Happy mother's day wishes from husband 2018

Happy mother's day wishes from husband 2018

Love is a beautiful thing and anything that comes from it is blessed; so is a wife. Playing an important role in the family, a wife or the queen of the house deserves all the appreciation that she can get. This should be more pronounced during mothers day. Sending her mothers day wishes decorated with colorful words, accompanied by gifts, will make her feel like the queen she is. For a husband, seeing the mother of your children happy is always an assurance of having a happy and prosperous family life, because she always finds ways of trickling that happiness down to your children.

Happy mother's day wishes from husband 2018


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Mother's day wishes from husband to wife

When sending her the best mother's day wishes from husband, it is important for you to ensure that you use words that will rub her the right way. Package your words in a gift card and send it in the most romantic way; it is your wife and she needs to know you love her as much as you appreciate her role as the mother of your children. Below are some of the mother's day wishes for your wife:

  • My love for you grows today and forever. This is all I had wished for us. Happy mothers day honey.
  • When I first saw you, I knew you will be the mother of my children, I just did not know that you will be this good of a mother to me too. I love you and happy mothers day.
  • Each day I celebrate you by caring and loving you but today I will let you know how good of a mother you are to our children and a wife to me. I wish you many more days and years on earth and happy mothers day my lover.
  • Our first baby was the first of many, down to the third and you are still as beautiful and hardworking as I first met you, happy mothers day love.
  • Your fear was to love so much, but to our kids and I, that has become your reality and I am proud and grateful. I will forever remain focused to make you happy and help you preserve your beauty for I know it makes you feel good about yourself. Happy mothers day.
  • In a day such as this was the day I met you, coincidentally our fist child met us too. You are a blessing and a queen to our family. I love and appreciate you for being the best mother to our kids and a grateful wife to me. Happy mothers day my love.
  • Having you for a wife and the mother our kids is the best decision I ever made. Happy mothers day.
mother's day best wishes


  • I love you for the constructive criticism you direct to me, for the support you offer, for the love, care and tenderness you direct to our children, for always being the mother and wife I could ever wish for. I love you today and always. Happy mothers day my wife.
  • I only understood marriage after making you my wife and I love everything I learnt. You have been everything I hoped for in a wife and the mother of my children. I thank you for that and many more qualities that make you the greatest wife and mom in the whole wide world. Happy mothers day.
  • I am grateful for your patience, and persistence to make a great family out us through prayers, and wisdom, which has made you a good wife and a mother. Together we have worked as a team to become the best parents to our kids. Happy mothers day team mate, I love you.
  • Never for a moment have I ever doubted your abilities as a mother to our kids, because all you have ever been is a mother, a lover and a friend. You always find ways to become the best mother and wife, which makes our kids and I the best people on earth. Happy mothers day my love.

Happy mothers day wishes

Mother's day wishes for wife should be appreciative and loving. Nonetheless, love manifests itself in different ways. To some, it reveals the poet in them while to others it snatches words and replace it with numbness. Whatever your case is, this article has you covered with mother's day best wishes, a husband could send to their wife.

  • From day one, my wish was to make a family with someone I love, someone I would wish heaven for, and break every bone making her feel happy and appreciated. That person is you. I wish you a happy mothers day and a love that will stand the test of time.
  • All I wish is to see you grow old, fulfilled in all sphere of your life; you deserve it. Happy mothers day my love.
  • 10 years in marriage is not a joke, more so, with me as a husband. I wish you grow old by my side, that way, I will always find ways to make you the most beautiful and happy wife and mother. Happy mothers day my lover.
  • I wish our present would always be as it is, fun packed, appreciative and real. You are a wife that I will forever be grateful for and a mother my kids will never complain about. Happy mothers day to the one who makes our wishes come true.
  • In all the wishes the world could grant, it gave me you for a wife and a mother to my kids. I make another wish to the universe to make you the most beautiful, loving, caring, fulfilled and happy wife and the best mother in the world. Happy mothers day.
  • You were my unknown wish, now granted in the most creative traits of a mother and a wife. You are now my known wish and I wish for the best in the years ahead. Happy mothers day.
  • The world is a big place, and our world is the best place to be. You make the big world seem small and our world bearable. Your hearty laughter and deep sense of humor are on my forever-living wishes. I wish to grow old with you and make the most of our years on earth great. Happy mother’s day to my one and only wife, I love you.

Mother's day wishes to girlfriend

Happy mother's day wishes for girlfriend should be spiced with the appropriate words to tickle her fancy, at the same time show her the extent of your love for her. Below are some of the most romantic mother’s day wishes to girlfriend:

mother's day wishes for wife


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  • We knew from the first day, that our wishes to love and hold on forever will not be deterred by any distraction, because our love is for real. Today I celebrate you for being a loving and caring baby mama to our child and a supportive girlfriend to me. I wish what we have turns out to be a home that will last forever. Happy mother’s day love.
  • At first, I thought it was your smile that made me crazy about you; but as I continued knowing more about you, I was sure it is you as a whole that makes me attracted to you. You are a mother and a girlfriend with personalities, great, to make anyone fall in love with you every single day. I wish what we share turns into marriage. Happy mother’s day my love.
  • Everything that you have been to our child and I, has been nothing short of a mother and a friend. I consider you a friend and a lover, a partner in life and all it brings our way. I wish you a happy mothers day.
  • The future is bright because we have invested so much hopes and wishes in it, the present is perfect and fun-packed because we have invested all of ourselves in it and today as you celebrate mothers day, I wish you live every moment like it is the last because all I ever want is to see you happy. Happy mothers day babe.
  • Nothing comes easily to you as your love for me; I appreciate that. Nothing comes easy to me like my wishes and plans for a happy life with you my love. I wish every mothers day be a reminder of how strong and beautiful you are. I love and appreciate you today and always. Happy mothers day.
  • Our love is pure and our future bright. My wish for you this day is you celebrate the person you are in the most special way. I wish to remind you that i will always be by your side to help you and be the best partner. Happy mothers day.
  • Sometimes back, you were just a wish. Today, i see you as the blessing you are. Have a happy mothers day full of fun and relaxation.
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