10 best Efya songs ranked

10 best Efya songs ranked

Born in 1987, Efya got exposed to showbiz at a tender age as her mother is a famous film maker and TV show host of a late night program known as Greetings from Abroad. Her mother being a film maker, it was only natural that Efya could try her hand at acting. Try she did, and she excelled at acting too, but her talent in music brought her fame across Africa and beyond. Efya songs have won her very many awards. She is undoubtedly one of the best soul musicians in Africa. She has won ‘Best Female Vocalist’ in the Ghana Music Awards five times. She has won other 13 music awards and received countless nominations for all her best works.

10 best Efya songs ranked

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Here are top ten songs by Efya

Efya Getaway

This song is about unplugging from your daily routines and recharging your soul’s energies. In this song Efya reasons as a Shaman, spreading the benefits of breaking away from stressful and boring stuff that we engage in everyday just to keep the wheels of life spinning.

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While the song is lyrically fulfilling, it is easy for a listener to get lost in Efya’s soul-nourishing vocals and forget about the message she is spreading. In one of her lines she says, “Don’t worry about your work, you’ll get another job”. Well, if you take this literally, you might end up jobless, but you are wise enough to know that this line is about creating a perfect balance between your work and other facets of your life.

Come to think of it, we all need to get away sometimes to recharge. The world will tell you to be steadfast in the pursuit of your goals but won’t tell you that your mental health depends on your ability to recharge. In this song, Efya takes a bold step in preaching what goes against the normal hustling code; ‘work hard’. This is one of Efya new songs that not only entertains but also shares wisdom of age.

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Just like the wise lyrics, the video embodies the same message. In the video Efya gets away and enjoys a run at the beach. She enjoys the life she preaches in the song. The setting is well done, the visual effects are spot-on. Getaway is a song to listen to in the afternoon as you wish your troubles away.

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Efya Until The Dawn

This is a love song that best befits a night out with a loved one. The chorus in itself is an assurance that the rest of the night is an intense session of love-making and bonding. She say; ‘I wanna make love to you until the morning”.

If you want a song that reminisces your best moments with a loved one, then you’ve got in in Efya’s Until Dawn.

The video is given an African setting, but spiced with Jamaican themed bra and faux dreadlocks. The video is also covered in nature; green fields, tall trees, and a bamboo yard.

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Also, the video shot in the middle of Greenland with a broken-down blue scooter is a testament that artists don’t need glamorous limousines to make a better video. It is all about creativity, finding a theme that you can stick to from the beginning to the end while delivering on vocal mastery.

The song is done in a rhythm you can dance too, it is also a popular hit in local clubs. It is a party-themed song with a love message. Pass the love message to your loved one, but get up on your feet and take her to the dancefloor. You will be amazed at the magic of this song, you will dance until dawn.

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Efya Forgetting Me

This song is themed around a situation that most people find themselves in; that period of uncertainty in a relationship. When you know you are in a relationship but you are not sure whether the love is real or you have been bypassed for another person.

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In the song, she makes it clear that all she wants is not a re-birth of the relationship but rather the truth about the relationship. Have you forgotten about me? So that I can also forget about you?

Situational relations are real, but at times you get into a ‘situationship’ hoping that it is a relationship that will last and blossom into something so beautiful, then you get stuck in the middle of nowhere. You can’t tell whether he thinks about you or not, you cannot tell whether he still loves you or is seeing someone else. This song is a cry of bleeding heart and unsure mind asking for the truth.

The vocals will plunge you into an emotional abyss, bringing with it the beauty of past relationship that did not work out. A reminiscent of the efforts you have given to special people in your life but never reaped the fruits of your commitment to the relationship.

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While the video of Efya forgetting me stars Efya lamenting about lost love, the reality is, this song is about you and me. This song is about a lady who has been dating someone for five years, but has never shown interest of moving in and building a family with her. This song is about you, a man who has been in a relationship with a woman for years but has never shown interest of making the relationship official. Music is a beautiful art, but to speak about social issues and still manage to have a listening ear for the song is incredible— Efya does it in this song, as she always does in Efya all songs.

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Efya Best in Me

The first unspoken rule of love is to make your lover be the best version of herself. This does not have to do with material support, but has to do with helping her rediscover herself and know her super powers.

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To truly love someone is to help her bring out the best in herself, that is why the sages say ‘Love is bliss, when it arrives, the heart becomes lighter’. This song dwells on this theme— bring out the best in your partner, and the video is a celebration of a man who heeds to this request and takes it in his stride to make bring out the best in her woman.

The bridge of this song says it all:

You came along when I was nobody (nobody) then showed me how to be somebody (somebody)

And the chorus topples it off with a powerful testament of a woman contented in her man and showing it to the whole world how a loved one should make you feel. Here is a snippet of the chorus:

“you bring out the best, the best in me (you bring out the best in me) you bring out the best, the best in me (you bring out the best in me) because of the touch of your hand (the touch of your hand) you bring out the best in me kinda loving know you are my man”

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A small part of this song is done in a Ghanaian language just to say the beauty of love that loses taste when translated. No song echoes an appreciation of a loved one than Efya best in me.

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Efya Little Things

This song is an appreciation of the little things that partners do to lighten up the spirits of the loved ones. This song is a call to settle down to the beauty of love and savour the few instances when little efforts often go unnoticed.

The song was produced by Richie Mensah who is an award-winning Ghanaian producer. Efya gives her all to this song, giving the song a soulful life as her voice curves on edges of ear-to-ear whispered compliments to a loved one who is equally devoted to make love work. The song begins by Efya’s melodious adlibs and guitar plucking, then builds slowly to a soul-pouring crescendo that commands you to listen, identify, and be grateful for the little things that people do to make you happy.

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The chorus is done in Ghanaian language, but still you are drawn to the vibes of love the song envisages. As the song nears its middle, Efya’s vocals rises in harmony with the guitar tunes as it prepares you to a well-placed adlibs near its end. The tune of this song is not lost in heavily metaphoric language, but gives the feeling of an intense real-life hearty gratitude from a contended lover to a partner. Efya little things is basically a song of gratitude for the ‘little things’ lovers do for their loved ones.

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Efya Sexy Sassy Wahala

This song is not a recent song, but still you can’t miss it in best Efya songs list, the song is one of the earlier songs that brought out Efya’s vocal power and earned her a place in Afrosoul lovers’ hearts.

This song was also used as a soundtrack for a Ghanaian movie series known as Adams Apples which premiered in 2011.

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The song is mostly sung in pidgin, I guess to relate to the local community she was targeting with the message. ‘Wahala’ directly translates to ‘trouble’ and she continues to wow her listeners with the charm in her voice and the trouble in her eyes. The back-up vocals does magic to this song, giving you a slow paced temple for you to adlib a language you don’t understand pretty well.

This song is a remedy to a boring house party as it is both upbeat and danceable. Pay attention to her scintillating vocal codes, but also pay dues to the well-orchestrated drum patterns that work in harmony with pop guitars to give you massive track you can’t help but nod your head to. Efya’s vocal prowess dominates throughout the song, in a lovely way, hence it is a song you can put on repeat mode for hours on end.

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“Make my money… Do my own thing… Cant’ you stop me… Take this from me… It’s my world and I go live it every day, with my sexy sassy wahala.”

Sexy Sassy Wahala is a song for an independent woman who has worked her way up and feels entitled to the life on first lane.

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Efya One Of Your Own

The better part of this song is done in Ghanaian language, but the theme of the song is well-accentuated from the beginning to the end and thanks to the easy-to-sing-along chorus you don’t just listen and nod your head but also hum in accompaniment.

The song is done in laid-back beats that is characteristic of west-African music. The song features Bisa K’dei who creates a beautiful conversation to cool down the heart of disturbed lover.

The song is about how lovers treat loved ones like strangers, often spitting hurtful words they wouldn’t utter in front of the people they genuinely love. So yes, this is a lovely tune, but heed to its request and treat your loved one the way you would treat your sibling.

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Efya Gingam Too Much

Gingam too much is an audio track that was released in 2016 and was very well received. The song is about Gingam, which is a fashionable African-themed fabric that is popular in West Africa.

But Gingam too much is also about a lifestyle of freedom, having all you can have and appreciating the blessing of God in your life.

I be spending all this money money dough
It don’t matter baby bwoy we got doe anything you want say about me
It don’t matter cus God e dey bless me
Just do your thing and live on believe in it and do one

The better part of this song is done in pidgin to give it the authenticity it desires and blend the fun of African attitude “we don’t owe you a proper English”.

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Efya Latest Songs

While consistency is what most artists’ lack, Efya is an exception. She has been in the industry, surprising us with new songs frequently. Her recent releases attest to the fact that she is not close to down her tools of trade. Here are Efya latest songs.

Efya Love

Every musician will tell you that the success of a love song is not only in writing deeply touching lyrics with poetic undertones, but also conveying such lyrics in a lovely voice that embodies the feeling of the song.

This song is one of the newest Efya’s songs that has engraved her vocal prowess and proved her versatility both in writing and presentation of her work.

This song was produced by Gentleman. The video is given a gothic setting, featuring an old tenement creating a beautiful ambience for forever afters. The beats are laid back, following her magical voice in perfect harmony.

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Efya Whoman Woman

Efya puts so much soul in her work. In this song, she takes a place of an educator, teaching the society about the roles women play in shaping men. She asks; who is a man without a woman? This question is very relevant even in chauvinistic cultures, because the roles of women can never be decimated.

This song particularly befits an African setting, yes, Africans acknowledge the much that women do to shape our societies, but some traditions belittle women. Efya puts out a bold message that “a man without a woman is nothing”. And, her lyrics go on to support this view with very valid points—not the negative vibes we get from toxic feminists on the internet.

The topic aside, this song is well-mastered, every instrument making a contribution to end rhythm, the adlibs fall in the right place, and the song is an easy-to-sing- along tune.

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These are just some of the many tracks that Efya has put out. Just like these songs attest, Efya songs are topical on issues that we experience in our African societies. You can’t listen to her song without noticing her deliberate attempt to fuse her accent in her songs according them an African touch. If you have never listened to Efya, but you happen to love other great African singers like Sonah Jobarteh, Asa, and Simi they you will definitely love this Ghanaian song bird.

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