Top trending Nathaniel Bassey songs

Top trending Nathaniel Bassey songs

Nathaniel Bassey is a gospel artiste from Nigeria aged forty years old. He was born in 1978 at Akwa-Ibom Nigeria and he is celebrated both in Africa and outside countries. Nathaniel is also a song writer and he can play a couple of instruments like the trumpet. He started the hallelluyah challenge on instagram which attracted over 60,000 people globally. Nathaniel Bassey songs have won him many awards including the VGMA awards and AFRIMMA awards. His songs are among the well received gospel songs in Africa.

Top trending nathaniel bassey songs

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All songs by Nathaniel are simply uplifting. They are mostly songs of worship and praise. When you listen to the songs you are bound to feel the presence of the lord.

Nathaniel Bassey song list

After doing our round checks, we found out than Nathaniel songs are trending so much among his fans and we compiled a list of his top trending songs.Below is Nathaniel Bassey song list

1.Nathaniel Bassey - Onise iyanu

This song was released back in 2016. It is part of the album, this God is too good. This song has had many likes on You tube. For Christians who love worshipping God and feeling his presence, singing this song gives you the mood of prayer, it makes you want God and more of God every day. This song blesses many because the worse are very sincere. You can download this song from any music app and listen to it and you will be in the presence of God. Worship moves God and we were made to worship.

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2. Nathaniel Bassey - Imela.

This song holds a thankful message. Thanking God in all circumstances is very important and Nathaniel Bassey encourages us to thank God through this song. Words cannot express how deep this song is. When you start thanking God He starts blessing you so look for this song, listen to it and am sure you will love worshiping the Almighty through it. This song was released in 2014 and until today, churches all over the world have sung it during their services. Imela is one of Nathaniel Bassey popular songs that has received many views and also likes on social media. Nathaniel continues to bless us with more of his songs until today.

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3. Nathaniel Bassey - This God is too good.

In this song, Nathaniel shows that the mercies of God endure forever. This is a song of both praise and worship that takes us to a world of God’s presence. This song acknowledges the might deeds of God and an any Christian would agree that it sends a strong message to the heart. God deserves our praise because he made us in the first place. We have all the reson to worship and glorify his holy name. Simply download the song or watch it on YouTube to get the much needed peace. Nathaniel Bassey is indeed a blessing to many of us.

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4. Nathaniel Bassey - Olowogbogboro

In this song, Nathaniel Featured Wale Adenuga to produce a spectacular piece. It is still amazing how Nathaniel is very proud of his culture and he is not afraid to prise God using his language. This song was released last year to wrap up the halelluhya challenge and when he produced the song, fans could not hold back the excitement. The song was downloaded and people readily celebrated it. The secular culture has been dominant for a while, but with artists like Nathaniel Bassey, the gospel industry is quickly rising.

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4. Nathaniel Bassey - Casting Crowns

This song is among Nathaniel’s album God of love. The song shows how mighty and powerful God is. it is a good worship song that adores God in all ways. This song is really uplifting to most believers and so far, it keeps on blessing hearts. The song casting crowns shows that God is above all the other gods and that his name is powerful and surely there is no god like him. The song is a turn point from the earthly world to the heavenly. Nathaniel surely has blessed us with his songs and wherever he is, he is a blessed man.

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5. Nathaniel Bassey - Elohim

Elohim means eternal one, and Nathaniel took the translation to a song. Elohm is one of the names that Jesus is called in the bible and it represents one who does not die. Indeed he rose from the the dead and he still reigns up high. Nathaniel’s elohim praises God by saying his name severally. This song brings a believer to the mood of prayer. Through this song, people have been healed of their diseases and the Holy Spirit speaks to people. This song is very unique because it is very easy and also it is not long. If you are a fan, and also a believer of God just download the song from music apps or view t online on YouTube and am sure you will be blessed. This song was released back in 2010, and it is part of the album, someone’s at the door. Until then, Nathaniel Basset’s songs still continue to be a hit all over Africa not only because of their strong message but also because they are sung well.

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6. Nathaniel Bassey - Glorious God

What more can we say? God is our protector and provider and indeed he is glorious. This song is quite uplifting because from it, God is glorified. This song is really catchy and it brings a person to a moment of prayer. The song is really amazing because from it Christians can connect with their creator. This album was released as part of the album: this God is too good back in 2016. Until today the song is an inspiration and also an inspiration to many. Christian life is not easy and listening to good Christian music helps to calm the soul. God is very faithful to his people because he always listens to our prayers too. God deserves glory and this song helps you to be in that position.

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7. Nathaniel Bassey - We need you now

In Christianity, we most certainly need God. Every day of our lives and every hour. This song is a song of worship that is very uplifting and that sends a very strong message. This song helps to bring a bond with God by worshipping him. Nathaniel’s song is sung in most churches and until today they continue to be celebrated. Listen to this song and am sure you will feel the Holy Spirit talking o you in unimaginable ways. The song has been one of the best songs of Nathaniel Bassey.

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8. Nathaniel Bassey - I've come to worship

This song focuses on Jesus and his doings. Jesus is the son of God that readily gave his life to save us. This song glorifies God and his doings and also his holy name that is able to heal the sick and turn things around. Nathaniel is a true believer and that can be shown through his music. Currently, he is still making more music to glorify God. The fans should not be worried because Nathaniel is working on another album that will leave you in deeper love for God. He is indeed an inspiration to the Gospel world.

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9. Nathaniel bassey - So amazing

What more could we say? Indeed God is an amazing God, who works to protect those who truly seek him in spirit and in truth. Our god is amazing and Nathaniel brings out that aspect clearly by singing about how amazing the Lord is. Nathaniel speaks to my heart and is sure he will to yours once you listen to this song. God takes people far because most of those who believe have not been put to shame. Take your time and listen to this song word for word and sure you will be touched like me. This is one of Nathaniel bassey worship songs that touches the hearts of many.

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10. Nathaniel Bassey - Incredible love

We should always give thanks to god because his love endures forever. This is the message that this song sounds, about the wonderful love of Christ. This song is also a thankful song because God still loves us despite the many times we fall short of his glory. There is no other place than the place of worship and listening to the songs gives the perfect place of peace and worship. All Nathaniel’s song are also encouraging and somehow they give a believer a reason to wait on Go and not to rely on their own understanding. This song was a hit and you should listen and and get uplifted. This was one of the best Nathaniel Bassey songs 2017 that moved me. Make sure thatyou download the song, listen to the video or the audio and am sure you will be blessed.

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Other Nathaniel Bassey’s songs include amazing God, Oh Jehovah mighty God, Owner of the key, The blood,celebrate Jesus and many more. If you are his big fan, you can also subscribe to his YouTube to get live updates on his music and you will also view the videos when they are still fresh in the market. Nathaniel has also made man collaborations with artists like Onos Ariyo, and Micah stampley.

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All through his songs, Nathaniel sends a very powerful message that is an inspiration to many. It shows that even singing gospel music has its advantages because you can still be heard and celebrated through it. Tune in to listen to Nathaniel Bassey new songs and am sure your life will never be the same again. Even a non-believer can admit that his songs are truly powerful.

Nathaniel bassey songs 2018 are equally uplifting as those of the past. You have got to love how he sings and mostly how he worships. From listening to the songs you can easily tell that he is a man of God.


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