Chelsea transfer news 2018

Chelsea transfer news 2018

For Chelsea FC fans! Here is the Chelsea transfer news latest update. Chelsea has been an awesome team since 1905 and has added 23 major trophies in their trophy list. The London pride has been an awesome team in the Premier League with some excellent players in the team. The latest football transfer news is on the trending list. Read the article below in order to gather information about the squad and transfer news of your favorite Premier League club Chelsea FC.

chelsea latest transfer news

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Chelsea FC

chelsea fc

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Chelsea FC is a football club with professional football players who compete in the Premier League. The club was founded on 10 March 1905, about 113 years ago situated in London England. The home ground of Chelsea FC is Stamford Bridge since the club was founded. The Club has won many major trophies, league cups and many other trophies. The owner of the Chelsea football club is Roman Abramovich. In the year 2017, Chelsea FC is considered as the seventh most valuable club in the world. Chelsea FC has their first success in 1995 by winning the first division league championship.

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Trophies lists of Chelsea FC


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  1. European Trophies: 1971 and 1998 winners cup, UEFA Super Cup 1998, 2012 UEFA Champions League and 2013 UEFA Europa league.
  2. League Titles: 1955, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2016.
  3. League Cup: 1965, 1998, 2005, 2007 and 2015.
  4. FA Cup: 1970, 1997, 2000, 2000, 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2012.
  5. Community Shield: 1955, 2000, 2005 and 2009
  6. UEFA Youth League: 2015 and 2016
  7. FA Youth Cup: 1960, 1961, 2010, 2010, 2012, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017
  8. Others: 1984, 1989 Second Division Championship, 1985 and 1990 Full Members Cup.

Chelsea results in season 2017/18

chelsea news

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The results of this season depicted below -

  1. Sat 22 Jul 2017 12:40 Arsenal Crest ARSENAL 0 - 3 CHELSEA Chelsea Crest
  2. Tue 25 Jul 2017 12:35 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 2 - 3 BAYERN MUNICH Bayern Munich Crest
  3. Sat 29 Jul 2017 12:35 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 1 - 2 INTER MILAN Inter Milan Crest
  4. Sun 06 Aug 2017 14:00 Arsenal Crest ARSENAL 1 - 1 CHELSEA Chelsea Crest
  5. Sat 12 Aug 2017 15:00 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 2 - 3 BURNLEY Burnley Crest
  6. Sun 20 Aug 2017 16:00 Tottenham Hotspur Crest TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 1 – 2 CHELSEA Chelsea Crest
  7. Sun 27 Aug 2017 13:30 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 2 - 0 EVERTON Everton Crest
  8. Sat 09 Sep 2017 15:00 Leicester City Crest LEICESTER CITY 1 – 2 CHELSEA Chelsea Crest
  9. Tue 12 Sep 2017 19:45 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 6 - 0 QARABAG Qarabag Crest
  10. Sun 17 Sep 2017 13:30 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 0 - 0 ARSENAL Arsenal Crest
  11. Wed 20 Sep 2017 19:45 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 5 - 1 NOTT'M FOREST Nott'm Forest Crest
  12. Sat 23 Sep 2017 15:00 Stoke City Crest STOKE CITY 0 – 4 CHELSEA Chelsea Crest
  13. Wed 27 Sep 2017 19:45 Atletico Madrid Crest ATLETICO MADRID 1 – 2 CHELSEA Chelsea Crest
  14. Sat 30 Sep 2017 17:30 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 0 - 1 MANCHESTER CITY Manchester City Crest
  15. Sat 14 Oct 2017 15:00 Crystal Palace Crest CRYSTAL PALACE 2 - 1 CHELSEA Chelsea Crest
  16. Wed 18 Oct 2017 19:45 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 3 - 3 ROMA Roma Crest
  17. Sat 21 Oct 2017 12:30 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 4 - 2 WATFORD Watford Crest
  18. Wed 25 Oct 2017 19:45 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 2 - 1 EVERTON Everton Crest
  19. Sat 28 Oct 2017 17:30 Bournemouth Crest BOURNEMOUTH 0 - 1 CHELSEA Chelsea Crest
  20. Tue 31 Oct 2017 19:45 Roma Crest ROMA 3 - 0 CHELSEA Chelsea Crest
  21. Sun 05 Nov 2017 16:30 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 1 - 0 MANCHESTER UNITED Manchester United Crest
  22. Sat 18 Nov 2017 15:00 West Brom Crest WEST BROM 0 - 4 CHELSEA Chelsea Crest
  23. Wed 22 Nov 2017 17:00 Qarabag Crest QARABAG 0 - 4 CHELSEA Chelsea Crest
  24. Sat 25 Nov 2017 17:30 Liverpool Crest LIVERPOOL 1 - 1 CHELSEA Chelsea Crest
  25. Wed 29 Nov 2017 19:45 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 1 - 0 SWANSEA CITY Swansea City Crest
  26. Sat 02 Dec 2017 12:30 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 3 - 1 NEWCASTLE UNITED Newcastle United Crest
  27. Tue 05 Dec 2017 19:45 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 1 - 1 ATLETICO MADRID Atletico Madrid Crest
  28. Sat 09 Dec 2017 12:30 West Ham United Crest WEST HAM UNITED 1 - 0 CHELSEA Chelsea Crest
  29. Tue 12 Dec 2017 20:00 Huddersfield Town Crest HUDDERSFIELD TOWN 1 - 3 CHELSEA Chelsea Crest
  30. Sat 16 Dec 2017 15:00 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 1 - 0 SOUTHAMPTON Southampton Crest
  31. Wed 20 Dec 2017 19:45 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 2 - 1 BOURNEMOUTH Bournemouth Crest
  32. Sat 23 Dec 2017 12:30 Everton Crest EVERTON 0 - 0 CHELSEA Chelsea Crest
  33. Tue 26 Dec 2017 15:00 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 2 - 0 BRIGHTON Brighton Crest
  34. Sat 30 Dec 2017 15:00 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 5 - 0 STOKE CITY Stoke City Crest
  35. Wed 03 Jan 2018 19:45 Arsenal Crest ARSENAL 2 - 2 CHELSEA Chelsea Crest
  36. Sat 06 Jan 2018 17:30 Norwich City Crest NORWICH CITY 0 – 0 CHELSEA Chelsea Crest
  37. Wed 10 Jan 2018 20:00 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 0 - 0 ARSENAL Arsenal Crest
  38. Sat 13 Jan 2018 15:00 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 0 - 0 LEICESTER CITY Leicester City Crest
  39. Wed 17 Jan 2018 19:45 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 1 - 1 NORWICH CITY Norwich City Crest
  40. Sat 20 Jan 2018 12:30 Brighton Crest BRIGHTON 0 - 4 CHELSEA Chelsea Crest
  41. Wed 24 Jan 2018 20:00 Arsenal Crest ARSENAL 2 - 1 CHELSEA Chelsea Crest
  42. Sun 28 Jan 2018 13:30 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 3 - 0 NEWCASTLE UNITED Newcastle United Crest
  43. Wed 31 Jan 2018 19:45 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 0 - 3 BOURNEMOUTH Bournemouth Crest
  44. Mon 05 Feb 2018 20:00 Watford Crest WATFORD 4 - 1 CHELSEA Chelsea Crest
  45. Mon 12 Feb 2018 20:00 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 3 - 0 WEST BROM West Brom Crest
  46. Fri 16 Feb 2018 20:00 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 4 - 0 HULL CITY Hull City Crest
  47. Tue 20 Feb 2018 19:45 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 1 - 1 BARCELONA Barcelona Crest
  48. Sun 25 Feb 2018 14:05 Manchester United Crest MANCHESTER UNITED 2 - 1 CHELSEA Chelsea Crest
  49. Sun 04 Mar 2018 16:00 Manchester City Crest MANCHESTER CITY 1 - 0 CHELSEA Chelsea Crest
  50. Sat 10 Mar 2018 17:30 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 2 - 1 CRYSTAL PALACE Crystal Palace Crest
  51. Wed 14 Mar 2018 19:45 Barcelona Crest BARCELONA 3 - 0 CHELSEA Chelsea Crest
  52. Sun 18 Mar 2018 16:30 Leicester City Crest LEICESTER CITY 1 - 2 CHELSEA Chelsea Crest
  53. Sun 01 Apr 2018 16:00 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 1 - 3 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR Tottenham Hotspur Crest
  54. Sun 08 Apr 2018 16:30 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 1 - 1 WEST HAM UNITED West Ham United Crest
  55. Sat 14 Apr 2018 12:30 Southampton Crest SOUTHAMPTON 2 - 3 CHELSEA Chelsea Crest
  56. Thu 19 Apr 2018 19:45 Burnley Crest BURNLEY 1 - 2 CHELSEA Chelsea Crest
  57. Sun 22 Apr 2018 15:00 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 2 - 0 SOUTHAMPTON Southampton Crest
  58. Sat 28 Apr 2018 17:30 Swansea City Crest SWANSEA CITY 0 – 1 CHELSEA Chelsea Crest
  59. Sun 06 May 2018 16:30 Chelsea Crest CHELSEA 1 - 0 LIVERPOOL Liverpool Crest

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Chelsea latest transfer news

chelsea latest transfer news

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According to some latest Chelsea FC news below are the lists of the player who joined Chelsea by transfer -

Ross Barkley (Everton) Undisclosed

chelsea fc news

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Ross Barkley the 24-year-old footballer has signed with the Chelsea FC club in a contract of 5 and half years. Previously he was playing for Everton and later he transferred to Chelsea. Ross Barkley is an experienced player as he has already played 150 Premier League matches for Everton. Ross Barkley will wear the number 8 jersey while playing for Chelsea FC. After signing for Chelsea FC Ross Barkley said that, “To be given a fresh start at a new club like Chelsea, it's unbelievable for me. I'm looking forward to continuing where I left off at the end of last season and hoping to improve and add more goals to my game.”

Olivier Giroud (Arsenal) Undisclosed

latest chelsea news

Source: Metro

Oliver Giroud the former Arsenal player signed the Chelsea FC in an 18 months contract. The player is experienced and also had scored many goals in the Premier League, international matches and European League. Oliver Giroud has proved his skills and techniques in the field in many matches; hence Chelsea will be very happy to welcome him. Oliver Giroud the 31-year-old player will wear the number 18 shirts while playing with Chelsea. After signing with Chelsea FC Oliver Giroud said that “Chelsea is one of the biggest teams in the Premier League. They have won maybe the most trophies in the last six or seven years. It’s a massive club and I am proud to sign for Chelsea, and I’m looking forward to playing.”

Emerson Palmieri (Roma) Undisclosed

chelsea news now

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Emerson Palmieri the 23-year-old player signed the Chelsea FC player in a 4 and half year contract. Before signing Chelsea FC, Emerson Palmieri played for Roma and gained experience of 2 and half seasons. The player will wear the number 33 shirt while playing for Chelsea. After singing Chelsea FC Emerson Palmieri said “I came here because it’s a great team with a great history. Today I am realizing one of my dreams to pull on the shirt of such a great club. English football is something I have been watching since I was 15 years old. It is a really beautiful game over here but it is going to be even more beautiful to play it.”

As per Chelsea news now, below are the lists of the player who left Chelsea by transfer -

Michy Batshuayi (Borussia Dortmund) Loan

chelsea news now

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Michy Batshuayi the former Chelsea FC player signed for Borussia Dortmund on loan till the end of the season. The player has made 53 appearances for the Chelsea FC where he has scored 19 goals.

Jake Clarke-Salter (Sunderland) Loan

chelsea fc

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Jake Clarke-Salter the 20-year-old player signed Sunderland from Chelsea FC on loan. The player has shown awesome performance while playing with Chelsea FC during UEFA Youth League and FA Youth Cup.

Jordan Houghton (Doncaster Rovers) Loan extension

chelsea latest news

Source: Doncaster Rovers

Jordan Houghton the 22-year-old player signed for Doncaster Rovers in the previous season on loan from Chelsea FC and his loan has been extended to the end of this season. The player has played 20 matches for Doncaster Rovers and has been an awesome player throughout the matches he played. Jordan Houghton was in the Chelsea FC team when the club won the UEFA Youth League and FA Youth Cup.

Todd Kane (Oxford United) Loan

chelsea news now

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The 24-year-old player Todd Kane joined Oxford United on loan until the end of the season. While playing with Chelsea FC the player won the National under 21 league championships and the FA Youth Cup.

Kenedy (Newcastle) Loan

chelsea latest news

Source: Tribuna

The 21-year-old Brazilian player moved to Newcastle on loan after playing with Chelsea FC. The player has made 5 appearances with Chelsea and showed a good performance in the matches.

Charly Musonda Jr (Celtic) Loan

football transfer news

Source: Herald Scotland

The 21-year-old player Charly Musonda Jr joined Celtic on loan after played for Chelsea FC. The player has shown excellent performances in all the game in his career.

Baba Rahman (Schalke) Loan

chelsea fc news

Source: Squawke

The 23-year-old Ghanaian defender joined Schalke on loan until the end of season 2018-19. The player showed excellent performance in his career while playing with the club.

Ike Ugbo (MK Dons) Loan

chelsea latest transfer news

Source: The 72

Ike Ugbo the 19-year-old player, joined MK Dons on loan until the end of the season. Ike Ugbo was the top scorer of the development squad of Chelsea FC and was also in the team while the club won the Under 18 Premier League, UEFA Youth League and FA Youth Cup.

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Chelsea squad

chelsea squad

Source: Chelsea FC

  1. Willy Caballero (Goal Keeper). Nationality: Argentina
  2. Thibaut Courtois (Goalkeeper). Nationality: Belgium
  3. Eduardo (Goalkeeper). Nationality: Portugal
  4. Marcos Alonso (Defender). Nationality: Spain
  5. Gary Cahill (Defender). Nationality: England
  6. Cesar Azpilicueta (Defender). Nationality: Spain
  7. Davis Luiz (Defender). Nationality: Brazil
  8. Antonio Rudiger (Defender). Nationality: Germany
  9. Andreas Christensen (Defender). Nationality: Denmark
  10. Davide Zappacosta (Defender). Nationality: Italy
  11. Ethan Ampadu (Defender). Nationality: Wales
  12. Emerson (Defender). Nationality: Italy
  13. Trevoh Chalobah (Defender). Nationality: England
  14. Cesc Fabregas (Midfielder). Nationality: Spain
  15. N’Golo Kante (Midfielder). Nationality: France
  16. Eden Hazard (Midfielder). Nationality: Belgium
  17. Victor Moses (Midfielder). Nationality: Nigeria
  18. Willian (Midfielder). Nationality: Brazil
  19. Tiemoue Bakayoko (Midfielder). Nationality: France
  20. Daniel Drinkwater (Midfielder). Nationality: England
  21. Kyle Scott (Midfielder). Nationality: United States
  22. Dujon Sterling (Midfielder). Nationality: England
  23. Callum Hudson-Odoi (Midfielder). Nationality: England
  24. Ross Barkley (Midfielder). Nationality: England
  25. Pedro (Forward). Nationality: Spain
  26. Alvaro Morata (Forward). Nationality: Spain
  27. Olivier Giroud (Forward). Nationality: France

Chelsea latest news

chelsea latest news

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Below is some of the latest Chelsea news

According to report, Chelsea FC are ready to project up £31 million to get Bayer Leverkusen Benjamin Henrichs. On the other hand they are rumored to be making a move for the Man U player Anthony Martial; but might have to compete with the likes of Tottenham Hotspur, Bayern Munich and Juventus.

Chelsea recently unveiled their new kit (home) for the upcoming season. The kit is inspired by the jerseys they used to wear during the time of the 1980s and 1990s.

Juventus in recent times has shown interest in signing Alvaro Morata, the Chelsea Striker and this has put the coach under some pressure. If Morata leaves, Antonio Conte has to look for his replacement as soon as possible.

Chelsea FC


In a recent interview, Antonio Conte defended himself by stating that he is the man who has changed the fortune of the club. Conte in his 1st season guided Chelsea to a scintillating EPL title after the team struggled in the previous season by finishing at the 10th position. He failed to create the same magic this season as Chelsea finished 5th in the table.

Chelsea failed to make their way into the top four of the premier league table as they were defeated by Newcastle United with a score line of 3-0. It suggests that Chelsea has played really bad and it might hurt their preparations for the FA Cup finals. Jamie Redknapp, the former Liverpool player was surprised by the team’s performance and said: “Everything about Chelsea's performance today was so poor. When the fans have travelled such a long way, to see a team performance like that, now somehow he's got to lift the team and get them ready for a cup final, and it isn't easy to just switch it on and off in football.”

He also criticized Antonio Conte’s dismal season and quoted: “For Conte, I'd be amazed if we see him on the touchline for Chelsea next year, he just looks like he wants to get away now.”

The main problem behind Chelsea’s dismal season is reported to be the team lacking leaders in the field and also many prolific players left the club with the replacements failing to perform. Wayne Bridge, the former Chelsea player while speaking to the Sky Sports channel about Chelsea’s performance said: “I think there is definitely a leadership problem, 100 per cent. I look at Chelsea now and I don't see a lot of leaders. I think it's something they need to address if they are going to compete for titles. They need to spend money and look to bring in those types of players. Not just good-quality players, but players who have got a bit of character, players who can lead the team through difficult moments. You don't just want one player leading the team. A major part of being successful is having a group of players who can provide leadership.”

Chelsea is looking to offer Mauricio Pochettino the role of Manager at the Chelsea club as Antonio Conte is believed to be leaving the club after a disastrous Premier League Season. Mauricio Pochettino is presently the coach of Tottenham Hotspur and the team had performed well in his reign. Chelsea is also rumoured to be linked with the likes of Maurizio Sarri and Luis Enrique for the managerial role.

In a recent turnaround of events, Chelsea was handed over a fine of £20,000 for not being able to control the players and the team officials who behaved rudely on the field during the match against Huddersfield Town. The incident occurred when Willian was not allowed to take the corner by the Referee and he blew the whistle for the halftime. The referee Mr. Lee Mason though defended his decision by stating that the stoppage time for the 1st half had already elapsed.

Manchester City may make a move for the charismatic Eden Hazard for the upcoming season if he wants to leave Chelsea though his contact with the club runs until 2020.

As per some internal sources, the sensational Poland international Robert Lewandowski is rumoured to be thinking of a move to the Stamford Bridge in the upcoming season from his current club Bayern Munich.



Gianluca Vialli has cautioned the club to think precisely before parting ways with Antonio Conte. He advised the club to think about all the consequences before doing so as the combination is a perfect one and the show must go on. He said: “If I was Antonio I would think twice about leaving Chelsea, if I was Chelsea I would think three times about letting Antonio go, I think he has done incredibly well last season, winning the championship [Premier League] which is always complicated in a competition which has six or seven clubs capable of winning.”

Mason Mount, the Chelsea midfielder has scored 14 goals for Vitesse Arnhem who is on his loan term at the club. The 19 year old sensation once helped Chelsea to win the FA Youth Cup final against the prominent Manchester City in 2015/16. He even went on to captain the Chelsea Youth team and helping them to win the U18 Youth Cup for the fourth consecutive year. The young talent recently said: “After this season, I go back to Chelsea and hear what their plans are. For me, everything is still open - another year of Vitesse, returning to Chelsea to go for my chance or going on loan to another club. Ultimately, it is my goal to play for the Chelsea first team. That has been the case since I came to Chelsea as a six-year-old.”

latest Chelsea news


Chelsea defeats Manchester United 1-0 for the FA Cup title after a tormented Premier League season. Chelsea struggled to perform in EPL but was able to find some form in the FA Cup finals. Eden Hazard, the Belgian star converted a 22nd minute penalty to give the club something to rejoice for after they failed to make a mark in the English Premier League. On the remarkable FA Cup Victory, Antonio Conte said: “I predicted difficulties at the start of the season but we finished fifth and we won the FA Cup.”

He further added: “Even in a difficult season, I showed I am a serial winner.”

Chelsea squad


For further breath-taking information about your favorite team Chelsea FC visit here.


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