Lottery is not a sin – Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi declares

Lottery is not a sin – Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi declares

- A man of God, Prophet Emmanuel Kobi, has argued that lottery is not 'evil'

- According to him, the concept of 'evil' is a product of the human mind

- He went on to say that other games such as football and boxing are not different from lottery

The Founder and Leader of the Glorious Wave Church International, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, has debunked the assertion that lottery is a sin.

The man of God argued that lottery is merely a game, and therefore not sinful, as the Bible does not condemn it in anyway.

He further noted that the description of lottery as ‘evil’ was simply the creation of the human mind.

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Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi

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His comments were in reaction to questions posed to him with respect to lottery.

In his response, he demanded Scriptures from the unidentified host, which supports the stance that lottery was sinful.

There are so many things we humans have enslaved ourselves with. I won’t say whether or not it is a sin.

But ask yourself, is it a game, is it a sport or the Bible says nobody should play it? Then all footballers have sinned, then boxers have also sinned. Certain things are sports; they are games”, he stated.

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He further wondered why some men of God who win Visa lotteries accept it, board a flight and leave the country.

He added that some of them, when they settle in the country of destination, change their names in a bid to hide their identities.

Prophet Kobi also said that there are a lot of things for which human beings worry ourselves, as there is the need to first find out the main reason for which the thing exists.

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