Natural facial treatment products in Ghana

Natural facial treatment products in Ghana

A smooth, soft, evenly toned and clear skin is everyone’s dream. However, skin being the largest organ in the body and one that faces the external environment is exposed to so many harsh things and therefore this is hard to achieve. For instance, it is in direct contact with dirt, germs, ultra violet rays, among other things. Nonetheless it is still possible to maintain a healthy skin especially on the face with the right facial treatment and natural skin care. Great skin is achieved through maintenance of proper hygiene to avoid pores clogging up with dirt or germs causing inflammation. Skin should be toned and moisturized to remain hydrated, pH balanced and maintain the essential oil.

Natural facial treatment products in Ghana

Flawless face has made many invest heavily on skin care products to improve the skin’s health. Sadly, out of ignorance or lack of the same, many know not that the products they are using are chemically manufactured hence have harsh ingredients that instead of serving them with good worsens the situation. Truth is told skin is very sensitive to harsh chemicals, toxins among other processed things, it may give a short relief but in the long run you will suffer dearly.

Most of the lotions, facial scrubs, facial wash, toners, moisturizers and facial mask bought at the beauty shops contain ingredients that are harmful to the body. As we silently wait on them to work little do we know it is the wrong facial treatment. For instance the preservatives, added colors, fragrances and other hard to pronounce chemicals written on the package brings about respiratory distress, allergies, kidney damage, destroys the immune system, eye problems, skin irritation and sensitivity and cancer.

Just like we are being sensitized to avoid processed food for proper nutrition, the same should apply when it comes to facial treatment, natural face treatment is the way to go. There is so much nature has provided that we can make use of and have healthy, glowing and beautiful skin, that is sustainable and exposes you to no risk of side effects. Besides, it is relatively cheap to do the natural skin care.

There are many natural skin care products that Mother Nature has given us freely considering the good tropical weather we enjoy and the fertile land. If only we knew which product is a natural toner, moisturizer, has essential oil, provides natural healing – which am here to do, then we would never go for the expensive facial treatment in Accra. You realize lack of knowledge is what causes us to perish, and here we provide natural skin care tip for inexpensive yet effective facial treatment at home.

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Natural skin products in Ghana

Many Ghanaians are used to treating your face with a whole range of store bought beauty products, but here you will move from these conventional products that have cost use immensely and back to our roots with is golden – natural skin products in Ghana. If you are in a quest to find how to take care of your skin without the use of chemically manufactured products, you have just hit the road to that destiny that comes with the assurance of a healthy skin, effectiveness, reliability and one that is utterly safe on any human being.

The Solomon’s wisdom of the olden days is something that amazes me. Our forefathers never went to school yet have the knowledge of Mother Nature’s providence; healing herbs, skin care plants among other things. Regrettably, we should have benefitted from education and technology but unfortunately we have become ignorant the more, and it seems we aint getting out of our cocoon of comfort even after knowing of the consequences that awaits us following the use of these products. No further emphasis is needed, there are those who desire to learn from their own experience we are waiting to hear sad and fatal stories from you but meanwhile team naturals lets work on our skin through natural skin care.

You should have now shifted you school of thought to natural facial treatment, however, if you still thing am just about to introduce another branded and packages tetra packed product am sorry. These natural skin products are in the natures existences and you therefore need to pluck, use a mortar and pestle if need be to make paste or extract juice to apply. Yes it is as simple as that!

1. Lemon juice

facial treatment at home, natural facial treatment, natural skin products in ghana


Lemon is a citrus fruit that is rich in nutritional potent; Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Carbohydrates and phosphorus. It is highly acidic in nature which gives it amazing facial treatment acne qualities. Lemon is a powerful antioxidant, cleanser and has effective healing properties. The nutrients in the fruit works towards improving the health of the skin while the acidity works on making it clear.

The natural acid is a very effective facial treatment for blackheads. It removes dead skin – skin exfoliation, heals age spots, dark spots and freckles, clears discoloration leading to even skin tone, cleans pores and absorbs excess oil from the skin. Ideally, when you apply lemon juice on your face, the juice which is high in ph helps in killing bacteria, unclogs skin pores, and absorbs skin’s oiliness leading to no skin inflammation. Therefore, dealing with skin soreness, pimples and acne. For the dark spots and the blackhead, the juice helps in clearing them off through fading away and is light bleach – skin whitening hence works well in eliminating and leaving the skin flawless.

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Application is pretty simple. Take the lemon fruit and cut it into two halves, squeeze out the juice using a squeezer or hand press into a clean bowl. Using cotton wool apply sparingly on the face and leaves for about ten minutes to dry. Wash with warm water and apply a natural moisturizer such as coconut oil. The lemon use will work as outlined above leaving you with an excellent glowing skin. For desired results to be achieved faster apply at least three times a week is effective natural skin care. However, do not rub the juice into the skin during application, lemon juice is a bit abrasive and can be harsh on sensitive skin

2. Aloe Vera

facial treatment at home, natural facial treatment, natural skin products in ghana


Aloe Vera is a cactus plant that grows naturally in Ghana, Africa and has been used for years worldwide due to it great medicinal purposes. It is one of those natures providence rich in nutritional value; minerals, vitamins, enzymes, phenolic compounds, sugars, sterols, salicylic acids and lignin among other nutrients potent. Aloe Vera has a host of benefits ranging healing periodontal disease, aiding digestion to boosting immunity. However, it is important that you keenly look into the facial treatment aspect.

Similarly, it works magically on the skin to ensure it radiates and is healthy. Scientifically, aloe vera contains the auxin and gibberellins hormones which are good at healing and anti inflammatory properties. They have anti-bacterial ability hence inhibit growth and flourishing of bacteria and germs in the skin which ideally is all about hindering skin inflammation which manifests in form of sores, pimples, acne, reddening and black spots. The Giberellin stimulates cell regeneration which helps the skin to heal quickly leaving minimal to zero scars on the skin.

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Other than that, aloe vera is a natural moisturizer which prevents drying, hence the skin is hydrated. Remember skin can be damaged by leaving it dry since it can crack and be unhealthy. As a moisturizer it leaves no greasy feel but the soft texture and therefore can be used by both men and women as a natural skin care. Aloe also treats sunburn through allowing regeneration and healing of the epithelial layer of the skin. It also reduced visibility of scars, dark spots, stretch marks hence an effective facial treatment during pregnancy. The Vitamin C and E restore the skin health, firmness and elasticity hence good anti-aging product. It gives a soothing effect on the skin and therefore ideal for facial treatment for sensitive skin.

As mentioned here before, Aloe Vera is a cactus plant and sometimes grows widely hence very accessible. In use, just pluck a leaf from the plant, tear open to have the clear gel, apply it on the face and leave is to dry. Once it has dried up, it appears as a facial mask. Get it off the skin and wash using warm water and a facial wash if possible, moisturize with natural oil. Speedy results are achieved after consistent application.

3. Honey

facial treatment at home, natural facial treatment, natural skin products in ghana


This is raw honey which ordinarily is thought to be only a sweetener. Honey is harnessed together by bees that collect nectar and brings it to their bee hive. It is one natural skin care products in Ghana that is widely used in facial treatment. Honey contains antioxidants, antibacterial anti-aging properties and useful nutrients all that work to improve the health of the skin.

Raw honey thanks to anti-microbial properties helps in preventing bacterial build up which manages the skin breakouts and imbalances. As this happen scar, dark spots and black head get to fade away as the pores heal and tissue re-growth reviving the skin’s health – a very useful ingredient in the acne treatment. It is a natural exfoliator removing dead skin and helping in regeneration of new cells. Clearly, facial treatment with honey has a host of benefits traced from honey being an acne treatment product, scar fader, gentle exfoliator, cleanser, moisturizer and a sunburn treatment agent.

In use honey can be used alongside other products but it is equally effective even when used all alone. Honey can be mixed with aloe vera, lemon juice, coconut oil and baking soda. Conceptually, you need to mix the products together to form a fine mixture, clean your face with warm water then apply the concoction sparingly. Leave for about 15 minutes to soak in before washing with warm water, moisturizer as desired. Of course consistency will give immediate results. Honey usage on the skin is one of the practical and effective natural beauty tips that is in expensive but worthwhile.

4. Carrot juice

facial treatment at home, natural facial treatment, natural skin products in ghana


Carrot is broadly classified as a vegetable and conventionally regarded as one that aids in vision. Scientifically, it contains beta carotene and Vitamin A. The mineral component in carrot helps the body get rid of unwanted and toxic products from the body. It helps in removing accumulated dirt, sebum and germs that may clog up the pores. It works from inside out, which means it is consumed directly then get to work within the body and manifest on the skin. Consistent intake of carrot juice improves the health, glow and texture of the skin.

The boon to carrot juice is that it has anti-aging properties that result from restoring skin firmness and elasticity. In the long run, it improves the facial appearance in an inexpensive way. A very practical facial treatment homemade option that is both efficient and effective.

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Carrot juice is not something that is popularly made yet is one attached to a whole range of benefits especially those related to skin health improvement and consequently facial treatment. In preparation, carrot is cut into small cubes and then ground into juice either using a food processor or juicer; there are both electronic and manual options. The juice is obtained from one end and the pulp on the other end, filter the juice and consume directly. Intake daily in the morning for desired results.

5. Coconut oil – facial treatment for pimple marks

facial treatment at home, natural facial treatment, natural skin products in ghana


Coconut oil has a host of benefits ranging from hair growth and health to skin glow effects. Coconut oils are a natural moisturizer, antibacterial, toner, cleanser and healing properties. When applied, the coconut oil hinder the growth of bacteria hence deals with inflammation. Ideally it inflammation is handles, pimples and acne which form on the skin stop as there in no accumulation of sebum in the skin. Moreover, coconut has healing properties which allows for new cell growth and fading away of scars.

Among the many benefit of coconut oil to the skin are ; protecting the skin against sunburn and ultra violet rays, speed up healing of scars and fading away of black heads, clears pimples and acne, strengthens the underlying epidermal tissue, cleansing the pores, moisturize the skin to ensure it is properly hydrated, hider bacteria, fungi, germs and any microbial. Interestingly, coconut oil helps in management of the digestive and hormonal functions which all are pointer of skin health – natural skin care.

Coconut oil can be applied on the face directly then left to soak in. unlike other natural skin care products in Ghana discussed above, coconut oil need not to be washed off. It is an essential oil and actually is one of the best moisturizer. However, if you feel the face is too greasy, you can wipe of sparingly. Coconut oil can be home prepared through extraction from the white pulp; a recommendable facial treatment homemade product.

6. Apple cider vinegar

facial treatment at home, natural facial treatment, natural skin products in ghana


Apple cider vinegar is yet another organic skin care product that has been in existence for decades. It the past, it was used as a medicine especially in easing digestion and stomach upsets. However, in the modern world it has a host of uses the primary one being to help improve the health of the skin. It is all natural which gives the assurance of safety as no side effects can be felt during or after use and if they occur they are very mild.

Facial treatment using apple cider vinegar is one of the common practices that have the rule of thumb even from the world’s renowned dermatologists. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, vitamins and mineral such as magnesium and potassium. Ideally the acidity as fore- mentioned in other products fight germs. An acidic environment hinders the bacterial growth even when it is underneath the skin. The killing of germs translates to removal of toxins and unwanted material from the skin leaving it clearer and already taking shape to heal.

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One of the known elements in apple cider vinegar is the detoxifying element. In the long run, ACV helps clear or fade away of scar, blemishes, pimples, black heads and spots. This leaves the skin with excellent flow of blood to tissue and the healing happens as a result; new cells develop and skin is revamped all over again. It is applied on the face using cotton roll, on a pre-washed face. The Apple cider vinegar is then left to soak in, however, it is smelly but the results are worthwhile. Thereafter clean and moisturize as desired.

7. Tea tree oil

facial treatment at home, natural facial treatment, natural skin products in ghana


If you are well conversant with personal beauty product, then by now you know tea tree oil is a major component in most of these beauty products. Tea tree oil is extracted from the tea tree plan that grows widely in Australia. Ideally tea tree contains much essential oil that just explains why this plant species is important to humanity and precisely in natural facial treatment.

It contains phytochemicals; monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, and hydrocarbons all of which are anti-microbial and anti-inflammation. In Australia, and now in Ghana, the tea tree oil is used to fight skin redness, inflammation and breakouts. It is very key in fighting germs and heals and moreover it is a natural and effective moisturizer for that matter. This makes it popular in the fight for acne and dark spots. The biggest advantage it carries is that it is mild and gentle on the skin unlike other natural products that are very acidic, abrasive and harsh. In fact most of the people who react to many products, tolerate the tea tree oils. A strong point to note for facial treatment for sensitive skin.

It is very hard to find unprocessed tea tree oil but the raw form is the most optimal one. Therefore you should hunt for it tirelessly is good skin is your priority. In application, tea tree can be used alongside other natural skin care products to give better results. Patience is key and needed as the process is not instant.

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8. Olive oil

facial treatment at home, natural facial treatment, natural skin products in ghana


Olive oil is extracted from the olive plant one of those plants with great benefits to the hair and the skin. Olive oils have great deposits of remarkable nutrients such as flavonoids and polyphenol. Forget about the complex name, olive oil has nutrients that protect the skin from damage and accelerate healing – natural beauty tip.

Proven, olive oil secretes the above compounds into the body which speed up the new cell development after the skin has been exfoliated to remove dead skin. It is also an excellent natural moisturizer that keeps the skin well hydrated. Mark you skin hydrating is important is it is to be maintained healthy as drying up leaves it susceptible to damage and germs.

With olive oil, one needs not to wipe away after applying it. You can leave it on the skin to soak in slowly, however, if the shiny glow bother you, wipe slightly with a piece of cloth. Olive oil basically improves the skin texture and health leaving it radiating for the world to see. If you are looking on how to take care of your skin, olive oil is a perfect gift towards that result.

9. Avocado

facial treatment at home, natural facial treatment, natural skin products in ghana


Skin health and right nutrition goes hand in hand; the two are entwined. What goes in is manifested out, if you eat right, it will be seen on the skin and the opposite is also true. Avocado is a tropical fruit with deposits of Vitamin A, D and E. it is one amongst the few natural products that can be used either internally or applied externally and the result still be felt without any risk.

Avocado can be used as a moisturizer, cleanser and anti-inflammation agent. It is one of the fatty fruits and therefore good at nourishing and moistening the skin; it also help maintain the require water level in the skin. In cleansing, avocado is used to make facial mask in facial treatment that help in the removal of toxins and waste from the skin.

There are immense uses of avocado which make the fruit one of a kind and surprising one that people little know about. It is one of the safe facial treatments for sensitive skin since it is purely natural and unprocessed in whatsoever form. Avocado boost collagen production – nutrition bit of it, treat age spots – good anti-aging agent, sooths the skin, treats sunburns, hydrates the skin among many other uses to the skin. This mean it direct oral intake or external application all will improve the skin texture, glow and health.

Facial treatment homemade mask from avocado any entail the avocado being made into paste then applied on a clean face. The mask however, in bid to improve the effectiveness may have the additions of honey and essential oil; castor oil, almond oil, argan oil or jojoba oils. Avocado replenishes the skin and therefore is a vital compound in natural skin care more so of the face.

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10. Sea salt

facial treatment at home, natural facial treatment, natural skin products in ghana


Sea salt is obtained from sea water. It is nutrient potent loaded; containing great deposits of potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium among other minerals. The body needs these minerals for health purposes as mentioned here above it reflect on the skin. Sea salt is used for facial treatment and is highly effective.

Virgin sea salt that is unprocessed has been used for ages now in restoring the skin’s radiance and health. The ph levels in it help in fighting germs and clearing pores as bacteria cannot survive under such conditions. However, it is mild enough not to be harsh to the skin but effective to ensure the skin no longer has toxins deposits clogged up in the pores.

The application of seas salt or the use of the same in natural skin care is plainly simple. Scoop two teaspoonfuls of sea salt and place on a bowl; add honey, lemon juice or natural essential oils of choice. Mix evenly. Clean your face with warm water the apply evenly on the skin, leave for a few moments about 15 minutes before rinsing off again with warm water and a facial wash. It works from deep into the skin, eliminating inflammation, improving cell turn over and renewal and maintaining the require oils and their production.

11. Yoghurt

facial treatment at home, natural facial treatment, natural skin products in ghana

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Well, this may have caught you by surprise. Yes, this is the yummy yoghurt you love taking. Yoghurt is acidic; contains lactic acid and some detoxifying compounds. The lactic acid inhibits the growth of bacteria within the skin pores and clears them up of toxins. This also leads to dead skin exfoliation paving way for new skin and tissue regeneration and cell development. The protein found in the milk magically works in tightening the pores and aid in the healing process.

Yoghurt is a natural skin care - face cleanser and plainly simple to use and besides one of the readily available natural products. Gently massage a thin layer of plain yoghurt into the skin using your finger tips. This helps loosen up dirt, however, do not overdo it lest is becomes harsh to the skin. Leave for a couple of minutes to soak in the wash off using warm water and a clean towel. Yoghurt is effective in the facial treatment for pimple mark and one you should try out on.

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