Samini 'My Own' - will this song change his career?

Samini 'My Own' - will this song change his career?

Samini My Own hit is the latest reggae song in Ghana that has been welcomed with open arms by music lovers. People have given different opinions concerning the entire composition. The hit is a love song and he majorly talks about the qualities of his woman and how he appreciates her. The song is deep and has a lovely message that only die hard music lovers can comprehend. This article is going to talk about Samini, his hit song ‘My Own’ and much more.

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Samini’s career in music

Emmanuel Samini is a Ghanaian musician who originates from the Wa region of Ghana and was born in the year 1981.He realized he had a passion for music when he was only nine and since then, he has never looked back. After singing in church for some time, he decided to take his talent a notch higher by moving from church and into the world. Samini has one countless collaborations with other talented artists like him and performed in other countries like Italy and the United Kingdom. His songs have made him gain popularity in Ghana which has seen him boast of a number of awards to his name. There is a lot to say about Samini but first, let’s take a look at some of the songs that have made him the talk of the town.

  • Samini –Linda

This song was released in the year 2004 and managed to bag an award during the Ghana Music Awards in the same year. The song Linda became very popular and he even performed alongside international artists like Sean Paul, Shaggy and many more artists.

  • Samini ft Luther-Yonah

When two talented people join hands, you expect nothing but a large hit that people will remember for a long time. The song was released in the year 2016 and it still lingers in the minds of music lovers to date.

  • Amini-Winner

The song was produced by Samini when from the high grade family and it is nothing short of a brilliant piece of art. The song that was released just recently is worth listening to.

  • Samini ft Sarkodie-Love Rocks

This tack that was released in the year 2014 featuring Sarkodie did not disappoint fans at all. The two talented artists managed to come up with a brilliant piece of work that any music lover would appreciate.

  • Samini –Ye ko Paapi

Ye ko Paapi was released in the year 2015 and was part f the breaking news album that everybody talked about. The song featured K.K Fosu and got positive feedback from fans.

  • Samini-Anytime
  • Samini was part of a family called High grade that is a group of artists who come together to produce songs. He managed to be a part of the production of twenty songs and the song that crowned the album among the twenty was ‘Anytime’. Some of his other songs include Top Secret, True Say, Still Okay, Sweet Mistake, Time Bomb, High Grade and many more. The beats he works with are danceable and have impressed many fans. Here is the video to the song ‘Anytime’ featuring Hus Eugene.
  • Samini –New Style

Samini’s song by the title ‘New Style’ topped the chart in Ghana back in the year 2015.The song has a powerful message and is of reggae genre. It was released as a single and managed to win the hearts of many fans. Additionally, it had many views on you tube that seemed to help him elevate his music career to greater heights.

  • Samini-Samini

This song was part of his album that earned him the MOBO awards in the year 2007 and just like my own Samini, is part of Samini latest songs. In the same year; he also won three other awards courtesy of the same album which is a clear indication that samini songs are nothing short of the best in the Ghanaian music industry.

My Own By Samini

My Own is Samini new song that has not disappointed at all. Since its release, the song is the talk of the town and fans cannot get enough of it. Music lovers have expressed different opinions concerning the whole composition.

The beat of the song is in 2/4 time signature with heavy bass line and exemplary programming. The song is sung in Key F# Major. The music’s groovy beats make it danceable and is programmed on the Reggae Fest Riddim.

The Song simply talks about love. Samini describes the beauty and other good qualities about his woman and constantly praises her. He goes ahead and explains how even with no money, his woman still loved and accepted him. This portrays true love which is a rare thing in the current world. His tactful use of literary devices clearly shows his prowess in composing quality pieces of art.

In the song ‘My Own’Samini has used the term Bibini-Broni whereby Obibini simply describes a dark skinned person. On the other hand, ‘obroni’ is used to describe a ‘white skinned’ race. Therefore, ‘Bibini Broni’ describes a black woman who resembles a white woman. This oxymoron makes the black race less authentic.

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A lot of musicians have used this expression in their songs. One of the veteran artistes who have constantly used the phrase is Amakye Dede and many more.

Samini just like most dance hall artistes has a unique husky voice. However, what sets him aside from other dance hall artistes is that he does not only know how to the typical raga he does but can equally do real singing and that was quite evident in ‘My Own’ whereby his harmonies are smoothly blended and therefore very soothing and sweet to the ear.

Can ‘My Own’ Revive Samini’s Music Career?

Well, the music industry is not for the faint hearted neither is it a smooth sail. There are challenges that artists face once in a while that could lower their status. Once you are branded as the best, people expect a lot from you and if you lag behind, people could easily forget about you. My Own by Samini has restored some hopes in the hearts of his diehard fans who almost threw in the towel on him. The song reflects who Samini has been ever since he started singing and gives listeners hopes of better things to come. Should he continue to release songs like ‘My Own’ he will be able to maintain a big spot in the Ghanaian music industry and be a threat to other musicians.

Samini my own lyrics

Here is Samini my own lyrics


High Grade

Oow ee booi

You make me wana rearrange the alphabets

So I could put U next to letter I

Tale my heart baby carry go

If you leave me I go die

No tu na 3su ni sis kitikiti

) ka br) fo te twi) ka no wrisiwrisi

Ne se mu gyr3 smile seresere

) mp3 namfos3m me ne no chili chili

Me bibinii bronii yee

Me golden tree chocolate yiee

Min twa tooolie

Each and Every day me nya bi di yee

My own

Da time I dey chase am then no money dey oo

My own

See my hot kpakpo shito I dey grind for my kenkey

My own

Like the air I dey feel am for everywhere I dey oooo

My own

See de money baby come chop am for me oo

3n3 mi tee wonka na watsapp me 33h

Whatsapp me 33h

) d) may3 lonely, bra b3 chati me 33h

Chat to me girl

Wey time make I carry you

Champagne anaa3 Malibu

3n3 dinner yi di just for two

Me d) wu na wu d) me nti babiaa ewu

My Own…

Da time I dey chase am then no money dey oo

My own

See my hot kpakpo shito I dey grind for my kenkey

My own

Like the air I dey feel am for everywhere I dey oooo

My Own

See de money baby come chop am for me oo

No tu na 3su ni sisi kitikiti

) ka br)fo te twi)ka no wrisiwrisi

Ne se mu gyr3 smile seresere

) mp3 namfos3m me ne no chili chili

Me bibinii bronii yiee

Ma golden tree chocolate yiee

Min twa toooliee

Min twa toooliee

Each and Every day me nya bi di

My Own…

Batman Samini has been in the music industry for a while and has managed to win the heart of many music lovers not only in Ghana but also internationally. It is important to note the fact that he has no only performed in his home country alone but also graced internationally platforms with pride. The sweet memories he has created for his fans ever since he started music cannot go unnoticed. Throughout his music career, he has managed to get any awards and I am quite sure that he has a lot still cooking that will even earn him more awards in years to come. Samini is here to stay and people should therefore expect more from him.

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