Who is Sarkodie father?

Who is Sarkodie father?

Is Sarkodie father alive? That is a question that the many fanatics of the popular Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie will be eager to know. They are eager because a single mother, Emma Maame Aggrey, raised Sarkodie. The dad is alive though very little is know about him; we are still in the dark about what he does for living and his current location.

What is Sarkodie’s father’s name? Well, Sarkodie’s dad is known as Mr.Augustine Owusu Addo. Mr. Owusu and his wife Maame Aggrey, were blessed with five children, Sarkodie being the fourth born. A 2013 article, unveiled that Sarkodie’s dad had another wife since Sarkodie went to pay his dad and his half brothers a visit and he took a picture.

Father of Sarkodie must be proud of the son, proved by their photos together. The dad was among those who celebrated the Ghanaian rapper's 29th birthday as they took a photo together. Let us take you back to Mr.Owusu’s son biography and success that makes him proud of having him.

Sarkodie biography

The talented Ghana artist is a favorite to many for being original and creative. He has great vocals and his songs receive massive acceptance in spite of being his language, Twi.

Sarkodie is an artist who understands the true purpose of songs is; to entertain and give a lesson to their listeners. Nowadays most of the musicians sing to impress their fanatics with a dance-able beat and with free (meaningless) style lyrics. The Ghanaian rapper that hails from Tema is truly one of the biggest artist in Africa.

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Since the hiplife as well as rapper went into a ride of fame, he has managed to win himself a total of 75 awards for being nominated 137 times. This shows how successful he has been in his career and with his current effort put; it means that such talented artists will revive the music industry in Ghana as well as the whole of Africa.

Sarkodie humble backgrounds

Sarkodie is an artist who prefers to keep his private life a secret and him opening up about his humble background was a big shock to his fans as well as wise because he encouraged a soul somewhere. Right? The talented rapper describes her childhood life as horrific and packed with crazy moments as he grew up from a relative home in Achimota, Accra. Being away from his parents love made him to feel extremely bad. One may ask where were the parents, but they are so many personal reasons to make such a situation to happen, which was left undisclosed by the rapper.

In spite of all that, Sarkodie did not want to live a fairy life and he developed his talent in rapping at that tender age.According to an article, Sarkodie is not a sociable man, but when it comes to writing his raps, he does it effortlessly. A friend influenced him and within no time Sarkodie gained his current success that is unmeasurable.

Sarkodie family

Sarkodie has a wife that goes by the name Tracy. A beautiful princess named Adalyn is a blessing to the long- term lovebirds. Sarkodie is known for putting most of his personal life in the dark, but from recent buzz the couple wedded secretly on 17th June last year, 2017.

Who is Sarkodie father?

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Tracy posted a pic in her Instagram account of her with a gown. Surprisingly, Sarkodie’s mother knew nothing about the marriage and she denied that her son would not take such a big step into his life without informing her. All this made the fans get more confused with questions quivering our heads if he got married, or it was a set prank.

Sarkodie incredible fact

Sarkodie never goes with the flow, but he does what he feels is right to his eyes and mind. Most artists are known to be drug addicts. Right? Well, Sarkodie is not among them because he does not know the taste of either alcohol or tobacco. That is awesome, as we all know that there are youngsters out there who gets inspired by the 29-year-old artist, Sarkodie.

Sarkodie net worth 2018

Sarkodie is one of the high status artists in Africa; in fact, you can finish your countdown of the top highest paid artists in Africa without mentioning his name. He might be from a humble background, but he is among the people who refused to live a fairy tale life. This made his long list of fans to prove that no situation in life is permanent.

According to headlines, he earns an approximate net worth of $5 million. Yes, he earns a huge check from his music career, but he is also a business mogul and a fabulous philanthropist. Some of his businesses include:

Sarkodie owns a fashion line

Sarkodie is the owner of the Sark Clothing line that was launched back in 2013 in the month of April. His line deals with all ages wears from the Men, Ladies, as well as little queens and angels.

Sarkodie is a brand ambassador for breastfeeding

Apart from the Tema artist being an unveiled ambassador of breastfeeding, he once represented brands such as Tigo Telecommunications, Samsung Mobile, and Fanmilk Ghana.

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