Ghanaian woman recounts how her 'big' lie got a man imprisoned for many years for a crime he never committed

Ghanaian woman recounts how her 'big' lie got a man imprisoned for many years for a crime he never committed

- A lady has shared an unbelievable story of how her quest to marry a rich guy landed an innocent man in jail

- The lady shared her confession on the Facebook wall of a social media user noted for recounting relationship stories

A married woman with kids has recounted how she hatched a sinister plan and told lies about a school mate of hers some years ago which landed him in jail for a long time for a crime he never committed in the first place.

She shared her story on the Facebook wall of David Papa Bondzie-Mbir who is noted for recounting relationship stories.

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According to the lady, she had to tell lies to get a man imprisoned so that she could marry a rich man. Her action cost the young man his aspiration of becoming a university graduate and his dream of becoming a notable individual in society despite all his brilliance.

Her story read, "Hi Dave, I have got something to share with you... very disheartening!

Ten years ago, at the University, there was that guy (Guy A) who was just too perfect: Charming, mature, a real gentleman to all the ladies. He was really into me, he said he'd be true to me for life and I believed him. The only problem was that he was poor. Most likely, he'd change his fate because of his skills (he was a brilliant student, maybe the best), but I did not want to take any chances, especially since I also had another option.

That other option was not as good as the first one: A spoiled brat in mind, a womanizer, I knew he'd eventually cheat on me (which he did several times over the following years). But his parents were rich and I could have an easy life next to him. So, I became Guy B's girlfriend.

You might consider me a whore, but I'm a woman, I should not only think about myself, but also about the children I would later have. I wanted to offer

them a comfortable life.

One night, at a party, I made a terrible drunken mistake and ended up having sex with Guy A, who was also drunk. Guy B found out. Not wanting to lose him and miss that chance to live an easy life in wealth, I claimed that Guy A had raped me. Thankfully, Guy B believed me and did not blame me for cheating. Guy A was arrested.

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Even though he could have tried to argue that it was not rape because we had both been drunk, he behaved as a true gentleman and took full responsibility! When he said (during the trial): 'If I hurt the woman I love, I want to pay for it', I felt so bad that I cried (though everybody attributed my reaction to rape trauma).

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a monster. I feel remorse for what I did, but there was no alternative. Guy A was awesome and, in a perfect world, we

would be a happy couple. But, either we like it or not, in real world, you need money. Love does not pay bills. Guy A was released recently. As I heard from friends we had in common at college, he was raped uncountable times all those years in prison.

Yet he never held a grudge against me! (have I mentioned he's sooo perfect?). Now, not having had a University degree and with a prison record, I don't think his future is really bright. He'll probably end up a cleaner (in the best case) or unemployed and homeless.

I do not have the luxury to feel further remorse. I now have a family and kids with Guy B and have to focus on my kids' upbringing."

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