FIFA World Cup 2018: Top 10 players to watch

FIFA World Cup 2018: Top 10 players to watch

The footballer fanatics must be eagerly waiting for the 21st World Cup 2018, which will take place from 14th June -15th July 2018. The beautiful game that will be in Russia will definitely be flocked as all football admirers want to witness the teams that will have the legacy to lift the World Cup 2018. It is a dream to many to achieve it, but football is one of the surprising games as the best known teams can even fail to deliver. Football lovers are always optimistic, but ready to accept a defeat no matter how painful it maybe. At YEN, we understand that the World footballing tournament is not a walk in the park, and most are awaiting for it. Who are the top players to watch out in this FIFA 18? Well, read on to answer that question that might be disturbing your mind.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Top 10 players to watch

1. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is a professional footballer who hails from Argentina and plays for Spanish Club Barcelona as well as the Argentina National team. Messi age is 30 years, but he will be turning 31 years on 14th June. Leo Messi plays as a forward for the F.C Barcelona winning it a total of 32 trophies so far. So many close calls makes the valuable footballer to have too much pressure to try his very best to make his football club to win. If not so, this football tournament might be last chance for the professional footballer to qualify to participate in it.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi, the only player to have scored against 36 different First Division clubs. Source: FCBARCELONA.COM

If we take you back to games on 2014, 2015, and 2016 international finals, the Argentina Star football club did not succeed and this year all his fanatics are on then especially him.. Time is ticking and we all wish the best for his team as we all know that is their dream to lift the trophy. The good thing is that he understand that winning it is not a ride at the park, but it requires extra efforts as not every ‘best’ referred teams win; football is a game that is full of surprises. In spite of the tough blows, we all hope that they will win.

The sure thing is that so many footballers would have already loosed hope, but loosing hope is not a word in the Argentina star dictionary. Yes, the club has not managed to win the World Cup since 1986, but everybody hopes that this is their time to make a difference.

2. Neymar

Neymar is a Brazilian footballer whose full names are Neymar da Silva Santos junior. The Brazilian plays as a forward and his many fanatics as well as admirers have too much hopes on him in this FIFA World Cup. The talented footballer plays very nice games and this is the major reason why he has a long list of fans. In simple words, Neymar skills and tricks are too unique making him among the top scorers footballers.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Top 10 players to watch


Last year in August, Neymar owed many by his completion in moving from his team Barcelona F.C to his current team Paris Saint-Germain with a global transfer fee of €222 million, which was too expensive. The shocking news became the talk of the day. This is because question such as; how much is a club willing to pay for a good player, did not to hesitate to run into football lover’s mind. Why is the professional Brazilian footballer facing too much pressure in this FIFA world cup? One of the reasons is because he is expected to clear the name of the Brazil from the close calls they got in the FIFA World cup 2014. It was a big disappoint to their fans as you can imagine they hosted the tournament.

In early February, the influential footballer had a metatarsal injury that makes most of his admirers to worry about his performance in this world tournament. The injury made his 3 seasons to have an ending just like that. Let us take you back to the German goalkeeper who had such an injury and it took longer to heal than it was expected, Manuel Neuer. As Neymar fans, all we are concerned about is his fitness though let us remain optimistic that Neymar will appear in this tournament and secure a title for himself as well as Brazil. We all know that if his fit to play; he will make efforts to make his many admirers list proud.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

FIFA World Cup 2018: Top 10 players to watch

Cristiano Ronaldo with the Ballon d'OR 2017. Source:

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro are the full names of a talented professional footballer who hails from Portugal. The valuable player plays as a forward for Real Madrid as well as Portugal national team. The 33-year-old footballer has a long list of admirers who like him to shine in this FIFA World cup giving him a huge pressure. Ronaldo has always appeared among the best footballers in the world. He has been able to win lots of trophies and golden shoes for his awesome skills and his beautiful playing style.

This FIFA 2018, the valuable player was given 99 rated cards while Messi got 98 cards. The ratings have brought up arguments for Messi VS Ronaldo, but most take the results as incredible. All in all Ronaldo has to shine in Russia to secure his legacy that he achieved for making Portugal claim the Euro Cup back in 2016. He is definitely aiming higher making him a watch out in this FIFA 18. We wish him the best as he make efforts to deliver on this footballing stage of tournaments.

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4. Toni Kroos

Toni Kroos is German footballer for Real Madrid as well as German football team. The influential footballer plays as a strong midfielder for his club and he always appears at the top list of the greatest footballers. Toni Kroos playing style are too unique giving him a tick in all the qualities of a midfielder; in fact, many are the people who gave him the title of the ‘Best Midfielder’ in the world.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Top 10 players to watch


Toni Kroos have achieved a lot and he is a watch out in this FIFA 18 as he would do his best to maintain his legacy. Yes, he has achieved in club football levels as well as international levels, but Toni understands that the world footballing stage is a challenge to deliver. This gives him too much pressure to emerge victorious. Have it crossed to your mind that once the Germans wins in Russia, they will set a record of 5 different occasion win in the world’s history? Well, all the Germans are hoping that the title Toni Kroos will not be spared in helping get the win. Of course, they will be the greatest and strongest national team in the world and Toni Kroos presence has to be available to achieve the chaos.

5. Mohammed Salah

Best referred to as Mo Salah, is a professional footballer from Egypt who plays for Liverpool as well as Egyptian national team. The 25- year-old plays as a forward and most love him for giving them nice games. What keeps disturbing his long list of fans is his low ratings and knowing very well that Salah goals this season place him among the top scorers in the world. So far, in his career he has scored a total of 46 goals, 95 passing, 92 physical making, 99 pace, 99 dribbling, as well as 98 shooting. That is incredible performance making his pressure to be high to maintain his best title. This makes him a watch out in this FIFA 18.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Top 10 players to watch

Source: Sky Sports

6. Isco

Isco real names being Francisco Roman Alarcon Suarez is a Spaniard who plays as a strong attacking midfielder. This means that the valuable footballer cannot miss out in a countdown of the best and top midfielders in the world. Isco plays for Real Madrid as well as Spanish national team.

2013, 2014, and 2016 have not been Spain’s years and their close calls in the tournaments were very disappointing to both themselves and their long list of fanatics. Isco Real Madrid achievements is scoring a total of 6 goals and this means that many have high hopes on him in this world tournament. Together with Lionel Messi, we are definitely optimistic that they will make a difference.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Top 10 players to watch


Isco can also play as a winger and Carlo Ancelotti seems to be a big fan of his playing style. He is too skillful making him have an incredible inch-perfect pass as well as dribble in an effortless manner. Isco is one of the promising footballer and his presents in his team is highly needed.

7. Eden Hazard

Eden Michael Hazard is a 27-year-old Belgian who plays for Chelsea Football club as a strong Midfielder. The influential professional footballer has achieved himself the ‘Best Chelsea Player’ title and many are making him a look out in FIFA 2018 as he is not ready to be a disappoint to himself as well as his team. Hazard is known for his aweing creativity, his speed, and his awesome technical ability. This means that Eden Hazard skills are awesome and his talent have made him to be placed among the best players at all time. The 27-year-old have brought chaos for the club and we bet that without his presence Chelsea will not make it to the finals.

Hazard transferred to Chelsea back in 2012 at a fee that was about £32 million. The contract will expire in 2020 and making people wonder who will be able to take his position. The valuable player must be ready for this 2018 FIFA World Cup as he is not even ready to talk about the extension of his contract with Chelsea until the world footballing tournament is over.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Top 10 players to watch


Hazard playing style is incredible and he can play as an attacking midfielder as well as a winger. His creative role is awesome making him have a long list of fanatics. Fact remains the Chelsea football club is not ready to let go of him and the manager will definitely extend the contract. Some are predicting that he will end up in London clubs, but as he said let us be patient and wait for him to peacefully finish his contract and to play FIFA 18 for Chelsea. We are optimistic that he will set a new title for the team.

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8. Luis Suarez

Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz are the full names for a valuable footballer that plays for Barcelona as well as Uruguay national team. The strong striker has an amazing speed, creativity, and his playing style is just incredible. Luis has so far won about 16 trophies and a number of golden boots.

The professional footballer has managed to keep a good performance record making people have too much hopes from him. Luis cannot afford to disappoint as in FIFA 2010 he managed to reach the semi finals and he also made a legacy of the title ‘Argentina Soil’ back in 2011. The 30-year-old is a watch out to many as he will struggle to maintain his legacy.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Top 10 players to watch

Source: 101 Great Goals

Luis Suarez goals being 47 in his 94-match appearance are amazing. Right? If we take you back to his many achievements, you will definitely fall in love with the player. For instance, he won the Premier league with Liverpool as well the La Liga with Football Club Barcelona. Yes, football is unpredictable, but at least he is talented and all we need is an optimistic feeling and to flock in Russia to give him morale and witness his nice games. The arguably will definitely give the team important goals that will live many in awe.

9. Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe Lottin is a French footballer that plays as a forward for Paris Saint-Germain. The talented footballer is still at 19-years-old and it is so awesome to see him participating in the worldly tournament. Mbappe transferred to his current team in 2017 at a transfer fee of about €145 million and an addition of €35 million as the adds-ons. That transfer fee made him have the second expensive footballer in the world.

The 19-year-old footballer playing style and skills make his long list of fanatics to be unquestioned. Most say that his roles are similar to a great player known as Arsene Wenger. The club will definitely lose potential without him. You can imagine that he has already scored about 6 goals so far for the team in the UEFA Champions League making him the most promising footballer in Ligue 1. We all know that the influential young footballer can rise a dead game and he is a watch out to light it up in Russia. He is amazing and we wish all the best for him.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Top 10 players to watch


Kylian Mbappe transfer news have been a talk for several days. There is a likelihood for his to play for Manchester City if the collapse of the PSG deal happens. All in all let us focus on this FIFA World Cup 2018 and witness his achievements for himself and his team.

10. Harry Kane

Harry Kane is a 28-year-old footballer who hails from England. The strong striker plays for the Premier League Club (Tottenham Hotspur) as well as English national team. The valuable footballer has developed his skills in that his playing style is always referred to as excellent with great technique, packed creativity, and very flexible. His desire for self-improvement make many fall in love with him and that is the reason he never missed out in our countdown list. What we all know that Harry Kane will try his very best to make his team as well as himself a good title. If he made a title of ‘best second striker’ in 2013, then we believe in him.

FIFA World Cup 2018: Top 10 players to watch


Harry Kane injury on his ankle made his golden boot to be damaged and therefore he is chasing for another one. This means that he has recovered in that recently he was able to fit in a cameo against Chelsea football club. This makes his manager to feel extremely happy, as he understands that he can make all the important goals for the team in the FIFA World Cup 2018.

FIFA World Cup 2018 news

All players are definitely set for the 2018 World Cup making this tournament to be a tough game for all the teams, players, as well as the fans. Players like Paulo Dybala from Argentina is among the best making him a favorite to Italian Calcio as well as juventus fanatics. Paulo may end up one of the best in this tournament judging from his awesome dribbling, shooting techniques, passing, as well as movement. He might be the man his team need to get them from their current miserable state.

Timo Werner is another Professional footballer to watch out. This is because he needs another Golden boot award and we are definitely sure that his amazing ambitiousness and his awesome finishing skills will light up his dream. Alvaro Morata, Thomus Muller, and Podga are all a watch out in this FIFA 18 and we wish the teams and the players all the best.

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