Best Wizkid songs so far

Best Wizkid songs so far

Wizkid is one the top artists from Nigeria whose hits have massive acceptance beyond African borders. At 11 years the Star boy label artist real name being Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, had discovered his talent in singing. ‘Holla at Your Boy’ is the hit that went viral and gave him a ride to the world fame. Wizkid career is so successful in that he is making collaborations with international artists like Drake. The 27-year-old is going places and promising African of so many banger hits. Wizkid seems not be interested to release albums, since most of Wizkid songs are single hits. Below is our disputed Wizkid songs list that are the best so far. Honestly, Wizkid all songs have taken over the world and it was a big challenge to nominate them.

Wizkid Ft Drake ‘Come Closer’

‘Come Closer’ is one of the best Wizkid song that features a talented international artist from Canada, Drake. This great single hit song was released in 2017 in Wizkid Sounds from the Other Side studio album. It is among the best works of Wizkid for being his 1st charting single of many countries; Canada, UK, Switzerland, US, Netherlands, France, and Scotland not spared. The song has also won the Nigerian artist awards such as The Headies Award for Best Music Video and The Headies Award for Viewer’s Choice. It has also been nominated in both 2017- 2018 as:

  • Nigerian Entertainment Award for Best Single – 2017 (Wizkid)
  • Soul Train Music Award for Best Dance Performance – 2017 (Drake & Wizkid)
  • The Headies Award for Best Collabo - 2018 • Drake, Wizkid
  • The Headies Award for Producer of the Year - 2018 (Sarz)
  • Nigeria Entertainment Award for Best Collaboration - 2017 (Wizkid)
  • The Headies Award for Best Reggae/Dancehall Single - 2018 (Drake &Wizkid)
  • Nigeria Entertainment Award for Music Video of the Year (Director) - 2017 (Daps)
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The song honestly shows Wizkid collaborative efforts that made him get recognition global. The quality video is so awesome and great making it worth to watch; this means that Sarz the producer of the track did a perfect job. Listen to this song and witness the different world artists giving us this banger track. The lyrics of the song is amazing and we bet some of the Wizkid fans already have its chorus on their lips as it very easy to hum and sing.

Wizkid 'Daddy Yo'

‘Daddy Yo’’ is one of the songs by Wizkid in his Sounds from the Other Side album. This song was released in 2017 and it features Efya a Ghanaian artist.

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‘Daddy Yo’ went viral to an extent of getting nominated at the City People Music Award for Popular Song of the Year. The amazing song is danceable for its awesome beats will definitely move your feet.

The lyrics of the song has a good flow and it revolves around the ‘star boy label’ artist praises and dance. Thumb up to the producer of the song for giving a quality video that is worth watching. ‘Daddy Yo’ was shot in both UK and US. You can view it on Wizkid channel and be among his long list of fans that have viewed. If you fall in love with don’t hesitate to download it and revive your play list.

Wizkid ‘Sweet Love’

‘Sweet Love’ is hip-hop song by Wizkid released in 2017 in his Sounds from the other side album. This song made airwaves just as it was expected. The video is not boring to watch and the ‘come closer’ hit maker fans do enjoy this song. We bet that once you watch the video of this song you will be awed by the many fans the Nigerian artist have.

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The flow of the song is awesome and it is among the best works of Wizkid. ‘Sweet Love’ lyrics is to simple and just a listen of it you will find yourself humming as well as singing it. The vocals are great and crowned by its beats. The streets embraced the song and you could hear it everywhere especially in clubs and parties. Download it and we beat that moving your feet and nodding your head is what you will do.

Wizkid ‘Holla at your Boy

‘Holla at your Boy’ is the song that gave Wizkid a ride to the world of fame. The great song was released back in 2010 in Wizkid Superstar album. Patrick Ellis directed the music video and made it to be awesome for its high quality. ‘Holla at Your Boy’ won the ‘star boy label’ artist nominations such as Best Afro Pop Video, Most Gifted Newcomer Video, and Best Pop Single.

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Yes, this sweet Afrobeat as well as Afropop has been in around for 8 years now, but it will remain one of his best works ever. Dj Klem and Vebee are the producers of the hit track and thumb up for him for making the song cheerful. Watch it and you will definitely understand why most people fell for him.

Wizkid ‘Final’

‘Final’ (Baba Nla) is among the Wizkid hit songs realized in 2015. The producer of the amazing song is Legendury Beatz and he surely did an awesome job. ‘Baba Nla’ literally means ‘A wealthy or a big man’; the Yoruba people from Nigeria understand this better. Right?

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The song has an great lyrics that Wizkid sings out his achievements so far from the success to the wealth gained. Someone once said that a good song cannot be only crowned by its awesome beats and vocals, but also a message it portrays to its listeners. Wizkid is encouraging his fans to also make efforts by hustling hard and stop living a fairy tale life. Listen to this banger song and you will find yourself replying it over and over again.

Wizkid ‘Manya’

‘Manya’ is song that features Mut4Y a famous artist and it was released last year, 2017. The fascinating song gained traffic for its terrific beats, good flow, and his awesome vocals as always.

The lyrics of the song is not that clear because of lots of free styling, but one can tell that Wizkid is telling ladies to follow him as he can afford anything they want as well as need. The ladies have a condition that before spending with him they have to get down with him. The fact remains that Wizkid has loads of fans everywhere and they don't consider it.

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What most of the people love about watching its quality video, is the dance moves of some ladies present in it as well as that of Wizkid. Something unique with the ladies dancing in ‘Manya’ is that they catch the attention of everyone. This means that their costume was awesome. Watch it and witness the greatness of the Afrobeats that will definitely move you.

Wizkid ‘Malo’

Wizkid songs such as ‘Malo’ tell his collaborative efforts. ‘Malo’ is a Tiwa Savage song that features Wizkid. The famous Nigerian artists nailed it in this song making it to have not less than 20 million viewers on YouTube. Wizkid Ft Tiwa Savage ‘Abeg’ song is new in the market and we thought that you should also view it.

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‘Malo’ literally means ‘do not go’ or Do not leave’, it is a Yoruba word spoken in Nigeria. The lyrics of the song revolves around romance as it is about a girl who is madly in love with his man and she begs the guy not leave her.

The video is awesome and it captures too many activities like some dancing, others gambling, some smoking, others are tattooing, some are drinking, as well as others playing games like skating. The producer and the director of the song made it awesome making it worth downloading. The costumes were perfect too crowning the song with a dim light.

Wizkid ‘Ojuelegba’

Ojuelegba song was released back in 2014 in ‘Starboy Entertainment’ label. Yes, it hit song has been around for quite sometime now, but it still making airwaves in streets everywhere. This song is so awesome to an extent of being nominated at The Headies Award for Best Recording of the Year in 2006, City People Music Award for Popular Song of the Year in 2015, and The Headies Award for Best Pop Single in 2016.

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The producer of ‘Ojuelegba’ is Legendury Beatz and it made airplay for its great everything from the flow, the vocals, to the quality of the video. When you listen to the official song you will hear the captured voice of Drake, an international rapper who hails from Canada. You need to check out this song that peaked beyond borders.

Wizkid ‘soco’

‘Soco’ is a Wizkid song that proves his collaborative efforts. The song features new artists CeezaMilli, Terri, and Spotless. This tune has amazing Afrobeat sounds that made it to hit just as it was expected. The banger song is unique for having both infusion and ponpon sounds. What is left in the dark is the meaning of ‘Soco’ but it blew up and the long list of fans for Wizkid embraced it.

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It is a song worth downloading; it made us also note the great creativity, originality, and talent of Spotless and Terri. It is a new song and you should be among the first viewers to appreciate your favorite artist. By this way, you will be giving him morale to keep on entertaining us with great hits.

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Wizkid ‘I love My Baby’

‘I love My Baby’ is a Wizkid song in his Superstar album that was released back in 2011. The song has romantic lyrics that can be essential to that guy who lack words to express his inner feeling towards his lady. Dedicating this song to her will not only make her special and appreciated, but also it will strengthen your bond.

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This song was and still an airplay in the streets the clubs and parties in precise. The beats are great and if we were told to rate it; we will give it a five star rating out of ten. The sweet vocals of Wizkid still crown this song.

Wizkid ‘Medicine’

Sunny Nweke ‘Masterkraft’ produced ‘Medicine’ and he made the video to be awesome. This song was released in 2017 under the Starboy Entertainment Record labels. The song will take the ladies to a ride of romance and transport the men to a journey of spoiling their girlfriends. This is because Wizkid praises himself of how he will treat a lady he falls in love with. Many wish all men did the same to them.

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The vocals are super fine and once you listen to it you will find yourself humming and singing it. what crowned the song is its quality video and properly placed lines. We love the song and that is the major reason why we nominated it as the best works of the ‘Starboy label’ artist.

Wizkid ‘Caro’

Starboy is the artist of the hit song ‘Caro’ and it features Wizkid and L.A.X. Wizkid and Damilola Afolabi wrote the pop song. The song was released in 2013 and Legendury Beatz being the producer of the hit song.

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This song gained massive acceptance making it have loads of viewers in YouTube. Most love the beats that are instrumental, the great flow of the lines, and the beautiful vocals of the artists. You can also view the hit track that will always cheer your day from Google play, amazon, and YouTube. We bet that you will definitely fall for its great everything and revive your playlist.

Wizkid ‘Tease Me’

‘Tease Me’ was released in 2017 and the hip-hop song is beats are the best for parties as well as clubbing. Yes, it is a free style song, but you will fall in love with it. watch the quality video that appeals massive from all corners of the world.

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Thumbs up Samklef who is the producer of the hit song. Watch it and be ready to move your head and feet.

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