CAGD pay dates 2018

CAGD pay dates 2018

It has been proven that countries with disgruntled workers results to poor quality work output from them. We have all seen how true this is and how money has been a source of happiness or frustrations among most employees. Failure to get salaries on time or getting no salaries at all has affected these countries growth and Ghana is no exception. All Ghanaian civil servants in all government owned organizations received the great news that their salary from 2018 would not be delayed like what has been happening for the longest time. The new system that has been implemented seeks to ensure that the employees are remunerated on time and also have the needed knowledge on their deductions and allowances to lessen the tension between the staff and the government. Here is all we know so far about the cagd pay dates

CAGD pay dates 2018

Cagd pay dates 2018 ghana

Cagd pay dates 2018 was set to begin from January 18th 2018 which oversaw that most of the employees had received their numeration as expect. Controller and account’s general department saw the need to have the government’s loyal employees who were still working and offering citizens the services they needed regardless of having no or little pay.

According to reliable sources the said department had not only released the dates for the employees to be remunerated but they also told the various public organizations to ensure that this new implementation was running in order to avoid having unpaid workers. Eugene A. Ofusehene who is the main controller and account general stamped the official forms which were immediately released to the relevant public offices. The banks were also left behind in order to facilitate the workers who would be able to get their money as they pleased.

CAGD pay dates 2018
CAGD pay dates 2018

The banks were also directed by Eugene A. Ofushene to give their respective clients additional cash which would be paid after an agreed period of time. He also noted on the official form that incase there would be need to revise the stipulated dates proper communication would be made to all relevant bodies. Here is a copy showing all the Cagd salary schedule.

In the recent years according to most Ghanaians who had been receiving their salaries either on the 30th of every month or the first week of the following month have mixed opinions on this released dates. Therefore the new reforms that were set to help straighten the situation had received harsh criticisms as most of the affected thought that with either the system would fail miserably or it was just but mere public stunt from the department.

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Cagd e-payslip

With the fast moving technology which has simply made life easier, who would not want if technology was saving them money, long queues and long procedures? This is exactly what happened with the Ghanaians who were and still are thrilled by the government which has created an online platform that will enable them to monitor their salary status from the internet. You will no longer have to go to the ATMS and banks for you to know whether money was deposited or not.

CAGD pay dates 2018
Source: Ghana Nation

This new invention was over seen by the controller and accountant general’s department which has made it easier, convenient and saves time for the employees who only need the a few things that we all use in our every day to day activities which will facilitate the process. In case you have not been able to apply for this do not worries because for sure we will have you sorted. We will list all you need to have your Cagd e-payslip:

  1. We already mentioned that you need internet because the documents will be filled online you could also purchase sufficient bundles to fasten the process.
  2. A pin or a private password that all employees need once they start earning from the work they do in the organization. This pin is important as it helps also to activate your e-pay slip.
  3. You will need to access the website using any browser of your choice. Once you go through the website and are familiar with it is when you will be able to key in all the relevant information you have been asked to.
  4. When you are through with keying on the important data you could close and reopen the account again which will mean that the process has been successful.

CAGD pay dates 2018
The cagd e-payslip website

It is good for you to note that your through your phone you can be able to access your salary details at your own pleasure. The Government has however cautioned people from failing to delete their history whenever they do such processes in public places like the cybers. This is really risky because pay slip information is a private affair and someone may harm you using that information. Therefore excess caution should be adhered and also note that the secret code or password is yours since it has all the details and it is changeable according to circumstances.

Most of us will benefit from E-Payslip because:

  • It is a free government service which allows you to check in your details as you please and from wherever you are at that time.
  • You will be able to check and compare your earnings in the previous years and the present which could enable you to make important decisions that rely on the pay slips.
  • It is a private affair since everyone has their personal details and therefore access to other people’s information is limited.
  • E- Pay slip allows faster and accurate data because it contains all the accurate information.
  • E-Pay slip allows you to be in touch with present actions that have been made in connection with salaries and wages.
  • With E-Pay slip, it reduces a lot of paper work and also losing of this important documents has been minimized unlike in the past where pay slips were in form of paper documents.

Ghana has gone through bad nationwide strikes in the country that affected service delivery and the outcome was that the citizens were affected. We will give you some instances that could have led to the new scheduled dates set from the concerned department.

It is almost two years now since the doctors strike that paralysed most activities in the hospitals. The government tried to plead with the doctors who had further claimed that they would resign from their official positions which would have left the country in a much more miserable state. The back and forth from the striking doctors and the government only led to the citizens suffering since only emergencies were being attended to.

CAGD pay dates 2018
Ghana doctors strike in 2015. Source: Ghana News

In the last few years or so Ghana also oversaw another strikes which also happened by some of their employed citizens. We can recall the petroleum, transport and chemical employees who were aggrevated by their working conditions which did not match with those of their colleagues in the other foreign nations. They claimed to be harassed and still receive less salary that was not benefitting their households in any way. Regardless of this particular issue being because the staff were working for multinational corporations, the government role in it was minimal and not effective. Therefore as the government who is termed in many countries as the biggest employer should also look in to the multinational corporations in their countries and negotiate for better terms and conditions of its people’s remunerations.

The popularly known Judicial Service Staff Association of Ghana employees had also given notice to the government due to their unpaid arrears. This meant that all activities in the court had been frozen and the employees were not going to offer their services until the matter was resolved. In most countries judiciary is among the three important arms of any government. This strike however showed the opposite of that.

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The issue on employees putting their tools down due to poor payment is not only a problem in Ghana but in almost African countries which are developing countries. The e-pay slip and introduction of the Cadg pay dates do something to really address the issue of poor payment in Ghana as citizens will continue to demand for more accountability in salary payment.


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