NABCO registration in Ghana 2018

NABCO registration in Ghana 2018

NABCO is one of the few initiatives that is welcomed and embraced especially by unemployed youth that have graduated and completed their national youth service. This new program by the government is one of the measures that will help curb the problem of unemployment in Ghana. The fact that it seeks to match up qualified graduates with job opportunities through the seven different modules offered in the program is something that is highly welcomed. While the pay may not be as much as many would want, it is good enough a start for the hustling graduate that has done their best to find a job without any success. Furthermore, the opportunity to improve yourself and position yourself for better employment opportunities is something that most graduates will not let pass them by. Find out how to apply to NABCO gov gh in this article.

How to apply to NABCO programme?

NABCO, National builder’s corps is an initiative of the government to solve the problem of unemployment among graduates in a bid to fix social challenges. This program is focused on resolving challenges of service delivery in various sectors including the public health, education, technology, agriculture and governance among others. It also focuses on bringing change to the revenue collection and mobilization by causing a drive for the same.

Upon the introduction of this program, more than 40,000 graduates sent in their application which goes to show that the Nabco Ghana project could be the solution to the challenge of unemployment. The government’s target for the same is to employ at least 100,000 graduates into this service delivery project. According to news reports, the target is about to be reached since more than 72,000 applications have already been received.

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Nation builders’ corps - Mandate and objective

There is a sense of relief for graduates that comes with the setting of Nabco builders’ project. This is because the program is intended to ease the pressure that comes with being a fresh graduate. It is able to achieve some of its core goals by:

How to apply to NABCO programme?


  • Providing temporary employment for graduates
  • Help to improve and enhance skills that give graduates better employability capacity as they transition into permanent employment
  • Enhance service delivery in public sectors
  • Increase government revenue organization

The program runs under a number of modules for it to be able to achieve its goals. The main objective is to train and deploy graduates across the country to engage in the different modules namely educate Ghana, heal Ghana, feed Ghana, Digitize Ghana, revenue Ghana, civic Ghana and Enterprise Ghana. Each of the seven modules has a number of things that graduates will be focusing on. For education the focus will be on STEM for primary and secondary schools. On healing Ghana the aim is to offer deprived communities better health care.

How to apply to NABCO programme?

Source:Ghana Connect

The feed Ghana module will aim at offering extensive support to farmers across the country for better food production. The revenue Ghana module will come up with measures on how to better collect revenue using minimal workforce and technology. For digitizing Ghana the aim will be to provide active and latent programs. The civic Ghana module touches on providing government resources at constituency level while enterprise Ghana will focus on assisting industrialization.

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In the end when graduates participate in the modules they not only get to improve their skills and enhance their chances for future employment but they also get the joy of serving the community. Sometimes this is satisfaction enough. Furthermore, they also receive a payment that they can live off for a while before they secure permanent employment which would fetch higher cash.

Nabco jobs- How to Apply

There are people that still think that the GHS700 offered by Nabco as monthly pay is not enough. However, this is more than enough for a person that has graduated and has no other option for a job or income generating opportunity. Before visiting the Nabco head office it is important to note that the jobs offered by the program are only eligible for persons that have graduated and complete their national service duties and not for those that are yet to join the national youth service. However if you are currently in the NSS then you can apply but you will be required to come with your ID at the time of the interview. Before starting on the application process though there are things that must be present on every candidate. This include:

How to apply to NABCO programme?

  • An email address
  • A soft copy of a passport size photo
  • Scanned pdf format of your highest degree certificate. This means that if you have a degree or diploma as your highest level of certification scan it and submit it in pdf format.
  • Degree or diploma certificate number
  • Any of the following documents; national ID, NHIS card, voter’s card or a passport
  • Ghana post GPS digital residence address
  • National service scheme pin
  • Applicant license and pin number for health graduate applying for the heal Ghana module
  • District of residence
  • E-zwich card number
  • Social security and national insurance number

How to apply

Once you are sure that you have met the requirements your next move is to start the application process. This is a step wise process.

How to apply to NABCO programme?

Source:Accra connect

  1. You need to visit the NABCO official website which is This page will introduces you to the application process which is applying online, verification, interview and posting upon success.
  2. On the same page start by filling in your particulars and personal details. You are required to fill in your basic information and finish off by the Google Captcha which verifies that you are human.
  3. Once you complete you will move to the next page where you will confirm your email address and personal details then press continue. You should be aware that you can always pause and continue the process later as login as you save the details.
  4. The next page will have a list you need to feel with details on how to locate you. You can watch the video on how to generate your physical address if you are not sure of how to do this.
  5. Next step will be for you to fill in your employment details.
  6. The next page will give you a summary of everything you have already entered in the previous stages. You will need to confirm the steps and verify them before proceeding.
  7. Once you are satisfied with the details you have submitted, confirm your submission and print.
  8. All applicants need to go through a validation process before the interview. This will give them an idea of which module best suits them before they can sit for the interview.

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The overwhelming applications that come in with each passing day is proof that the NABCO programme is a relief to most graduates that are unemployment and without alternatives. Since its introduction and launch by the government the program’ coordinator revealed that at least 40,000 people had already applied. This high number goes to show that there are numerous unemployed graduates who are willing to be set up with temporary employment as they enhance their skills and become more valuable to employers. With the large numbers it is only necessary for all applicants to be screened to be sure that they are well suited for the positions that they are applying for.

How to apply to NABCO programme?


The officials in charge revealed that the short listing will be strict and no issues such as protocol will exist. The president launched this program on the first of May as an effective way to tackle the rising unemployment among graduate youths. All the seven modules in this program are geared towards improving the general economy of Ghana by setting up the employment with employment opportunity. Whether the program will bring any significant change is yet to be seen.

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One thing is clear though, the more unemployed people get something to do and earn some income in the process, the better it will be. It is devastating to have graduates complete school and have no job just because there are no opportunities. This could be a step in the right direction by the government. Maybe with time and success of the program, more graduates should be absorbed. Working on maintaining the program is also crucial. NABCO may just be starting but it sure is something most graduates will be looking out for, it is better than staying without a job anyway.

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