Top 10 Chris brown songs so far

Top 10 Chris brown songs so far

Born in May 1989 in the state of Virginia, Christopher Maurice Brown aka Chris Brown has managed to remain relevant in the R&B and hiphop genres in the worldwide music scene. It is no secret that the musician is indeed a star and that can be attributed to his industriousness in his music career. Notably, songs of Chris Brown have never failed to make the threshold and it is for this reason that most of his songs and albums have managed and continued to win awards in the global entertainment arena. This post talks about the top ten songs by Chris Brown that have rocked the airwaves.

Top 10 Chris brown songs so far

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To the fanatics of his songs, it is outright clear that they will never get enough of his hits. It is impossible to disagree that almost all Chris Brown songs are just on another level. From his first song run it, the following albums like exclusive, graffiti, F.A.M.E, fortune, royalty, heartbreak on a full moon and deluxe have been commended for their versatility especially in the 21st century at large.

When talking about the songs of Chris Brown or ‘breezy’ a stage name he is widely known with, it is worth noting that the musical styles used in all the musician's songs are generational and are duly available to many people who not only love to listen to all of Chris Brown songs but pop music in general. It is a fact that his songs are explicably appealing and no wonder he commands a large following in the social media. Maybe, his songs are just great due to the fact that they are written by a musician whom in many occasions has admitted that he was inspired by the pop icon; Michael Jackson.

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But either way, one thing remains clear and that is, his songs are prominent not only in the united states of America but across the world. Here are some of the highly rated songs of the musician that have captivated many in the entertainment platform.

Best of Chris Brown songs

As it has been mention earlier, Breezy songs, have never missed the mark in charming the listeners in whatever setting. The best of songs cut across all the singles and albums the musician has released from the advent of his music career, starting with;

Chris Brown Run It

‘Run it’ was the lead single in Chris brown debutant album. The song was released in December 2005 with a lot of fun fare. Though the video of the song was produced four years later, the song and the entire album introduced the young brown to the world-pop music arena. Run it as a song was written on the back drop of the day to day encounters and troubles that teenagers undergo in their social lives.

The song was a success in the music industry that it attracted close to 100 million youtube views on the internet. Additionally, the song top the Billboard Hot 100 song list for almost a month. It is rational to argue that the song was a perfect kick-start for the musician’s successful career.

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Chris Brown Wall to Wall

This is another jingle that controlled much of the airwaves with a lot of pomp. This was the lead song in his second album titled ‘Exclusive’, the song just like ‘run it’ in the previous album, was a hit and received positive and likeable views and reviews both from lovers and critics of the song. The record got over 60 million views alone on the youtube website and even got the chance to feature on the billboard and R&B/Hip-Hop songs of the year. The video of the song is also exclusive and entertaining and you will probably enjoy it at your first glance.

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Chris Brown Kiss Kiss

This song graced the music industry with a lot of fanfare which we can say was well deserved since at one time it even topped the United States music chart as the most listened song. ‘Kiss kiss’ as it was known featured T-pain as the co-artist in the hit song.

The track which also happened to be the second single from the exclusive album was a boom and the lovers of his songs will tell you that it is still a hit. As at now, ‘Kiss kiss’ has received over 200 million youtube views. The video of the song is very ecstatic and entertaining, as the musician brings in some electric dance moves which makes the video a joy to watch.

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Chris Brown Deuces

‘Deuces’, was released on the artist third is worth stating that the song was and still a banger in the music scene. Though the tune was a collaboration between Chris Brown and Tyga featuring Kevin McCall.

This was one of the musician's songs that had a bit of twist since the musician transformed his music from being classically urban to a more flexible one that had the adaptability to cross over or merge with other music genres in the entertainment industry. It was at this moment that the singer ventured into mixtapes and songs like deuces are the resultant fruits of this endeavor.

In as much as the song was a new adventure, it was a success and much Chris brown fans and audience at the global stage loved it considering it has over 40 million views in the YouTube.

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Chris Brown She Ain’t You

She ain’t you was one of the songs released under the F.A.M.E album which on its debut, topped the Billboard charts in the United States of America. This song was the fourth single from the much-hyped album. The song was a dedication to the great pop artist Michael Jackson, whom he even appreciates as his inspiration through his music career as the song starts.

This is one of the musician tunes that he completely came through to ensure it is classic. The Michael Jackson dance moves infused in the video makes it even entertaining to watch. Just like most his prior videos, she ain’t you commands over 50 million views on youtube alone.

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Chris brown Excuse Me Miss

This is another hit single of his debutant album. ‘Yo (Excuse me miss) as the song is famously known was among the first tunes back in the days of his starting career that really did well in the music industry. The song is one of his first singles, the young breezy makes it lively with his Michael Jackson energetic moves while trying to serenade a lady.

The song was a hit that it was among the top 20 most listened songs in the Billboard top 100 chart in that year. It is fair to say that the tune is still prominent in the music scene, being it has accumulated over 80 million youtube views since its release decades ago.

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Chris Brown Loyal

The loyal tune was one of the finest hits from his sixth studio album dubbed the ‘X’. The record which was the fourth single from the album stood out among the rest. The tune which featured other renowned artists in the music industry like Lil Wayne and Tyga was a success and even the critics of his previous albums were left amused.

To those people who have had the chance to listen to the music will concur that the singer killed it. It is no secret that the song was widely celebrated, televised and accepted globally as a hit. The track remains to be one of the best of Chris Brown songs to have many views in the youtube with over seven hundred million views to show for.

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Chris Brown songs Royalty

The royalty album which was the seventh studio album from the singer was a dedication to her daughter royalty brown and it’s the reason why the album was even named after her. The album which had some tunes with old school sounds made a fairly good impression to his fans in the music industry.

The royalty album had singles like ‘liquor’, ‘zero’, Back to sleep’, ‘fine by me’ and ‘little more’ which was the theme song of the album. ‘Little more’ on this occasion, over-shadowed other songs in the album being apart from the whole album being dedicated to her daughter, Chris Brown wrote the song just to celebrate her lovely young daughter.

The song did well that it almost reached a century views in the youtube. The video is just marvellous to watch and listen as aside from the singer coming through with his lyrical tenor voice, her daughter royalty is featured in it.

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Chris brown Grass Ain’t Greener

It is probably one of the artist songs that are still trending in the music circle. As usual, the 29-year-old singer never failed to wow the fanatics of his music with his habitual dance moves. This song happened to be the lead single in the ‘Heartbreak on a full Moon’ album.

The tune was a hit from the beginning that it has managed to accumulate 70 million views from youtube. This is not to mention the tributes it got not only in the United States but in the world. The grass ain’t greener tune was also satirical in nature especially to those people hopping from one relationship to another with the hope that it will be better than the previous ones.

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Chris Brown Party

The party tune was the second hit single in the album dubbed the ‘Heartbreak on a full moon’. For the party revellers and the musician’s fans, the song came at the opportune moment since it was in the wake of the Christmas Eve in 2016.The song was a big tune to say since it featured other best RnB/Hip-Hop artist like Usher and Gucci Mane.

It was a party song indeed and the two featured artist nailed it. Chris brown ensured that the followers of his music had something to dance for in the 2016 December holidays. Apart from commanding over 200 million youtube views, the song was on the top ten most listened songs in the world and it is probably one of the widely used party anthems in most merrymaking events.

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Chris Brown Love More

‘Love more’ tune was another track produced in 2013 featuring the Hip-Hop queen Nicki Minaj as the invitee artist. The song just like others did well as the third single in the ‘X’ album. “Love more” just like “Loyal” was a big tune and in this occasion, Breezy still did the magic. The video of the song is just definitive with Mr.Brown standing-out as the unconquered dancer with his exhilarating dance moves.

It is just to say that the music was a success that it was even performed in that year's Black entertainment television (BET) awards. Most people, especially the lovers of his music will agree that the tune was just flawless in every inch of it. The song has over a million views in the youtube.

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Chris Brown ‘Yeah 3x’

It is impossible to mention best of Chris Brown songs without referencing the ‘Yeah 3x’ tune. The song was the lead track in his fourth album dubbed “F.A.M.E’. It was big and successful that it featured in the top ten music chart in more than a dozen European countries.

This song demonstrated how Chris possess strong lyrical vocals. And to those who have had the chance to watch and listened to the video will agree that it is just entertaining with the infusion of the uptempo dance-pop with the house music. Additionally, the video is just awesome, the choreography is just perfect and exclusive as breezy do his usual eccentric dance moves with the fellow dance crew. The video has received over 200 million views so far on the youtube platform.

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Chris Brown Turn Up The Music

This tune was the lead track in the musician’s fifth album christened as ‘Fortune’. Just like his immediate previous album, the singer opted to still venture into the uptempo genre style of music. The music achieved tremendous support and reviews from his supporters and the world at large.

The gamble into electro dance and house music proved to be a success to the musician being the song topped a lot of music charts in America, Europe and Africa. The video of the song is just magnificent with breezy gracing the occasion with his dance sequences that relate to those of Michael Jackson who happens to be his role model in his glittering music career. The video even won the best male video and choreography at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, this is not to mention that it has over 200 million views in the youtube alone.

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Chris Brown Tempo

This is one of the Chris Brown new songs to be released in 2018. It is fair to argue that since its release, the song is doing well. The song is among the singles in the 45 songs produced in the latest “heartbreak on a full moon” album. The song is just epic and the lovers of Chris Breezy tunes will tell you that he never fails to impress.

The tune is just perfect all the way around, from the exciting vocals and beats to the extraordinary video where Chris Brown continues to stamp himself as the king of the dance in the world. If you get the chance to watch the video, it is apparent and with no doubt, you will get to enjoy the music.

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Chris Brown Pills and Automobiles

This is another one of the new songs that are doing well in the music industry. The track is breathtaking and lively being it features Yo Gotti and Kodak black as the guest Hip-Hop artist. The video from the onset is just entertaining with the musician and his dance crew energetic dance moves that you can never get sleepy of watching.

The music so far has over 160 million views on the youtube and the way interesting it is it will still continue to garner more views and likes all the way.

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It is no secret that Chris Brown songs are some of the finest tunes on the planet and as things stand, the music industry should brace itself for more entertaining tunes from the singer. Because he doesn’t seem to hang his boots anytime soon.


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