Shatta Wale songs: Top 20 in 2020 (videos)

Shatta Wale songs: Top 20 in 2020 (videos)

Controversial and dancehall king Shatta Wale has been enjoying and dominating the music scene for quite some time now. His massive energy shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. Releasing a song after another song shows how focused and hardworking this artist has been and we are totally proud of the great recognition he has been getting.

List of Shatta Wale new tracks

2019 being so fresh in our minds here are Shatta Wale new tracks which made him among the top in the industry, and that is why he is the king.

Latest Shatta Wale songs

Here are some of his latest releases

  • Life Be Time
  • Island
  • African Girl - Kwesi Arthur ft Shatta Wale
  • My Level

His other songs are:

Shatta Wale- Taking Over featuring Joint 77, Addi Self and Captan.

According to fans the song makes them feel proud to be part of that country.

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The song has been done so well which has earned them 4 million plus views on Youtube.

The best of 2020 top Shatta Wale songs

Shatta Wale- Ayoo

This is more of a battle song which addresses the issues in the country from politics to the music industry which he is involved in more.

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However, this song did not go well with some but he is used to this kind of controversy. Ayoo is one of his most popular songs that he has done.

Shatta Wale featuring Michy- Low Tempo

This song was released in 2017 by both Shatta Wale and his baby mama Michy. The couple is not only good in relationship affairs but even in the music studio. This song done by the two love birds which boosted its popularity causing a stir among the fans who would want more collaboration in the future. It was more of the Jayz and Beyonce drunk in love!

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Their different inputs to this song also made it better and a great hit which he personally produced. However with their current relationship struggles another future collaboration may seem impossible. Who wants to work with an ex anyway? You can find the video on youtube and you could leave your comments there.

10 Best Shatta Wale songs in 2020 (Videos)

Shatta Wale with Burna Boy- Hosanna

This song was a great success as it featured both the Ghanaian and Nigerian celebrated Burna Boy in it.

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The song has over 3.2 million views on YouTube which according to many fans describe as dope and a mad tune! They should definitely do more collaboration in the future.

Shatta Wale- Freedom

It was produced by Willis beatz in 2017 which did very well since it had a warm reception from the fans. Youtube can also prove this since the song has over 443k views and so many positive vibes.

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We do hope that you will enjoy this tune when you will be listening to it.

Shatta Wale- It’s My Life

The self-proclaimed boss of dancehall in Ghana featured the talented hype man Sarkodie in this tune and their collaboration is epic! The numbers on Youtube can always tell you whether the song was a hit or not.

Shatta Wale - Congratulate download
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This song was well done and we really look forward for future collaborations. Have a look at it on Youtube guys.

Shatta Wale- Inna Dancehall

This is another must listen to song. This song is pure greatness having reached more than 154,000 views. You will dance and whine just like the girls in the video. We hope you will really enjoy this massive tune.

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Shatta Wale latest tracks are currently hot in the airwaves and fans seem not to be getting enough of his songs. He is continuously releasing music hence the great titles he has been getting from his fans like champion of reggae in Ghana. With all this music their playlists must be really lit especially if the fans always update their music on their gadgets!

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These are Shatta Wale new songs

If you are still thinking that 2019 is still young and failing to invest in your time properly you should know that it is not the same case with Shatta Wale who in four months now has produced so many songs.

Is Shatta Wale Cultural Anthem a hit or miss?

Shatta Wale- Gallis Party

The song was released at the start of the year 2018 has garnered close to 29,000 views with fans appreciating their dancehall king. You should listen to the song in case you have not.

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Shatta Wale - Shito

Wale is said to have produced this song since Ghana would be marking 61 years after gaining her independence. You can find this song on youtube which lasts for 3 minutes and 11 seconds and was produced by Damaker.

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It currently has over 90,000 views which have both critics and lovers as some of the fans argue that the quality of the song was disappointing while others showed him much support and love. We do urge you to listen to it and be the judge.

Shatta Wale and Shenseea- The Way I Move

Some fans describe this song as an international material which shows how good the music has been done. With more than 1 million views the song is fire and you need to watch the video on youtube or any other source of your interest.

Shatta Wale - Bulletproof continues taking the internet by storm months after its release
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Shatta Wale - Storm

After the dancehall king became the brand ambassador of the energy drink he also released a song named like the drink storm. It was a good strategy to boost sales because fans will try relate to what their icon agrees on.

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The 3 minute 11 second song produced by Damaker has slightly more than 49k views on youtube. We hope you will enjoy the song when you listen to it and grab the drink afterwards.

Shatta Wale - Performer

The king of dancehall as he commonly refers to himself has done Performer which was produced by MOG Beatz.

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The song is approximately 3 minutes and you will find it on youtube where we hope you will enjoy the song since it is in audio slide and not the usual video form. Remember it is important to give an encouraging comment.

Shatta Wale - Inna Mi Corner

Shatta Wale's Umbrella hit song continues to trend

Most of us love and adore riddims right? This song is said to be a ‘popcaanriddim’ which features Addi Self, Captan and Rysto. If you love the powerful Jamaican Popcaan you will fall in love with this song as well. The beats are amazing and you will keep you up dancing the whole time.

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This song is a true evidence of Wale being one of the best African reggae champions that Ghana should be proud and take pride in.You can download or listen to it online.

Shatta Wale - Zylofon

This song is amazing and was welcomed by fans who have been suggesting to have it played in radio stations.

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You could download or stream this song at your own pleasure. It is totally worth your time and ears.

Shatta Wale - Economy

Shatta movement’s boss has released this song called ‘Economy’ produced by the ever amazing YGF records.

Shatta Wale Low tempo banger continues to turn heads
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The song is impressive and educative we do hope that you will have a good time listening to it.

Shatta Wale - Money Matters

Yes indeed money matters and if you would want to know why he says so, you should listen to this beautiful song. It was produced by Da Maker and it featured DammyKrane who added more taste to it.

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In case you need to hear from us it is worth your precious time and you will not be disappointed when you choose to either stream or download it.

Shatta Wale - 419

This song was produced by the talented MOG Beatz will have you dance to it because of its amazing beats accompanied with great vibes.

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We really hope that you will love it as well.

Shatta Wale - All Eyes on Me

Shatta Wale seems not to give his fans a break from his great tunes, here is another one that we know you will enjoy.

Shatta Wale - Hosanna, a hit or a miss?
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It has been produced by ShawersEbiem who has not disappointed.

Shatta Wale - EgoTaya Dem

The Zylofon signee released this song in February and was produced by the one and only Willis Beatz.

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We hope you will enjoy this song as well it is only approximately 4 minutes long.

Shatta Wale - True Believer

The Shatta movement boss featured these great artists Addi Self and Natty Lee in it. The song has a lot of creativity and authenticity in it. Having 139k views on Youtube you have no reason as to why you should not check it out. All in all we hope you will enjoy it

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Have you listened to another Shatta Wale new track called bullet proof? What are you waiting for? It has been able to get over 2.2 million views which according to most of us is great success.

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The video’s quality is so good and the beautiful sexy girl will keep you glued to the video. You can find the spectacular mad hot tune on Youtube. Please do not be left behind.

Shatta Wale's latest videos 2019: watch them here

Shatta Wale - Gringo

Have you listed or watched Shatta Wale latest song Gringo? The song which was released almost two weeks ago has caused a lot of mixed reactions from the viewers and fans. Having garnered over 1 million views on youtube shows how successful the production of this song has been.

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Just to give you guys a heads up on the song, among all Shatta Wale new tracks, it's among those whose video is well done since some of the fans even thought it was advert or a short film.

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