Fraud alert: New tricks fraudsters in Accra are using to steal

Fraud alert: New tricks fraudsters in Accra are using to steal

- A new form of fraud has been established at some places in Accra

- These fraudsters use shocking ways to rob passers-by of their valuables

- The case of fraud has been a huge issue in the country

The menace of fraud is gaining grounds at specific places in Accra. In fact, some Ghanaians are very aware of the very places in Accra that have been consumed by evil fraudsters who are using all manner of tricks to rob passers-by of their belongings.

A concerned Ghanaian in a post to social media figure, Abena Magis, has revealed how the areas of Kaneshie, Circle, Accra Polytechnic, and Lapaz are part of the list of scam-prone areas places in the nation's capital.

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According to the concerned Ghanaian, this particular scam happens between two to four actors.

"Whilst you're walking, the first actor will intentionally collide with you. Out of nowhere, two other guys will rush to you from a different direction and ask if the guy who just passed hit you. Once you tell them they did, they will tell you that it's juju so you have to lick every valuable you have with you else it will vanish."

Once they notice the plan had failed, the 4th actor whose role is to act like the good Samaritan will give you sign a that they are thieves and that you should follow him to safety.

What happens then is that should you follow this 'good Samaritan', you will end up losing all your belongings in a strange way.

Fraud remains one of the serious crimes happening in Ghana today.

These fraudsters, mostly young men and women, use all kinds of tricks including spirituality to scare of their prey and rob them of their valuables.

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