Is Shatta Wale - Gringo the best hit so far?

Is Shatta Wale - Gringo the best hit so far?

Shatta Wale – Gringo is a hit on many different levels. In the offline space, gringo continues to make parties go wild while receiving significant viewership on YouTube, in the online space. Ghana is in a frenzy with most Ghanaians posting videos, on various social media platforms especially instagram, dancing to this incredible jam. One would wonder what makes Gringo by Shatta Wale, a song worth the reception it has had since its debut. Maybe it is the message, maybe the beats or just the video. Nonetheless, the artistry involved in the song is revolutionary and controversial; some of Wales most conspicuous traits.

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Gringo by Shatta Wale song

The 1 minute 40 seconds song, might be perceived as a fresh approach by the self-proclaimed king of dancehall in Ghana. Despite the fact that there are no rules of engagement in terms of how long a song should be, the most common – and assumed to be standard length – is 3 minutes; which Gringo isn’t. This, to some critiques, is lazy and they feel he could do better. In my opinion on a scale of 1-10, using market reception, music response, social media share, YouTube viewership and rankings on music chart lists; Gringo scores a 9 out of 10, making it a song worth listening and dancing to.

Shatta Wale gringo video

Arguably, the video to gringo by Shatta Wale is the most expensive of his video releases. In the video, whose setting is done in Texas, it is different from most of his previous songs. Shatta Wale plays the role of a hard-core cowboy who has landed on a new city, ready to conquer it.

Dressed like a cowboy from Texas, punctuated with streaks of modern day accessory, Shatta makes his entry riding a horse like a true cowboy. He dismounts from the horse and what does he see? A beautiful lady standing by her chariot. Like the gentleman he is, he reaches out and takes her by the hand. The two walk into a bar only to meet the true ‘owner’ of the woman; the scary snake eye. The two get locked into a fight, which disrupts the whole bar, and like the true noble men they are, they take the fight outside; a duel; a gun fight to the death. Shatta emerges the victor after shooting snake eye four times and taking the girl with him.

Decrypting the video might enlighten you on what it communicates. Lets play its different angles. Metaphorically, the video brings to light Shattas intentions to take over the world dance-hall space by first taking out the current world dance-hall king. The lady is the price, equal to commanding the dance-hall space. The bar is the market and fan base. He comes humbly but prepared. This line of thought can be supported by a line in his lyrics where he says if he is to date a woman it will be Cardi-B; who is a queen in her own right. But hey, all we can do is speculate, but time will tell.

In another twist, judging from the narraters last words, ‘who is this strange cowboy? Whoever he is, he will never be forgotten,’ one may think Shatta is trying to build a name that will never be erased in Ghanas wall of fame.

The 7 minute video featuring a 23 persons cast; Sesan Oginre, who is a gifted video producer and director, boasts of high quality standards as per any ordinary viewers expectation.

Gringo Shatta Wale lyrics

Gringo Shatta Wale lyrics matches the status of a good dancehall lyric. It is a good definition of a typical dancehall song. Below is a full Gringo lyric. Judge it on a scale of 1-10; how good it is:


Yeah Joint, jus lemme know when di ting ready

Ah yeah

Mmm, leff dem

Verse 1:

Shout out to man gringo

Yes gringo, ringo

Wha' happen

Hey Mandingo

Oya make me tell dem

Me never see nuh badman weh ah wear kaba

K3 sugar daddy fey

Am3 k33 maaba

If ah gyal say picture, me nuh say nah, nah

Everybody know me run dis town, yahman

Coolie, coolie we ah smoke inna every corner

Ask 'bout Shatta Movement inna Ghana

Gyal dema whine when dem hear da number one banger

I like dema twerk

Can't date Gaga


Mi deh yuh still and a mi dem all a talking’ bout

Bad mind, fake friends me see dem walking out

If ah dem mute

I go talk about dancehall now

Verse 2:

If to haffi really to date a gyal

Me ah go date Cardi B

Woah, gyal so sleek

Gyal body hot like water weh yah bubble inna bath

Mmm, me nuh want to talk

'member every soldier know haffi live inna di bush

Ah we rasta can show you di right kush

You seh unnu ah dancer

Come wit ya coun' nush

If u issa man beat ah gyal - dat ah bush


Mi deh yuh still and a mi dem all a talking’ bout

Bad mind, fake friends me see dem walking out

If ah dem mute

I go talk about dancehall now

Verse 3:

If ah nah me?

Who ah go talk 'bout it

Kenya, Ghana

If ah gyal seh push

Make sure you push it inna womb

Make sure she ah bark like wuu!

If you got a long c0ck, make sure you put it inna use

Cuh di woman dem want it used

If you reach out, that's nice

Slow down the dose before unnu ah go meet ???

Bwoy dis ah mi farmland

Me nuh wan' see no bwoy fly inna it like a crow

Bwoy watch ya mouth

Watch how you talk, cuz dis badman you see can act very cold


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Impact of Shatta Wale Gringo on Ghana music

In a highly opinionated space, almost everything sounds right. Nonetheless, discussions arising from this song have a new twist. The song is controversial in many ways but its video seems to take the centre stage of it all. It is a shift from the traditional Ghanaian dancehall videos to a more sophisticated art style, which is brilliant.

Shatta is a man of many firsts, and this is one of his brilliant firsts. This challenges the thinking of many Ghanaian artists on how to approach their videos. It sets the bar high on the creativity part of video producers. The narrative style of song presentation has been used before by musicians of high ranking, with Jay-Z and Beyonce, being atop of the list. Shatta’s choice of defying the norm has people talking, which prompts a kind of publicty any artist would want.

Investment wise, the music is rumored to have taken much from the artist; with some saying it is the most expensive video Shatta has ever released. This sets a precedence, and challenges other artists with ambitions, equally to those of a king, to put your money where your ambitions are, and hope for the best.

In the recent days, the peak of any dancehall music has been marked by girls twerking. Gringo has had its fair share of the same from Shatta Wale fans. This shows the song is highly appreciated by the public.

So far, the song has had a pretty good reception in Ghana and the world at large. In less than a week, Gringo had already attracted YouTube viewership of over 700,000, which is remarkable. One would easily say that it is a wakeup call for all Ghanaian and other African artists.

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