Who is former Juliet Ibrahim husband?

Who is former Juliet Ibrahim husband?

Former Juliet Ibrahim husband Kwadwo Safo Jnr is among Ghana’s most famous personalities. However, unlike his counterparts in the music or film industry, the Ghanaian father, pilot, and multi-millionaire has a prominent family name; Safo Kantaka. Despite his father’s vast shadow, Kwadwo Safo Jnr has proven his prowess and dedication time and time again and is currently the C.E.O of his father’s Kantaka Group of Companies.

Who is former Juliet Ibrahim husband?

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Kwadwo Safo Jnr was born on the 24th of February, 1986 to Apostle Safo Kantaka. He attained his commercial pilot license at just 19 years and now runs his father’s company, which manufactures cars and electrical devices such as TVs and sound systems to mention a few in Ghana. His father might be an apostle, but ‘the star of Africa’ as he is popularly known, is also an inventor, philanthropist, and visionary.

In fact, the apostle and founder of the Christ Reformed Church is considered a legend in Ghana. Kantaka is currently split into two factions, car manufacturing, and electrical devices. His son, Kwadwo Safo Jr runs the car manufacturing wing and is arguably the most outspoken and sociable in the family. Now in his early 30’s, the Ashanti-born C.E.O is settling in on his role in the Safo family business as well as his own family.

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Speaking in a post on his Facebook page on his 32’nd birthday party held on February 24, Kwadwo said, ‘32 not easy but happy with my achievements and the man I have grown to be. By the grace of God and my dad, I keep growing from strength to strength. Am the man I am today all thanks to the special and unique genius I have as a father. I have a story to tell, and that story will be told.’

He further added, ‘this has been the best birthday ever. Thanks to the people I call family and friends. Sometimes not only blood is called family, but you might meet great people that fully understand and love you regardless. #teamakofena #realakofenaboys #akofenagirls, the expression on my face, says it all.’ The birthday pictures that follow are a clear indication that the multimillionaire is over his beautiful ex-wife, Juliet Ibrahim.

Juliet Ibrahim is among the most endeared actresses from Ghana due to her charisma and unrivaled talent. The Accra-born actress has a Lebanese father and a Liberian/Ghanaian mother. Juliet has three siblings and ventured into acting in 2004 and her debut film, ‘Crime to Christ’ is among her most favorite works. She is also smart and well-versed with multiple languages and has a foundation under her name called the Juliet Ibrahim foundation.

The engagement

Former husband of Juliet Ibrahim, Kwadwo Safo Jr was a very outgoing person just a few years ago. That might have changed a little bit due to his family and business commitments, but the apostle’s last-born son’s history is still fresh in the Ghanaian people’s mind. There was speculation that something was brewing when the two were spotted together at an event in Accra, but unbeknown to most people, Juliet Ibrahim with husband were already planning a wedding.

Juliet was presented with a gold ring by his former husband, and she wore it on her promise finger. The ring surely had a meaning after Juliet came back to Ghana from a trip in France with a diamond ring on her engagement finger. Pictures show the diamond ring next to the gold one on her promise finger.

Who is former Juliet Ibrahim husband?

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Many Ghanaians speculated their beloved actress was dating fellow Ghanaian heartthrob Majid Michel after their wonderful onscreen chemistry, but the rumors soon died down. Juliet was doing a very good job at keeping her relationship under wraps until she decided to address the issue in an entertainment newspaper interview. At the time, rumor had it the Ghanaian actress was dating an international footballer.

However, Juliet refuted these claims by stating, ‘I am not a footballer's wife; my fiancé is a Ghanaian pilot.' As expected, fans and the media started getting frustrated especially after Nadia Buari, and Michael Essien had already said they were dating and fellow Ghanaian personalities were declaring their relationship statuses and showing off their better halves to the public.

Juliet Ibrahim and husband to be were finally pictured together on her birthday party, and the two were inseparable. Kwadwo Safo Jr, a fashionable, humble, intelligent, and charming son of tycoon Safo Kantaka, was the man Juliet was trying to hide from the public eye.

Juliet Ibrahim wedding

Just like it was with her engagement, the Juliet Ibrahim wedding was also under kept under wraps. The wedding took place in early 2010 in Accra but only the two families involved and a few friends were invited to the occasion. The wedding was almost exactly a year after the two got engaged and romance was heating up between the two after they were spotted in clubs, celebrity events, and cinemas together.

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It wasn't until peacefmonline.com interviewed Juliet Ibrahim that many people answered the question, who is Juliet Ibrahim husband. The actress was also tackling rumors that she wasn’t fully Ghanaian due to her accent and said, ‘I am a Ghanaian because aside from the fact that my mother is an Ashanti, I am now married to a Ghanaian.’

The celebrated actress further revealed the wedding was a traditional one and that the couple was planning a bigger wedding later. She said, ‘I will do a ground wedding where I will invite the media and all my friends.’ Many people believed the arguably most-prominent wedding in Ghana was to happen at the end of 2010 or early 2011.

The divorce

This is hard to believe, but just like the engagement and the wedding, Juliet Ibrahim’s divorce with Kwadwo Safo Jr was also under wraps. Maybe many people missed it after the couple was blessed with a child and seemed on course to happily ever after. However, after rumors of their divorce became too unbearable and risked the happiness of Juliet Ibrahim’s child, the Ghanaian actress decided to lay the speculation to rest.

Juliet released a statement through Bunmi Odunowo, her publicist, which read, ‘Juliet Ibrahim has found it necessary to let her fans know today that, she has filed for a divorce and it is final. She is no more married to Kwadwo Safo, and the marriage ended a while back. With the interest of an innocent child on the table, we ask that you treat this difficult but necessary decision to put her divorce out there for her fans to know with utmost respect.

Some marriages work, and others do not…But when there is a child involved, the interest of the child should be placed beyond that of any other person—and that is what we’ve done over the years for the little boy. So those of you who think we do not have conscience—we have when it REALLY matters!’

Juliet further added that the divorce was kept hidden from the public eye because neither party wanted to be distracted from raising their son. The couple had been divorced for about a year and a half before she made the announcement. Despite stating the couple had split due to irreconcilable differences, Juliet Ibrahim also cited other women as one of the major reasons he broke up with his ex-husband.

Juliet Ibrahim baby bump started showing almost immediately after their wedding, and while the marriage didn’t work out, the actress says she still talks to Kwadwo Safo Jr when there’s a need for it. Quizzed on why the marriage ended so quickly, Juliet said, ‘the marriage was a mistake that shouldn’t have happened.’

She further adds that the two got married so quickly because she got pregnant for Kwadwo shortly after the two got involved. She also added that the Kwadwo Safo family was not for the marriage from its onset considering some of them failed to show up at her wedding ceremony. The actress also claimed the family had openly disapproved and failed to support her marriage to their son, Kwadwo Safo Jr.

The Juliet Ibrahim child conceived with Kwadwo Safo Jr was the latter’s second with a different woman. Rumor had it that even after their child and marriage, Kwadwo was still seeing other women and had a mistress he would make excuses to see every week in Kumasi.

Who is former Juliet Ibrahim husband?

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A GhanaCelebrities.com source said, ‘It was a hell lot than people know because Kwadwo was the one who did not treat Juliet Ibrahim right, he was seen in clubs all the time with this woman, and every woman will be hurt of offended. This dude lies a lot, and he did that Juliet Ibrahim all the time. He couldn’t keep his pants on, and from start, his parents did not even support his marriage to Juliet Ibrahim—and they even failed to turn up at the ceremony. It was one hell of a bad marriage for Juliet Ibrahim that I won’t wish it on even my enemy.’

Kwadwo Safo Jr remained tightlipped, and in one interview where he was asked if he sides with Juliet’s story, Kwadwo said he would rather talk about the then newly launched Kantaka 4 by 4 SUV.

None of the two seemed to have trouble moving on considering the divorce was granted in June 2014. However, by that time, Kwadwo Safo Jr was already a father again with the same woman his wife had accused him of cheating with. On the other hand, Juliet Ibrahim was also already in a serious relationship by the time the divorce was granted with Nigerian actor and model IK Ogbonna. However, the two broke up after a short while, and the Ghanaian actress started dating Nigerian artist Iceberg Slim.

Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg Slim

Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg Slim have been in many public functions together, and the news that the two were dating came as no surprise to many of their fans. For starters, the two attended Banky W’s wedding as a couple and have openly professed their love for each other on social media. The couple even matching tattoos on their arms (love hearts).

Olusegun Olowokere, popularly known as Iceberg slim, broke to fame after taking shots at M.I on one of his debut singles, Mister International and was born in the United States. However, the rapper has Nigerian roots and is among the most revered rappers in Nigeria. Their love life might stretch back to 2016, but Iceberg is never afraid to remind his fiancée what a blessing she is to his life.

Here's what he wrote this on his Instagram page a month ago on Juliet’s birthday,

Today I celebrate you for the great woman that you are. I’m not a man of many words (as you know) but I want you to know that I love you with everything in me. You’ve taught me how to love, while you took another chance at love. I still get butterflies when I hold you. I still blush when you compliment me. I still get nervous when I try to impress you. My heart still skips a beat when you tell me you love me. You’re everything I hope for; you’re everything I need, you are so...wait, that’s from a song lol. To my love, my world, my everything.

When asked if he ever gets jealous seeing Juliet is also always in the limelight, the Nigerian rapper said, ‘I am not the jealous type. Also, where there is love and trust, I believe there should be no jealousy.’ From the look of things, everything is going well for this couple, and we can only wish them all the best for the future.

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