6 things many young Ghanaians are doing to escape jaws of premature death

6 things many young Ghanaians are doing to escape jaws of premature death

There is no denying the fact that so many Ghanaians are now changing their lifestyles to escape premature death.

Unfortunately, the rise in sedentary work continues to pose as a grave threat to many young Ghanaian professionals who are just wild and committed to seeing their careers grow.

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So many young adults in Ghana are tired of hearing and seeing colleagues die by the minute. In fact, they are now adopting some strict health habits to reverse this trend of premature deaths.

1. The culture of gyming

Let's face it, a regular visit to the gym, we are told, distances us far away from the grave. In recent times, many young Ghanaian adults are frequenting the gym to keep fit and burn some calories. Doctors tell us that visiting the gym helps with stress and also reduces the pain of high blood pressure as well as cholestrol which often leads to heart diseases.

2. The culture of eating fish, not meat

We have been told that the regular consumption of red meat, in today's Ghana, is highly dangerous to one's health. Red meat, we are told, contains some enzymes that make it twice as difficult for our body to digest and assimilate.

To this effect, many doctors advice that we cut down our intake of meat if we indeed wish to live long.

3. The culture of carrying food from home to work

Whenever you see young workers carry food bags and packages from home you should know they are really thinking abotu their health. Food from the house are highly nutritious and less exposed to germs. This is nice and smart way to eat clean these days.

4. The culture of taking some coconuts

Scietists have shown that the God-sent drink from the coconut has many medicinal benefits from reducing cholestrol to also stabilising one's blood sugar level. The Coconut also helps in keeping you hydrated and prepared for the stress of work. Taking a coconut a day improves one's health too.

5. The culture of taking no alcohol

Alcohol intake is now the transportation to so much heart-related disease in Ghana today. It is true, that almost 100 percent of alcohol abusers in Ghana are suffering severe cases of heart-related disease.

The smart Ghanaians adults are not kicking out alcohol from their lives all over. This does not mean switching to soft drinks because they also contain wild amounts of sugar.

6. The culture of drinking warm lemon in the morning

There is this smart way of living. People are now drinking a glass of warm lemon first thing in the morning This, doctors say, clears the system of all toxins. This also regulates blood flow and boosts the immune system.

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