List of Shatta Wale videos

List of Shatta Wale videos

Most of the dance floors in Ghana’s clubs have been playing Shatta Wale songs which have been great hits with their release being within a short time. His songs are still receiving massive airplay from the radio stations and clubs. His fans have been impressed with him and are full with more expectations from their king of dancehall Shatta Wale. Many people can say that Shatta Wale latest tracks have improved over time which has helped him to rise to the star that he has become today.

Latest Shatta Wale songs 2019

Here are some of his latest releases:

Shatta Wale 2018

Shatta Wale’s recent deal with Zylofon which was lucrative has made the star have better content in the videos. Here are the songs together with the videos that he has released so far. We hope that you will enjoy as you scroll down to see all his songs as listed. Here are Shatta Wale new tracks :

1. Shatta Wale - Gringo

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This being his latest release so far has caused a stir in the media scene. The song’s video which is now almost two weeks old has garnered over 1 million views from fans. The video of the song which was done in Texas was reported to have caused Shatta Wale to part with lots of cash. Additionally it can be described as a short film that you would not want to miss out. The cast in the song have done a great job and their performance in the song cannot be underrated. It was produced by David Nguyen and was directed by the well-known international director Sesan who has input has been excellent in the video. The video has received mixed reactions and we would not want you to be left behind.

2. Shatta Wale - Storm 2018

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The king of dancehall has not only been making his fans happy he seems to be impressing corporates as well. He’s ambassadorship for the drink storm is what led him to release the song that fans that would lure them to purchase the drink much more. It is proved that such icons have a great impact to their fans as they also play as influencers. The drink’s sales are definitely going to increase. As you listen to this song you can as well grab storm from the store near you. The song however is on audio slide and you can catch the lyrics on it. We do hope however that there will be a video to this song whose audio’s file has 49k views.

3. Shatta Wale - Performer

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This great tune with amazing lyrics was produced by the talented M.O.G Beatz however it is audio slide and the video is yet to be produced however that should not discourage you from catching the well done lyrics as we wait for the official video release. With the song being released a month ago we need to have a little patience since Shatta might surprise like always.

4. Shatta Wale - Zylofon 2018

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Of course Shatta was going to release a song dedicated to Zylofon whom he signed a long term contract with. The mouthwatering deal is reported to have him get 1.5 million, a luxury car and beautiful modern house could have propelled him to release the song. This song truly brings out energy and his great vocals can be heard in the song. The song’s official video is yet to be released as we keep anticipating for it.

5. Shatta Wale - True believer 2018

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Shatta Wale released this song to hit back at the supposed ‘men of God’ who had declared death on the artist. The supposed ‘men of God’ had a list of the musicians they knew would die. With the recent death of celebrated female artist Ebony most of men said that the death was part of what they had for seen. It is reported that this information as soon as it had come out did not go well with Shatta saying that he would bring down the churches. In this song Shatta does not understand why the faithful leaders would be proud to declare death on other people. He has collaborated with Addi Self and Natty Lee who also seem to share the same opinion. For more details you can listen to the song here and give your opinion on what you think of the alleged ‘men of God’.

6. Shatta Wale - Inna mi corner 2018

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The song which has Popcaan riddim vibe has been a great slapper since its release. This song will make you dance the whole time it plays. The song being such a banger has received many requests from fans hence its massive airplay. It truly confirms that Wale is the king of dancehall. The video has not yet been produced to the public we can however look forward for a creative video to accompany this amazing tune. What is available at the moment is an official audio slide

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7. Shatta Wale - Shito 2018

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Shatta wale released this song in the company of the talented produce De Maker which has received good airplay across Ghana. The song which currently boasts with over 90,000 views has been praised for its great beats and lyrics. The musician known to use vulgar in most of his songs did the same thing in this particular song. It was a hit back to those who had been offended by his recent deal with Zylofon Media.

The song which goes like ‘the thing dey pain am like pepper, waa waaaaa’. The name of the song itself can be seen as a teaser hence the title shito which was probably directed at Stonebwoy calling him a traitor. Stonebwoy’s feud with Shatta movement boss was evident as they both released mocking songs to each other. The dancehall champion totally nailed it in this song and we urge you to listen to the audio file and find out the juicy drama.

8. Shatta Wale - Disaster

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The king of controversy Shatta definitely had to release a song after his bitter spat between him and Nigerian’s popular star Wizkid. The rude response in the song caused mixed reactions amongst their fans who took to social media to support their favorite. Besides the drama from the pair the song has great beats and you will definitely be satisfied by the artist’s performance in it.

Shatta Wale latest songs have earned him much recognition and fame not only in West African countries but also across the continent. He’s songs have been searched in many other countries thanks to be an African reggae star. He’s collaboration with other famous artists have also improved his career.

The airwaves seem not to have enough of Shatta Wale new songs as the songs are played on daily basis. With most of his new songs not having videos to accompany them fans expect quality hot videos by the help of one of his best recognized international director Sesan. Sesan’s work never disappoints. The videos will convince fans to vote for him when the opportunity arises for him to take away the trophies that he truly deserves.

More videos from Shatta Wale

Here are other popular videos that you definitely will enjoy dancing and listening to.

1. Shatta Wale - Bullet proof

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This is another sexy video that you would not want to miss out it which was released in 2017 but still trending in 2019. The video which boasts of over 2.2 million views has been hailed by fans as well as other artists. The video was directed by Sesan whose work here is epic and loved by the fans. In the event that you have searching for African attire designs this video will give you incredible choices.

2. Shatta Wale - Pray for me

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After some Ghanaian pastors had claimed that Shatta Wale was going to die, the artist urged fellow Christians to keep in his prayers. With the great talent that he has we should for sure keep him in prayers in order to continue enjoying his great music and drama as well.

3. Shatta Wale - Star boy

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The reggae song was has been a great hit since its release in 2017. The reggae lovers have been enjoying the song’s message is based on Shatta Wale’s earlier days. Fans have been interested in knowing his earlier days and there is no reason for you to be left out. Star boy is still a hot tune in 2019.

4. Shatta Wale - Ayoo

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One of Shatta Wale’s all time celebrated songs done to date. The political song however as expected did not rub shoulders with those that felt offended. The video of the song which has over 4 million views on youtube is still winning him haters and lovers in equal measure.

5. Shatta Wale - Taking over

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This is another great reggae song that featured the great musical minds Joint 77, Captan and Addi Self. The collaboration by the three made this song a great masterpiece due to its authenticity and great vocals. Just like the song says that the three will take over for sure this song took over in the music scenes and was loved by fans who have been following him closely for massive hits and for sure he has not disappointed.

His fans and the people of Ghana should be on the look out for his new songs he is going to release from his supposed new album. With his current trend which should wait for hot amazing tunes by the star.

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