Most popular Medikal songs 2017-2018

Most popular Medikal songs 2017-2018

Medikal songs are a must listen to. They are simply amazing from the beats to the message. Medikal is a Ghanaian artist that has made tremendous changes in the music industry. Before we take a look at his music, let us check out a brief biography of Medikal and his most popular hits of 2017 - 2018 . Read on to know more.

Medikal biography

Medikal is a Ghanaian artist; his birth name is Samuel Adu Frimpong. He was born in the city of Accra and he specifies in the genre of hip hop as a high profile rapper. He has been active since 2008 to date. He is associated with the label which goes by the name AMG Business.

So far, he has had associated acts with Sarkodie, EL, Bail J, Pappy Kojo, Shatta Wale and Fancy Gadam. Medikal and Sarkodie had the highest nominations for the 2017 edition of the Ghana Music Awards. He is considered as one of the hard working rappers in Ghana as he had slowly gained the support of many Ghanaians through his adoption and use of his hard banging hip hop beats. As a young emerging artist, he had already been backed by an active fan base and has already released a couple of hit songs.

Medikal songs

Below are some of the most loved songs, that have received a lot of views on social media, both in Africa and abroad;

1. Medikal - Too risky

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In this song, Medikal featured Sister Derby which also saw a production over seen by Unkle Beatz. The AMG’s very own linked up with this natural beauty to bring us his very much awaited new single, Too Risky which was out in late 2016, in the month of November. The chemistry between the two is pretty much appalling, maybe that is why they managed to come up with a song that so many can fall in love with. It is quite evident that they love each other from the collaboration and you will probably be addicted to this song right from the first beat that drops. Why wait when you can just ask your neighbor for their Wi-Fi password and get this fresh tune on your phone and have some banging beats that can’t grow old.

2. Medikal - Man’s not hot

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Mans not hot is a hot jam that was originally sung by Big Shaq that sent mixed feelings across the world. He released this jam in 2017 shortly after the original was. Medikal saw a chance after this track was released and he pounced on the hip hop instrumental. He spits bars upon bars which shows how he is indisputable in the rap sector. He is actually one of the finest rappers in the industry.

The track by Medikal was mixed by Unkle Beatz. This cover by the maestro had heads turning, not just in Ghana, but also in other African countries. I bet even Big Shaq himself was wondering why he didn’t get this guy to rap along with him. He flows in a very excellent way and the beats allow him to catch his breath just in time to spit the lines like a rap god. He really made this jam be one of my favorites after he released his version. Get this version as soon as you can or else you might stop being hot!

3. Medikal - How far

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This fine song was released in the dying months of 2017, at around September. The producer is the indomitable Unkle Beatz who has featured as the producer in many of his songs. Medikal went a notch higher in proving why he is considered as one of Ghana’s best and set his bar high in the music game by releasing this banger, How Far. He actually portrays something appealing and attractive for most if not all music lovers to jam with and party with.

The beats literally make your heart beat in sync with them as they are heavy and enticing. This is the kind of song that would make even a non lover of hip hop get married to hip hop. This song is appropriate for parties, club banging and can I also say it suits your head phones and ear phones? You will definitely thank me later as soon as you look for this song and add it to your play lists.

4. Medikal - Oh Lord

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This song was also released in between the end of October and the beginning of November of 2017. It had been long awaited by the general public that some sources had even tried to leak it even before it was released. Due to this, it was already selling like hot cake even before it was officially released. The AMG word smith finally released the track which is hip hop oriented and he raps about the money. He is really enthusiastic in the way he raps and his flow, do I even need to continue, we all know that he is excellent in a thousand and one ways. He also talks about hatred in the game and how he aims towards being a self made boss.

This song definitely creates an atmosphere of superiority for the star and surely made his fan base expand. The production was facilitated by Unkle Beatz. This song is a portrayal of pure genius and honest vibes; it actually gives a rather true opinion on how Medikal views the rap industry judging on how long he has been at it. Please please have this song even before you finish this statement. You can download or YouTube when you get the chance.

5. Medikal - Gimme vibe

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In this magnificent song, Medikal decided to partner with Stonebwoy who is also a very sensational artist. It was produced by Unkle Beatz and it was released in the beginning of 2017, either between late January or early February. This tune was written by Medikal himself while he was on a vacation in Uganda with his girl friend that goes by the name, Sister Deborah. Stonebwoy, who is a member of the BHIM Nation General, adds some flavor to this song. This song talks about love and good vibes, it has a topping of exciting beats that would make you want to get off your seat and move to the beats. This certainly settles as a club banger and can be used to entice a lady. Sister Deborah also happens to have sung with Medikal in a song that is called Too Risky which is also a fresh song to jam to. I would recommend that you add this song to your watch list and rush on to download it right away.

6. Medikal - Adwee ba

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This is one of Medikal’s latest hits in 2018. it was produced by Halm and he commandeers the whole song. The cover of the song is a monkey man who is dressed in a suit and it makes you curious of what content the song holds. The beats are of no disappointment since they make you hyped up and bring in life to dance. The song is of a fast tempo and is bound to be a club banger, a street banger and a must have for your android phone or iphone. I must caution you that this is the type of song that if you put at a house party, you might get into trouble with your neighbours since it is very rich in beats. This song is very powerful song that will get you psyched up, get it today.

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7. Medikal - Beautiful Africa

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This song was released in the middle of the year in the month of July. It was produced by Unkle Beatz. This song basically portrays how beautiful Africa is, contrary to how most white people view Africa. Medical really gets enthusiastic in the way most whites view Africa, he also urges Africans to own their heritage for the continent is heavily endowed with all that they need. He sings against a negative attitude being shone towards Africa, he even attacks aljazeera saying that Africans do not travel on zebras, that there are posh cars. He brings out how developed Africa is and how he will never give up until Africa becomes a very great place. This is a very passionate song that will make you appreciate Africa fully. Get into your iTunes and download this song as soon as possible.

8. Medikal - Boom

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This song was produced by Halm; it is a very powerful song by Medikal. It was released at the end of the year in 2017, and had addressed the people that hate on him. He also reminds them about his value in this song, he also says that nobody is valueless and brings out the aspect of appreciation. This banger saw Medikal spit some fire lyrics to the tune which was directed majorly directed to the underground artistes who are ever on his case about how he is not a good rapper but will do anything to get him featured on their songs.

If you are looking to shame people who constantly put you down even for no reason, then this is the right song for you. This is one of the songs that Medikal poured out his heart to display his mastery of art of rapping. This song will surely make you change your opinion about how you view this phenomenal rapper. It is also a great song to elevate your esteem, and is a must have for everybody, so, get your laptops, phones and ipods ready.

9. Medikal - Confirm

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This song that was produced by Unkle Beatz also saw a collaboration between Sarkodie and Medikal which saw many tongues wagging about the hot tune. This song was released in September of 2016. The original song is a must have, but the remix is one to die for, Medikal went out of his way to silence his haters by choosing one of the best in Ghana to collaborate with him. Sarkodie is also a hot cake and anybody who has heard his songs will surely hail him for choosing to collaborate with the AMG’s talented rapper. Prepare your gadgets and sound systems for a booming of your lifetime.

10. Medikal - Ghost

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In this track, he decided to collaborate with Pappy Kojo and was produced by Unkle Beatz. This song was released in May of 2017 and was part of his album, dubbed Disturbation. This song will blow away your mind with its amazing beats and the flow. You should make it a personal goal to get this song, come what, come may since it is a diverse and enjoyable one.

11. Medikal - Love you die

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With the help of the AMG, Medikal managed to release this jam titled, Love you die as he collaborates with Falz. The producer responsible for this song was Unkle Beatz; the song was released in June of 2017. Falz is a Nigerian superstar who adds more meat to the song as he also synchronizes well wit the beats without fail. Medikal intentionally released this tune to the public before he unveiled the album it was in. this song is about love and has a bit of a romantic touch that will make you go crazy. Be sure to get this song before you go to sleep tonight.

12. Medikal - Edoo

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In this song, the two producers, Unkle Beatz and Halm partnered in order to make this song a success. It was released towards the end of the year, in November of 2017. AMG ensured that this song reached the general public so that they would have a reason to enjoy their Christmas early. The song is a sure banger, be it in clubs or at a regular house party, it will send you whining or breaking a move as soon as you get on the floor. Make sure you add this song to your favorites as soon as you get it.

13. Medikal - Anthem

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This song was released in the month of April in the year 2016. The indomitable producer Unkle Beatz managed to produce this wonder hit. Medikal decided to bring out his best with this rap song. His punch lines are pin point and the message delivery is accurate since he knows what he is doing and whom to address. It is in this song that his future was already seen as bright and was destined to be successful. This song will make you wonder if he was really a newbie in the game and you will definitely want to add it to your bucket list of songs.

14. Medikal - Still pampii

This tune was produced by Unkle Beatz and was released in the month of March in 2017. This song just showed how much of a professional he is at what he does since he spits his lines quite well. He knows how to throw his punch lines right and flows as if he slept rapping the song. This is one of those must have songs, be it on your phone or computer. Get it as soon as possible!

Medikal songs download

Medikal still continues to shoot new songs. The fans should not be worried because you can gain information of his new releases by subscribing to his you tube channel. The songs can be downloaded from any music app like soundcloud. Just download a music application on your android and listen to medikal latest songs. Medikal new song include talk to am, Kimpistik, Obiaa boa and many more.

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