Top rated Bisa Kdei songs of all time

Top rated Bisa Kdei songs of all time

Ronald Kweku Dei Appiah or commonly known as Bisa Kdei is Ghanaian native singer as well as record producer from the Eastern Region of the country. He was born on 19th March 1986, Accra Ghana. With various awards above his name not to mention constant airplay, Bisa Kdei songs are really captivating and acknowledged by many people as the best.

Bisa Kdei songs 2018

The multiple award-winning artists has never gotten tired of releasing hits for his fans-ever since he came into the limelight. It was actually in 2012 when he finally mushroomed in this competitive industry and established a name for himself. Last year he started on a high note by releasing yet another hit song, Hammer.

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This highlife piece features Asamoah Gyan, black stars’ captain. Asamoah has always had a passion for music even though his reputation mainly lies on the football pitch. It was his popular African girland Do the Dance in 2011 that caught the attention of the people, and they could foresee his prosperous future in his new exploited talent.

However, in 2014 he lost his friend, Castro whom he had collaborated in creating Odo Pa single. He, thereafter, faded from the limelight until last year when Kdei helped him in reviving his love for music. According to Bisa, Hammer will certainly set the right music mood for last year not only for Asamoah but every Ghanaian; already ranks 6 in pulse top 10 songs.

This single will be featured in his latest album Highlife Connect, his third project and be another banger just after Mansa and Brother Brother.

This third project is rather personal to him. He has an undying love for African heritage, particularly Ghanaian Culture. His aim, therefore, is to use the album to enhance African spirit and promote our culture to the world. He has collaborated with some of the best artists across the region just to realize his dream. Obviously, other than that, he is also dedicating this work to his fans in various parts of the globe.

Life which is among the hit songs in this album features Patoranking. This artist is among the finest artists of this generation, originating from Nigeria. He also has several awards under his belt as well as connections all across Africa. With such artists in Konnect album, then definitely it would be Africa’s culture would be heard and felt worldwide. Feeling, yet another hit song features Reecado Banks and has received massive airplay ever since it was released on 19th April 2017.

Bisa Kdei Albums

Bisa kdei songs list are categorized according to their respective albums. Generally, Kdei has managed to do release three albums, all of them being received positively by the public. Thanksgiving, breakthrough and Konnect projects have not only made money for this artist but also made him a star. Songs by Bisa Kdeimade him establish a trend of winning awards in various fields. His albums are also trending well in local as well as international markets like Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon.

Thanksgiving was his first album. It immediately went viral once it was released on 9th January 2014. His Azonto Ghost was still ringing in people’s ears before this project eventually intruded. It contains sixteen songs, all of which may be considered captivating and refreshing.

Bisa Kdei jealous song, motivational song, relationships and religious are all included in his albums including this. Here is a list of songs, particularly from this album;

  1. Aseda
  2. Baba
  3. I love You
  4. Atomesu (featuring Paa Quesi)
  5. Party On
  6. Magbo
  7. Aboa Sika
  8. Killer Girl (Featuring Tuntum Obibini)
  9. Vamijo (featuring Castro)
  10. Why (Featuring Bisa Yoshua)
  11. Miaa Na Maye
  12. Odo Carpenter
  13. Party De go
  14. Over
  15. Metanfo
  16. Azonto Ghost

Odo carpenter replaced Azonto Ghost in popularity and was constantly on the airwaves. Other than topping local charts, this album propelled Kdei Career’s to perform in big stages. He even started to shoulders with the bigwigs in the industry and became a household name.

His second album was no different. It was exceptionally produced, recorded and managed. It expounded more on this young man’s talent and continued to receive a wider fan base. It was called Breakthrough. Even though he had already been in the industry for quite sometimes, this album was indeed a breakthrough for him. His tours were, as a result, scheduled for America, Europe, and other international countries. There were also reports that he was considering signing a deal with the Rap legend, Kanye West.

According to him, through this album, he has written his name in Ghanaian with permanent ink and he will not be leaving anytime soon. Known for his High-life genre, this album circulates around love as a topic, since basically, that is what High-life is all about. He is also keen on incorporating both the young and the old in his songs. Many of the tunes used are derived all the way from our local culture. Talk of Kongas and Gong-gongs.

Collaborating with some of the renowned artists such as Efya and Obrafuor also helped in infusing the hype and ‘flavor’. Particularly, Efya’s marvelous vocals in the single Fire, brought out an impressive rhythm while Obrafuor use of proverbial verses made the audience to ponder even deeper.

The lead single ‘Mansa’ was very catchy and really appealing. It dominated the local charts for quite a while after officially being released on June 16th, 2015. Unfortunately, it was it was made public the same day, Kdei’s mother died. It was quite an emotional moment for him, but he held his head high and never lost morale.

The album contains ten songs. Here is a list;

  1. Mansa
  2. You Don't Know Me
  3. Samina (Featuring Obrafuor)
  4. Kakap3
  5. Brother Brother
  6. Fire (featuring Efya)
  7. M)BR)
  8. Bra Bisa
  9. 6 Strings (Featuring Samini)
  10. Sweet.

Interestingly, from this High-life sophomore album, he self-produced all the songs except for only two. Clearly, he did a wonderful job combining his talent and skills to generate something exquisite.

Well, even though there are some uplifting and energizing songs in the album like Mansa, many of them have a low tempo for relaxation, and maybe to drift away with the messages. His vocals which are uniquely low tone and somehow whispery also blended seamlessly with the rhythm to create a calm atmosphere.

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The much anticipated Highlife Konnect album was officially launched on 21st April 2018. It featured ten songs that are already doing rounds in the social media. Hopefully, it will be a success just like the other two albums.

After launching it in Ghana, the album is also expected to be unveiled in Cote d'Ivoire, United States of America and London. A series of concerts are expected to follow suit immediately after the launch. It has already picked remarkable reviews from our local fans. Therefore, it will not be a surprise if awards and nominations are tagged alongside its popularity.

The album contains ten songs with Hammer being the lead single. Here is a list of the songs;

  1. Hammer
  2. Asew- (featuring Mic Flammez)
  3. 1924
  4. Fakye
  5. Bie Wueni- (Kumi Guitar and Akwaboah)
  6. Domi Bi
  7. Pocket- (featuring Sarkodie)
  8. Bibi Nti
  9. Count on Me (Featuring Mayorkon)
  10. Door Mat (featuring OC oscillation)
  11. Aban (featuring Yaa Yaa)
  12. Bra

Although critics consider him to be quiet and dormant in terms of music. Bisa Kdei latest song, awards, and nominations prove otherwise. He has been collecting trophies from several bodies including, Ghana Movie Awards, Kumawood Movie Awards, Music of Ghanaian Origin as well as Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, without forgetting AFRIMMA as well as Ghana Music Awards in the UK among others.

Well, it’s a known fact that he emerged in the industry through a movie soundtrack and hence the reason for winning some of the Movie Awards. His Azonto Ghost soundtrack from the same movie made him a shining star. It was well crafted that it was simply recognized as the ‘Soundtrack of the Year in 2012’ by the Ghana Movie Awards. Many more awards consequently followed next. From such immense recognition, it’s no doubt that Bisa Kdei new song would probably join the bandwagon for winnings.

Bisa Kdei all songs list outlines a talented and flexible artist who blends dancehall music with a touch of romance in his high-life genre.

As for Bisa Kdei hit songs, you will have to buy the whole albums as all songs are generally interesting. Forget Mansa and Brother Brother, there are other hit songs such as Hammer and Pocket that will keep your mood in check this year.

Anyway, Bisa Kdei songs videos just like his lyrics and vocals are equally fascinating and simple. Regardless of the number, try going through Bisa Kdei top songs and you will get a feel of the creative touch with the portrayal of a clear message.

Bisa Kdei as a person is way beyond his age and time. In spite of his attachment to native songs and silence, his art transcends the human mind in measures that can be compared to oliver mtukudzi and Chinua Achebe. The Ghana-based artist, charms his audience with authentic African music that speaks to the innocence of the inner soul, invoking a kind of reality that can only be described as pure happiness.

In conclusion, in the list of all Bisa Kdei songs, you will also realize that he is also a very religious man having released songs like Baaba and Metamfo, which are also popular.

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