Top 10 Lil Wayne songs that are popular in Ghana

Top 10 Lil Wayne songs that are popular in Ghana

Since 1991 when little Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. joined Cash Money Records under Birdman, he has been a name to reckon with as far as hip hop and rap music is concerned. Lil Wayne songs have to be in the playlist of all rap songs, both locally and internationally if the listener is to pass by as an ardent rap music fan. He is an icon. He makes it rain every single time he gets the microphone.

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In addition to the new Lil Wayne songs, the musician also popularly known as Weezy baby has produced and sold above 15 million albums, 100 million records and approximately 37 million digital tracks worldwide. Yes, you heard right. Lil Wayne is no doubt one of the biggest rappers of this generation. What is it about Lil Wayne songs that makes you want to stop and listen, press replay or set on a loop in your iPod? What is it that Ghanaians like about this International rapper and which of Lil Wayne songs list do they not care to hear over and over? Let’s look into the top 10 Lil Wayne songs that are popular in Ghana, according to us. Rap music and rap musicians have a way of causing controversies and arguments, they thrive well in such micro environments so it’s possible the list is disputable. Even so, I would confidently say it shall be with a very small percentage as we have Lil Wayne greatest songs for you. Read on and confirm this.

1. Lil Wayne featuring Static Major - Lollipop

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‘’Ow, uh huh no homo (Young mulla baby)

Sh, sh, she lick me like a lollipop…..’’

The lyrics start with the signature Wheezy voice and the young money label mentioning, a club hit from the word go. This is one of the biggest hit songs Lil Wayne ever produced, the best the world ever got from rap. The moment this song begins, even Ghanaians that swear rap music is boring will involuntarily be nodding their heads, singing alongside the lyrics waiting to party hard.

Although Static passed away two weeks before this number one hip hop song in MTV charts was digitally released, it’s the best single these two artists have had their entire music career, or at least till now for Lil Wayne. Released in Tha Carter 3 album, lollipop tops the Lil Wayne songs list.

Did I mention that this song won a Grammy 2009? Well, it did; as the best rap song of the year. It has many versions as other musicians used it to remain afloat. It’s what people wanted to hear anyway, still do. The official remix was however done by Static and Kanye West.

What you didn’t know about ‘The lollipop’

The video was shot in a limousine not because it is a fancy car, well maybe, but mainly because all major clubs refused to let Weezy record at their place citing his bad police record. The genius producer Gil Green suggested Gavin Maloof’s place but the larger part would be filmed in the limo. Brilliant!

Earlier on I mentioned Rappers and their arguments. 50 Cent at some point claimed that this song copied his 2005 Candy shop. I don’t know who else feels this way but to each their own.

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2. Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Imagine Dragons, Ty Dolla Sign, Logic featuring X Ambassadors - Sucker for pain

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‘’Just stay up in your lane, just don't f**k with Lil Wayne

I'mma jump from my plane or stand in front of a train

Cause I'm a sucker for pain’’

This is where rock meets hip hop. Lil Wayne sucker for pain is a timeless hit that combines hard core rap lyrics with hard core instrumental music, blending into tunes no one ever imagined would rhyme. Released in June 2016 for the Suicide Squad album, Sucker for pain is a passionately produced song that went up to number 15 in the Hot 100 music list chart within a very short time.

Produced well after Dwayne Michael Carter Jr had officially announced he would be bowing out of the game citing parenting responsibilities, it proves Weezy still has what it takes to keep rapping. He had in March 2014 confirmed Tha Carter 5 to be his final album during an interview with Elliot Wilson. Seems he didn’t mean getting entirely out of the game but out of churning albums after albums. We are glad so.

The video features the talented Will Smith. Need I say he could also be a reason most Ghanaians watch this video plus the hard rock filming of course? Talk of good music and high adrenaline (for those whose fear scary rock videos) both at work here!

3. Lil Wayne featuring Bruno Mars – Mirror

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‘’I see the pain hidden in your pride

I see you're not satisfied

And I don't see nobody else

I see myself, I'm looking at the…’’

I know you are feeling the lyrics already, the passion and depth of its words…Its mirror on the wall.

First released to urban radio in 2011, Mirror is another of Lil Wayne’s best songs, featuring in the top 10 that are popular in Ghana. It is an edition of Lil Wayne’s ninth studio album Tha Carter 4 and features the laid back American Pop singer, Bruno Mars. It’s a calming song with soft tunes and mild rap. It’s made even softer by Bruno Mars in the chorus. Who said you can’t chill to cool Lil Wayne music? It’s not always about solid tunes and hardcore rap, you can listen to refreshing music without having to leave the young money or Cash money records music legend’s list. Rap loving Ghanaians obviously know this too well.

Although Weezy got sued by his producer for failing to complete the payment as agreed, Mirror gives us a chance to get into Lil Wayne’s troubled soul and wrapped up emotions, something he only does once in a long while.

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4. Lil Wayne - How to love

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‘’You had a lot of crooks try'na steal your heart

Never really had luck, couldn't never figure out

How to love (how to love)….’’

Don’t I just love it when Weezy begins his songs with something like ‘‘Turn the music up, a lil’ louder, yeah…’’It’s fragmented with confidence and gets you ready for a big tune from someone who knows exactly what they are doing.

Tha Carter 4 was well endowed, as this is another of Lil Wayne’s best songs in an album we have mentioned before. Out of the many studio albums, extended plays, mix tapes and even compilation albums, How to love is one of those meditative kind of songs. It was actually nominated for video with a social message MTV Awards in 2011, something not so expected of Weezy the bad boy.

However, having a baby while young with his high school sweetheart and continuing to take care of this baby among the ones that came later, Lil Wayne knows something about love. He missed it growing up and he knows its value. Speaking of his retirement from music in an interview, he said "I have four kids, I would feel selfish still going to the studio when it's such a vital point in their lives."(Wow! So much love and concern!)

Part of the reasons Lil Wayne wished to retire at 35 was his kids, his family. To be a father. Yes, lessons on How to love.

This song had a very good reception, with fans embracing this new emotional, low tune side of Wayne. It was evident as it made him a first entry into popular adult stations. No wonder it’s a top song in Lil Wayne songs list. It’s like we never knew Weezy at all and this took everyone by surprise.

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5. Lil Wayne featuring Eminem - Drop the world

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‘’It hurts, but I never show,

This pain you'll never know

If only you could see just how lonely and how cold…’’

Two great rappers in a tune has a lot to talk about! Lil Wayne featured Eminem in his Rebirth album of 2010.Released to the market through iTunes, Drop the world is a great hit, a typical hip hop video with moshing, skating and rioting.

It was remixed by Kanary Diamonds in The Red Room and Pick My Balls Up by Rapper Royce. The Rebirth album was not exactly a success but this particular song was. It caught people’s attention, becoming a popular in Ghana as well.

6. Eminem featuring Lil Wayne - No Love

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‘’It's a little too late to say that you're sorry now (Yeah)

You kicked me when I was down, but what you say, just (Don't hurt me)

That's right (It don't hurt me) I don need you (No more)…’’

Just after the two good rappers do Drop the world for Lil Wayne’s album rebirth, they are together again for Eminem’s Recovery album. These two always sound great together. Although Eminem clearly says it was an agreement to do at least a song in each other’s album and Wayne was paying off this debt, it’s a great tune that lasted eight good weeks on the ARIA charts. The end justifies the means, doesn’t it?

7. Lil Wayne - God Bless America

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‘’God bless Amerika

This so godless Amerika

I heard tomorrow ain’t promised today

And I’m smoking on them flowers, catch the bouquet…’’

In his album I Am Not a Human Being, Lil Wayne decides to pray for America. Such a display of patriotism. The lyrics here just make you want to listen to this beat. Although it wasn’t much hyped, it’s a cool song that gives the listener a break from the hard core rap music we are used to.

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8. Lil Wayne – A Milli

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‘’I'm a Millionaire,

I'm a Young Money Millionaire, tougher than Nigerian hair,

My criteria compared to your career just isn't fair…’’

That is Weezy flowing smoothly in his Carter 3 Album. When he started music at nine years, the born 27th September 1982 rapper knew he had what it takes and now he was confirming it.Weezy sure is a young millionaire, as he boasts of a net worth of $150.

A milli is a happy song, a club tune. Everyone loves to have a happy song on the playslist.

9. Lil Wayne, Birdman – You Ain’t Know

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‘’Nigga, I ain't got a money printer

So for this paper chase I'm out runnin' sprinters

Yes, the last two Cash Money members’’

When he was only two years, Lil Wayne’s father walked out on him and his 19 year old mother, opening a chapter of a different, not so easy childhood for him. After getting into cash money records, Birdman its CEO become more like a father to Wayne, and together they produced great hits of all time like I Make it Rain, which is still being sang and requested for in radio stations to date. Although they at times fell apart like father and son do, Weezy gave Birdman a father’s respect until his demise and Birdman always had his back. Once in 2016 following a dispute at cash money, Weezy chose to bow out than have an exchange with birdman saying ‘’I AM NOW DEFENSELESS and mentally DEFEATED, I leave gracefully and thankful I luv my fanz but I'm done."

Still in the Like Father like Son album, You Ain’t Know is a tune we all love, mostly because it has father and son in it.

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Lil Wayne and Birdman - Stunning Like My Daddy

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‘’I'm the, young stunna

Stuntin' like my daddy

Stuntin' like my daddy’’

This song gets you hooked immediately. It’s mind blowing. It’s simply amazing! Birdman and Weezy in a song together is just breathtaking. Produced in the Like Father like son album and having won the Bet Award for viewer’s choice in 2006, stunning like my daddy is the real deal.

The part where Weezy says ‘’show me my opponent’’ followed by a crunching sound then a heavier fuller voice proceeds to say "there go my opponent," is the climax of this song. You might find yourself looping to have this part repeated. The message gets home, crystal clear. Now that is music, stunning music. This song is among the top 10 favorite for Lil Wayne’s fans in Ghana. It’s all there.

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Lil Wayne’s career peaks

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Are you still wondering why an American artist would have his songs popular in Ghana? Below is a list of Lil Wayne’s musical career achievements that prove he is great at what he does and worth some space in your musical device. He is a winner of the following music awards;

  • Best Male Artist (2012) - Billboard Music Awards
  • Best Rap Artist (2012) - Billboard Music Awards
  • Top Rap Album (I Am Not A Human Being, 2011)-Billboard Music Awards
  • Urban Songwriter of the Year (2009, 2010) - BMI Awards
  • Best Male Hip Hop Artist (2009) - BET Awards
  • Best Rap Album (The Carter III, 2009) - Grammy Awards
  • MVP of the Year (2008) - BET Hip Hop Awards
  • Lyricist of the Year (2008) BET Hip Hop Awards
  • Best New Artist (2000) - Source Awards

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What to learn from Lil Wayne amidst his popularity

new lil wayne songs, lil wayne songs list, lil wayne's best songs


Is it all about the great music and signature voice? No.There is much more people can learn from Weezy, the dejected young boy who grew up in very unfriendly surroundings, dropping from school at 14 to do music and excelling at it while still guarding his emotional wounds that obviously, have never really healed. Here’s what to learn from the best of the best;

1. Discover and follow your passion

It’s said that if you do something you love, you never have to work a single day in your life. This is true for Lil Wayne. Young Wayne decided to follow his passion at 14 and focused on growing it and the fruits are evident today.

2. Be a risk taker

No risk is bigger than that of a 14 year old dropping from school and convincing everyone around that it’s the right thing to do. Even worse is the effort required to prove you were right.But in life you have to take risks to excel.

3. Have a role model

You need someone to keep you on track, guide you and remind you why what you are pursuing is important to you. Find a role model who is everything you want to be and have them guide you into realizing this dream. They have been there, they know the route pretty well. They shall have your back. Lil Wayne had Birdman all the way up.

4. Resilience

If you want to succeed, you must learn to keep your eyes on the price no matter what. Sometimes it’s not about what people say but what your heart says.

Lil Wayne said that Tha Carter 5 album which he did in November 2012 would be his last as he desired to venture into other different things. He has laid low since then, although he has done a few songs with other artists. If he never gets back to music fully, Weezy will have left great tunes behind like the top 10 most popular songs plus others in his final Carter 5 album.

Whether he does or doesn’t do music anymore, Lil Wayne has built a name for himself with matching respect from his fans and even fellow rappers. In the meantime, let’s enjoy our all-time favorites from Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, starting with the Top 10 Lil Wayne songs that are popular in Ghana.

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