Patoranking songs: Top 10 in 2020

Patoranking songs: Top 10 in 2020

Patoranking real names being Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie is Nigerian talented artist that make hits that always take over the world. The reggae dancehall singer as well as a songwriter hails from Ebonyi state. No contesting that Patoranking is one of the biggest artist in Africa. He has made many collaborations with popular artists from different African countries such as Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania. Patoranking songs have become so popular among his fans.

The collaborations he has made has turned out to be the best songs he ever released. Some of the artists from those countries include Sakodie, Sauti Soul, Alikiba, Diamond Platinum, Wizkid, Timaya, Tiwa Savage, and Wande Coal. Here is our countdown of top Patoranking songs that are viral. If your favorite is not nominated, don’t hesitate to share at the comment section.

Latest Patoranking songs

Some of his latest releases include:

  1. Everyday
  2. Jama - DJ Mic Smith ft Patoranking and Shaker
  3. Together - Rudeboy ft Patoranking
  4. Heal D World
  5. Lituation - Slapdee ft Patoranking x Daev
  6. Suh Different
  7. Melanin - Sauti Sol ft Patoranking
  8. Available

Top trending Patoranking songs

1. Patoranking Ft Sarkodie - No Kissing Baby

The Nigerian artist collaboration with the Ghanaian artist made the song to be a banger. Patoranking ‘No Kissing Baby’ was released in 2016 in ‘God Over Everything.’ The song was on the top chart in many countries to an extent gaining numerous awards such as The Headies Award for Best Reggae and got nominated at events like MTV Africa Music Award for Best Collaboration in Partnership with Absolut as well as The Headies Award for Best Collabo. The producer of the song Gospelondbeatz did a thumb up job. This is because the song rocked the airwaves since 2016 to date.

The lyrics of the song is amazing because it has consent. Some call it ‘a religious song that seems to be religious too’. A good song is educative and it needs to have a message that it portrays to the listeners. ‘No Kissing Baby’ is not among the songs that can only be danced and be listened to, but it has some lessons to the listeners. Some of it lessons that were into both the famous artist when working on this song were to encourage boundaries as well as consent physically in a relationship. The consent and boundaries are very essential in relationships and marriages. You need to revive your playlist with this top hit song by Patoranking featuring Sarkodie.

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2. Patoranking - My Woman

‘My Woman’ made airwaves just as it was expected. It won Patoranking MTV Africa Music Award for Song of the Year and also made it to be nominated at the City People Music Award for the Best Collabo of the Year as well as The Headies Award for Best Pop Single. This great Patoranking song featured Wandel Coal and it was released back in 2015, but still viral in 2018.

Is your lady special to you? If yes, then this is the best song to dedicate to her. Patoranking never sings to impress, but he sings to spread an important message to his long list of fans. ‘My Woman’ lyrics is a dedix to all men, to tell them that ladies should be treated well. The great beats of the song, lyrics, and the vocals of both the artist made this song to receive massive acceptance. Most people have the chorus of the song on their lips and they greatly enjoy it. The streets the clubs in precise from different places are still embracing this hit track and therefore you should not hesitate to download it.

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3.Patoranking -Another Level

Patoranking dropped this single hit ‘Another Level’ in 2016. It is one of the Patoranking songs that are secular, but also seems religious. The beats are perfect and the vocals of the Nigerian artist crown the song. Patoranking ‘Another Level’ lyrics can be a good dedication to those who people who believe in God miracle of changing their current situations to better. This song was greatly accepted judged its number of viewers in his YouTube channel, in the Google Play, Amazon, and iTunes too. If you believe that no situation is permanent in life, then this is the hit for you. It will always make you get encouraged.

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4. Patoranking - God Over Everything

‘God over Everything’ is a favorite to many since it was realized in 2016. It made Patoranking win South African Music Award for Best African Artist as well as contributing to his popularity everywhere. The ‘Digital Distribution Serbia’ label is great and its soothing beats make it to be embraced.

Patoranking ‘God Over Everything’ is an album that consist of 16 songs in total. Most of the songs in this album broke out internationally like ‘’no kissing baby’. The songs went viral for having an inspiration message to the listeners without necessarily being too serious.

We cannot forget to give thumbs up to Patoranking for making his choice of lyrics to be more original in their delivery as they were packed with creativity. The 10 producers produced the 16 songs made the song no be cheerful and worth listening. Patoranking wisely collaborated with popular artists like Wizkid, Phyno, Olamide, Konshens, Elephant Man, and Sarkodie. What most love Patoranking for is his self-confidence that he will deliver a song worth loving. Purchase the album and you will definitely make it your everyday replay.

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5.Becca Ft. Patoranking - Na Wash

‘Na Wash’ is a song released by a famous Ghanaian artist called Becca in her ‘Unveiling’ album. This great song was released in 2017 and it features the Nigerian famous artist, Patoranking. The lyrics of the song is dedicated to those who fall in love with their crush and they end up getting hurt when never they see them close to another person. Masta Garzy produced the hit song and made it too awesome, not boring; thumbs up.

The quality of this song is super fine and its full of originality. What most love about this song in precise are its beats that are perfect during a party. This might be the reason why it went viral in all streets especially in clubs. Judging by ‘Na Wash’ viewers, likes, and downloads; we can greatly tell that many people accepted this song. Listen to it, it is danceable, good for listening on a boring day, and it also has an inspiring message to its listeners.

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6. Bisa Kdei Ft. Patoranking - Life

‘life’ is a hit song that is not only capable of making you move your feet, but also give you a hundred and one reasons to never give up. This song was released in Bisa Kdei ‘Highlife Konnect’ album in 2018. The producer of this great song is Mix Masta Garzy and thanks to him for making the video of the song worth watching. ‘Life’ a sweet song that proved dancehall and High life vocals as well as beats can link up very well.

The lyrics of this song is so inspiring and encourage the listeners to never give up in life. It is very true that God’s time is the best, and therefore we should always focus on giving thanks to the almighty rather than lamenting on what you cant afford. Before complaining, you should always have in mind that someone is praying to God to give him or her what you don’t appreciate. You need to listen to this song that has great beats that does not make it too religious or too serious. Patoranking and Bisa Kdei collaboration made the fans know that Nigeria and Ghana artists are always make a banger. Download it and have a gasp of what good music is made of.

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7. Patoranking - Happy Day

Patoranking songs released in 2014 such as ‘Happy Day’ were widely accepted beyond the borders. The song takes one to a ride of love, romance, and finally walking down the aisle. This wedding them song made Patoranking to be recognized as the Nigerian newest yet talented reggae artist. Many say that Patoranking dabbed uniquely as it was very different other tracks. Something great about the Nigerian artist is that he believes in himself and that is the reason he risked to that kind of music.

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This song went viral for its soothing Patoranking vocals and lyrics that were simple to hum as well as sing just after hearing it. The storyline of this song is about Patoranking who is attracted in marrying a white girl, but the dad to the lady did not support the marriage because Patoranking is black. The song has a great flow and the lovebirds finally wed, the wedding gifts are too awesome; they are a fairytale to many. This song made airwaves in weddings everywhere is the country. The video of this song is of high quality and it flows well with the lyrics crowning it. Download it and we bet that you will definitely press reply.

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8. Patoranking - Make Am

‘Make Am’ is a reggae song by Patoranking featuring Ebonyi State Band and it was released in 2016. The great song became an inspirational anthem to his long list of fans for its great every thing from the flow to the beats. Patoranking best yet unique voice asset still crown the song.

The lyrics of the song can be a dedication to those people who want God to control over their life and always bless them. Patoranking tells his listeners that they should be ready to help because they will also require help from others at any point of their life. He also tell the listeners that money can make one to change.

Every time you are listening to a song, you should pay attention to its lyrics and learn from its message. Nowadays, many artists focus so much in giving their songs great beats, but they don’t go viral because of their meaning less lyrics. Patoranking is one of the best artists and his many fans are unquestioned. He always puts God above every thing and we should get inspired with his songs.

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9. Patoranking Ft Tiwa Savage - Girlie ‘O’

Girlie ‘O’ is a great song by Patoranking that features a popular female artist Tiwa Savage. The presence of the two talented Nigerian artist vocals made the song to read at the top of many countries charts. Since this song was released in 2014 up to date, it has never been boring to listen to it. In fact, many say that they find themselves replying it over and over again.

The lyrics of the song will take you to a journey of love. This clearly means that you can dedicate it to your girlfriend, wife, husband, or boyfriend to make them feel special. Coming up with suitable words that will express your feeling to your lover is always a challenge to many. Don’t stress anymore as you can download and send them either via Whatsapp or any other suitable means.

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This song went viral and even won The Headies Award for Best Reggae (Dancehall Single). In simple words, it was never a disappoint as it made it to the top as expected. You need to listen to this song; we bet you will also fall in love with Patoranking and Tiwa Savage soothing yet romantic dance moves.

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10. Patoranking Ft Wizkid - This Kind Love

‘This Kind Luv’ is a danceable yet an inspiring anthem song by Patoranking that was released in 2016 in his ‘God Over Everything’ album. Wizkid a famous Nigerian artist featuring the song great song. This song has quite a number of views, many likes, and downloads. This is because everyone was in such a hurry to download that song with two Nigerian talented artist; of course people know that it had to come out best.

Since the hit song was released in the market, many copies have been sold and we will share with you the reasons behind its massive acceptance. The first thumb up is for its producer for giving it a quality video that flows well with the lyrics. The beat of the song is extremely awesome and this is the major reason to why most the streets embraced it. Radio stations, Television stations, and the clubs will not rest as the song is so popular and many love it for its originality. The clubs will definitely go for a danceable song that will cheer up the people in it. You need to listen to this song and we bet you will fall in love with it.

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Patoranking songs are definitely among the best in the industry.

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