5 reasons why floods cause disasters every year

5 reasons why floods cause disasters every year

Ghanaians often react to rainfalls with mixed feelings, as it has its good, as well as its undesirable effects.

For those involved in agrarian activities, the rains do help with growing crops, as well as an important source of water for activities.

When the rain comes in torrents, however, it could present a challenge, on a number of factors.

A flooded area

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It is quite common to hear of lives lost and properties destroyed as a result of severe rainfall.

YEN.com.gh brings to you five reasons why a rainstorm could bring untold disasters.

1. Poorly constructed drainage systems:

Poorly constructed draining systems usually become a menace in such a situation. Leaks and overflows of such systems usually present more dangers to people close by.

2. Wild animals:

In times of floods, wild animals that hitherto sought refuge in enclosed places often leave their comfort zones, in search of better places.

The possibility of an attack if caution isn't taken often results in undesirable consequences.

3. Sharp objects:

Sharp objects that often lie exposed as a result of rainfall could also pose harm to people as the slightest contact with it could result in an injury.

4. Lightning & thunder:

In severe rainstorms, lightning and thunder are often present. There are numerous stories as well as rumours of death resulting from these natural phenomena.

5. Bad roads and pathways:

The forces of nature are capable of exposing people to the bas state in which some roads and pathways are. It is always best to thread carefully, lest the unexpected happens.

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