Linda Ikeji house worth and pictures

Linda Ikeji house worth and pictures

Linda Ikeji is a Nigerian Entrepreneur, writer, blogger and former model. She was born on 19th September 1980, Nkwerre, Imo, Nigeria. Even though she is rich, beautiful but single, Linda Ikeji house has recently received more attention in the media, compared to any other controversy hovering around her personal life.

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Linda Ikeji’s house

Linda Ikeji house worth and magnificence is something that is too good to be true. Resting in the leafy suburb of Banana island area of Ikoyi, the two storey glass house is what many would regard as a dream house. Its cost ranges about a half a million naira and judging from Linda Ikeji house pictures we cannot say much to dispute.

Linda ikeji house worth and pictures

The house’ descriptions

The interior design of Linda Ikeji 500million Naira house features six bedrooms, three floors, two living rooms, a media room accompanied by a cinema room. The dining hall is also relatively big with panoramic windows on the walls. The kitchen is similarly splendid having being decorated with marbles and wood. Linda teases that it’s her mother’s best part of the house.

Aside from that, there is,correspondingly, a gym room, a gatehouse, a laundry room, two room boys-quarters as well as a changing room or rather a cabana.

Being a former model and a fashionista, obviously, there must be room to store all her clothing, shoes, accessories and make-ups. This may be termed as her ‘fashion office’. We can tell from the gigantic wardrobes and shoe racks;her closet room was solely intended to appear like a boutique.

Generally, everything else about Linda Ikeji new house is enormous; ranging from the master bedroom to the bathroom suite,all the way to the dining room and living rooms. There are also very beautiful and glittering chandeliers hanging from the ceiling in almost every room. In addition, the refined and exquisite tiles on the floor and along the stairway speaks volume about the quality and elegance of the house.

There is also a Jacuzzi fitted close to the panoramic windows, overseeing the beautiful city’s topography. What a way to have a bath! This is not to mention the state of the art shower system in the sparkling white bathroom. Talk about living like a princess.

The exterior layout is also as also equally impressive having been painted white. The simple but classy gate is the first thing to notice as you make your way to the compound. The compound consequently has a remarkable brick pattern and mid-size yet conspicuous growing trees. There is a lush green lawn at the back section of the house where the swimming pool also lies.

With a modern and stylish touch, the entire house looks like a palace especially with the lounge zone and a beautiful terrace. The balcony, in particular, is a perfect spot to gaze at the Banana island while seeping a drink.

Of course, Linda ikeji multi million Naira house cannot miss a garage for her varied range of cars. It’s also relatively big to accommodate all her cars.

Here is a sneak peek of the house’ view;

Linda Ikeji parents house

Even though the main question trending across the airwaves is; Where is Linda Ikeji house, the dust has not yet settled-having broken the internet with similar news in barely two years ago. There were rumors that she was constructing five-bedroom Duplex in a hometown of Nkwerre in Imo state for her parent.

Although not much is known for Linda Ikeji old house, the gesture she pulled for her parent was truly remarkable. The enormous house was purported to have taken only seven months before completion.

Here are some of the pictures taken before the house was fully furnished;

Linda ikeji house worth and pictures

Linda Ikeji’s powerful message

All in all, Linda Ikeji glass house may have taken the social media by storm, not only because of its enormous size but because of the price that it was settled up for. Parting away with over half a billion Naira by a mere blogger raised quite a number of eyebrows.

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This, as a result, opened doors for mixed views from the public. There were so many crazy speculations and criticisms about Linda Ikeji's house and wealth acquisitions. But then again others simply showed her love and support, especially through the message she pulled after flaunting her mansion.

Her message was simple; it’s never too late to try. Basically, there was no mountain difficult to climb. She reminisces how she struggled through thick and thin to make it through in the modeling industry. But still, she constantly found herself broke and borrowing money from friends and family. Sometimes she viewed herself as a failure and could spend time crying and begging God for blessings. She had to live in filthy places just to make ends meet, but whichever way she never stopped trying.

It was during her endeavor with life that she came across Bellanaija-after a blog was written about her modeling talent. Having been introduced to Bellanaija by a friend, she started reading through other blogs and stories which later on found them to be fascinating and decided to give it a short.

Her journey in blog writing officially began in 2006. During those days, Facebook and Twitter had not even taken grasped of Nigeria's society yet. She recalls how she used to update her blogs regularly through a cybercafé. Earlier on, the only time she was behind a computer was simply to check her emails.

What started as a hobby, later on, came to be a well-paying job with so many companies running to her for adverts features. At first, she was overwhelmed and sought assistance from her friend in creating AdSense fees in her blogs. The traffic her blogs attracted, companies were willing to work with her at all costs. She now walks happily to the bank with news naming her as the richest blogger in the country.

She has also appeared in Forbes list as one of the prominent and young entrepreneurs of all time. She now has her own office and the well-organized establishment where she has employed quite a number of people. Other than job creation she also came up with an initiative or rather a foundation. The foundation was mainly to boost young ambitious entrepreneurs, through injecting capital into their businesses, so as to realize their dreams and let nothing stop them.

After proudly displaying her glass house, she affirmed to the general public that her achievement was from her own sweat. There was no man whom she engaged in for sexual encounters in exchange for wealth. Even though this was a big blow to her critics, she was simply encouraging young ladies not to compromise their dignity for shortcuts. In most times, the kind of money they get after disgracing themselves may not be that sufficient to take them to greater heights.

Therefore, she encourages everyone, especially women, to work hard, be passionate and committed to anything they are doing, but above all, pray to God for a blessing. It may take a while but eventually, you will get your breakthrough. God blesses even those who sell toothpicks along the streets to finally becoming millionaires!

Linda Ikeji house and cars

Linda Ikeji house interiordesignmay have been very appealing to her fans. But aside from just the house, her passion for cars is also very vivid. She has been buying a range of cars varying from saloon cars to Sports Utility Vehicle. Forget about the price, the quality, and class that comes with them is enough to show her status.

Her family members are also blessed to have such a generous and a free-spirited soul, as her parents, brother and sister also spin one hell of a ride. Generally, her cars comprise of Toyota Camry, what she calls big daddy, Infinity FX 35 or rather Bottom Belly, Range Rover sport (2014 supercharge), Toyota Sequoia, Honda Civic 2010 and Honda Accord or commonly referred to as Evil Spirit. This is not to mention her 2016 Range Rover Autobiography, 2013 Lexus Rx 350 and 2016 Acura MDX.

Linda ikeji buy a house

The range rovers are among the most expensive collection of cars she owns. Having just bought a half a billion house, she went to top it up with these heavy machines. The range autobiography, in particular, is the most recent one in her garage. The 2014 range sport, on the other hand, was bought on her birthday for twenty-four million naira. She teases that she somehow felt guilty for spending such an amount of money on a car.

Linda ikeji house worth and pictures

The infinix FX 35 is among her earlier collection. She announced its arrival through her blog on 3rd February 2013. This was after Big Daddy was already in her possession. Though she never disclosed the amount of her Toyota Camry car, she revealed that it was once her dream car and saved religiously for four months just to own it. Her dream too certainly came through. Currently, the car ranges about three million naira.

The elegant Toyota Sequoia was her gift to her father. What a lucky dad! This black Sports Utility Vehicle was proudly announced by her younger sister, Laura Ikeji on her Instagram post. It was bought on in May 2014 for seven million naira.

Her mother was also not left behind in the ‘gift frenzy’ mode. She received a black and classy 2016 Acura MDX. It was worth a whole nineteen million naira in 2016. Mayfair Autos had the privilege to deliver this ride to her glass house in Banana island.

Linda ikeji house worth and pictures

The 2010 Honda Civic came into limelight on 2nd June 2014. Her sister, Laura, could not hold her excitement after she announced that Linda had surprised her manager with such a gift. The manager who in this case also happens to be the sister was for her dedication and job well done. It was worth two and a half million naira.

In the same year, she surprised her birthday with a white 2013 Honda Accord as her birthday present. This car was worth four million naira.

The 2013 Lexus Rx 350 joined the family in late October 2016. Her only brother, Michael Ikeji, took to the social media to flaunt his ‘new whip’. As ‘cool’ as the car seems it was worth over ten million naira.

Linda ikeji glass house

Well, as far as it’s known, these are the only cars she has- but there may be even more, judging from her spendthrift habit. Anyway, the net worth of all the cars is about one hundred and fifty million naira.

Linda Ikeji house warming party

Linda Ikeji's house warming party was as massive as the mansion itself. It was well attended by bigwigs in the entertainment industry including actress Juliet Ibrahim, radio and television presenter Denrele Edun as well as Artiste/MC galaxy. This was a real confirmation to quell the ever-spreading wonder; Did Linda Ikeji buy a house.

Pictures of Linda Ikeji's house in banana island, later on, went viral after the party ended, as everyone wanted to have a sneak peek of the billionaire blogger's lifestyle. This was proof enough that Linda ikeji bought house in banana island. Surprisingly, she is still down to earth and up to date despite all her riches.

Linda ikeji 500 million naira house

Coming from Imo state, Nkwerre, Linda Ikeji house in the village is also stylish and modern. Even though many celebrities would prefer living in the urban areas and forgo their rural homes, this was not the case for this beautiful model and blogger. Her office in Lekki is also another exquisite establishment has launched in that part of town.

Well, after all her success in her career, Linda finally confirmed that she would love to settle down with a man of her status. One whom she would borrow a leaf from, and inspire her to continue polishing her dream. She is ready to become a wife and a mother.

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