7 dark secrets uncovered from Speaker’s gay-resignation video.

7 dark secrets uncovered from Speaker’s gay-resignation video.

The speaker of parliament, Professor Mike Ocquaye, has had an offered his first ever public interview on homosexuality ever since debates on the controversial topic hit the media.

In what seems to be a revealing interview on Metro TV's Good Evening Ghana, it is clear that the speaker of parliament somewhat spoke in codes regarding the latest update on the gay pressure being mounted on the government to have homosexuality decriminalized in the country.

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From threatening to resign to claims of a conspiracy to destroy the religious fiber of Ghana, YEN.com.gh have dug deeper into every statement by the Speaker so you can understand what exactly is happening in the Flagstaff House regarding the issue of homosexuality.

1. Pressure severely mounting on the Speaker of Parliament.

In that video, you will hear the Speaker threaten to resign from his position if he would have to announce a review of anti-gay laws in Parliament.

It is open for all to see that the Speaker is secretly under some kind of pressure to relax his position on the controversial matter. From the look of things, he still maintains his position and is willing to even lose his job for that.

2. Gay lobbyists taking their pressure to Jubilee house

Let no one fool you. This video by the Speaker is enough for us to know that the pressure on the government to consider gay rights is becoming very intense.

President Akufo-Addo himself admitted that the pressure from lobbyists could spark a national debate on gay rights and even challenge for it to be made legal in the country.

So far, we have no idea who these lobbyists could be but from all indications, it won't be surprising to later realize they could be members of some powerful multinational companies or high-powered government officials and donor partners.

3 Gay rights most likely to happen

The Speaker of Parliament believes he will never present the anti-gay bill to parliament. He has even threated to resign over the matter. Could this not be enough reason to believe Ghana must expect such historic development in Parliament regarding a debate on legalization?

4. The West has a wrong impression about homosexuality in Ghana

Listening to the words of the Speaker of Parliament, it has been seen that most Western forces have this perception that gays and lesbians are being beaten and killed in Ghana. The Speaker himself kept saying that there is this 'flawed perception' by the West on the issue of homosexuality in Ghana.

5. There is a system being constructed to kill the human race

These are the words by the Speaker of Parliament. This belief has been the perception of millions of Christians and conservatives across the world who see the issue of homosexuality as a population-control conspiracy aimed at reducing the rising population of Ghana.

These claim may seem speculative but based on the words of the Speaker, it is clear there could be a sinister agenda behind the whole issue of homosexuality.

6. Ghana’s criminal laws could soon be reviewed.

There is no evidence that proves homosexuality will soon be made legal in Ghana. There are rather suspicions of a possible review of the criminal laws in the country regarding sections of sex could face a minimal review.

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