s father brief biography

Davido’s father is known as Dr Deji Adeleke or the generous investor. The business mogul is 60 years old as he was born in 6th March 1957. He is from the tribe of Yoruba and a big successful investor. Apart from his super star son Davido, he also has a daughter named as Sharon. Dr. Deji Adeleke’s wife took his rest back in 2003; May her soul rest in eternal peace.

Davido’s father is from a wealthy family and he was not spared. For instance, his elder brother is the former Governor of Asun State, which is in Isiaka Adeleke. Davido’s father is among the co-founder of Adeleke University with its location in Ede. Dr. Adeleke is packed with generosity proved by him constructing a seventh day Adventist church worth millions naira and also donating to the university that his son graduated from, Babcock University.

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