This is why the new feminist movement is suffering in Ghana

This is why the new feminist movement is suffering in Ghana

At, we have been discussing what the new feminist movement is and why it is struggling to make an impact

Many are the reasons the new feminist movement in Ghana is suffering and it is not all down to their faults.

But we first need to define what we mean by the new feminist movement. Although there are a few women, it is mostly a collection of women.

They are from privileged or fortunate backgrounds or are found among privileged groupings. They are educated, social media savvy and usually want more than just “sending the girl-child to school”.

The new feminist movement is suffering in Ghana

Different women from different walks of life

1. Ghana is a very conservative society

As much as we like to credit ourselves on being a peaceful and progressive country, the Ghanaian way of life is largely conservative. We are suspicious of cultural change and so we are slow to it.

We find it a bit hard to turn to a new way of doing things. And it is the number one reason the feminist movement struggles in Ghana.

We continue to believe that a woman’s place is behind a man. It is therefore no surprise that political and cultural challenges have been put in the way of feminists looking for equality.

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2. The movement has too many 'rich kids'

You cannot blame people for coming from wealthy and/or connected homes. It is even difficult telling people what to do with their wealth and connections.

But we have to note that the reason most Ghanaians do not want to listen to the New Feminist movement is because they feel no connection to them.

A simple interaction with most of the feminists will reveal that they are from a different economic class than most Ghanaians. People will not listen to you if they do not identify with you.

3. Social media is not the streets

By some numbers, there are over 3 million Ghanaians on Twitter and Facebook. These two are the biggest social media platforms in the world.

Much of the protests and advocacy done by the feminists are done on social media. But the streets, corners and markets of Ghana bigger than social media.

It is true that some big things have started from social media. But people have had to put their bodies on the line in the streets constantly to make change happen.

4. No single idea of what they want

This criticism is a bit harsh but necessary. A united front will make it hard for anti-feminists to divide and conquer.

Feminism is a political view which means it is about power. But this is the idea that power should be distributed equally among all genders.

But different groups within the feminist movement have different expectations of how much power they want. And this seriously hurting them.

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5. They do not have enough men

Last but not least, the new feminist movement is suffering because they do not have a lot of men.

If feminists are right and the world is designed against women, they need more men to help. They need men simply just as the underprivileged need opportunities from the privileged.

So far, what we see are needless confrontations and angry conflicts. To view every single man as problematic is not a solution to gender inequality.

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