Shocking revelations on how HIV is killing young people between 15 to 25 years

Shocking revelations on how HIV is killing young people between 15 to 25 years

Ghana is witnessing a mad rise in cases of HIV/AIDS. In fact, the incurable virus is estimated to have affected over 100,000 Ghanaians just in a year by year analysis.

The country has held the 4th National HIV and AIDS Research Conference and from there do have more shocking revelations. One is that almost half of persons living between the ages of New 15 to 24 years got infected with between 2010 to 2016.

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Bottom line is that the disease is spreading faster based on some practices that some young people in the country are taking. We explore some of them.

1. Choosing to have unprotected sex.

Even though we were adviced not to have sex without a condom, so many of us now prefer to do otherwise. Some say they feel the pleasure more without a condom than having it on. Others also say they are allergic to the rubber hence the need to have it unprotected. Unfortunately, this practice exposes them to grave infections of HIV/AIDS.

2. Having more than one partner

In today's Ghana, most young persons living between ages 19 to 25 have more than one partner. In fact, it has now become a culture to have more than one sex mate. Unfortunately, these partners often trust their mates to have unprotected sex with them. This becomes like a picnic of sharing the virus.

3. The culture of random sex

People are now having random sex everywhere. Following the advent of dating apps and hook up sites, many young Ghanaians have downloaded such apps which brings them closer to fellow random mates who are also in for the fun. Subsequently, this breeds the culture of casual sex especially when both partners do not know the status of their fellow mates.

4. The invasion of pornography

Pornography has invaded Ghana's media. It is everywhere on the websites to television. People are downloading these things and making them get so much thirst for sex that they do not think of the repercussions. Most of the persons living with HIV in the country could attest to the fact that they were drawn to the temptations of pornography. It is indeed a silent killer.

5. The drug disease

People are now resorting to all kinds of drugs to help them with the pressures of life. People are now into drug groups and sharing needles with each other just to feel high. Sadly, these needles are also exposing them to all kinds of infections including HIV/AIDS. Bottom line is people are dying.

6. The blood covenant craze

We thought this whole ' I love you to death' thing is over but we were wrong. In the name of love, people are drinking the blood of partners and even cutting and attaching their wounded parts to each other as a sign of eternal love. Unfortunately, this move is also exposing them to eternal chains of HIV/AIDS. Blood covenants are indeed one of the many ways young people in Ghana are currently getting infected with HIV.

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